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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)


Anita de Challis. Badge. (Fieldless) A seeblatt per pale gules and Or.

Faolán Ó Lorcáin. Name change from holding name Faolán of Atenveldt.

This item was pended from the July 2007 LoAR. Originally submitted as Faolán O' Lorccan, the name was changed at kingdom to Faolán Ó Lorcain, presumably to correct the grammar and make the patronymic linguistically consistent (the originally submitted surname mixed an English patronymic particle with an Middle Irish nominative given name). These changes changed the language of the element, a major change which the submitter had indicated he would not accept. However, correspondence with the submitter indicated that his preference is for the form Faolán Ó Lorcain. Precedent requires that accent marks in Gaelic names must be either dropped uniformly or used uniformly; in this case, Lorcán is the standard nominative form for the name used in the patronym. We have changed the name to Faolán Ó Lorcáin in order to register it.

Guido Dragonetti. Name and device. Per chevron inverted Or and gules, in chief a wyvern couchant contourny gules maintaining a wooden lute proper.

Nice 15th C Florentine name!

On OSCAR, the tincture of the lute was a shade of reddish brown that would not have been acceptable. On the forms sent to Laurel the lute is clearly brown; the difference is apparently due to computer coloring of the OSCAR emblazon. At this time, that problem is not grounds for return but we urge submission heralds to scan a copy of the color emblazon rather than recoloring the emblazon.

We advise the submitter to draw the lute a little bit smaller, not as tall as the wyvern, so that it is more clearly a maintained charge. As drawn, it is slightly smaller than the wyvern and is acceptable as a maintained charge.

Lisia Fiorelli. Name and device. Or, a chevronel inverted vert and another gules, in chief three poppies affronty two and one gules.

Submitted as Lisia Anna Fiorelli, the submitter requested an authentic Italian name. The individual elements of the name are all dated to the 14th C, but, we have no examples of double given names in 14th C Italy. We have dropped the second given name to fulfill the submitter's request for authenticity and registered this name as Lisia Fiorelli. We note that the name is registerable as submitted.

Seamus McDaid. Badge. (Fieldless) A shamrock per pale azure and argent.


None. (yay!)

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