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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms April 2013:

Aida Ysabella Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Per saltire gules and Or, a bull's head cabossed sable and on a chief Or an arrow reversed sable.

Hastini Chandra. Reblazon of badge. (Tinctureless) An elephant goad.

Blazoned when registered in August 1979 as (Tinctureless) An ankhus., the correct term for this charge is ankus. The more familiar English term is elephant goad, and we are reblazoning it for clarity.

Lilian Amia Basile Bennett. Device. Argent, a phoenix azure rising from flames proper and on a chief sable two arum lilies slipped in saltire argent.

Please advise the submitter that drawing the lilies with leaves would aid in their identification.

Muirgein Ó Conchobhair. Name and device. Argent, a chevron throughout per pale vert and sable between the runes perthro and algiz and a catamount passant contourny sable.

Submitted as Muirgein Ó Chochobhair, the byname has two typographical errors. First, the n is missing from the end of the first syllable of the patronym. Second, the first h is unnecessary; while feminine bynames require lenition of bynames, masculine ones do not. We have made those changes in order to register the name.

Norman Brekeston. Name change from Játvarðr Þorvarðarson and device. Argent, a sun in his splendor sable between three gouts azure and a bordure invected sable.

Nice 13th century English name!

The submitter's previous name, Játvarðr Þorvarðarson, is retained as an alternate name.

The March 2013 Cover Letter states "For non-maintained or otherwise artistic charges, however, given the evidence we express a strong preference for the traditional wavy-tailed gouttes. Teardrop shaped gouttes are registerable as long as they are elongated, more than twice as long as they are wide." These drops are registerable as-is, but please advise the submitter that wavy-tailed gouttes would be better style.

Portia Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Per chevron argent and azure, two peacock's heads couped vert and an arrow Or.

Willelm Keel the Badger. Name and device. Gyronny gules and Or, a badger rampant within an orle sable.

An earlier submission, Willelm Keel, was returned for conflict with the registered Wilhelm von Kiel. These items, however, do not conflict. The removal of the syllable von and the changes to the second syllable from -helm to -elm are both changes to sound and appearance. Nonetheless, the submitted form is registerable as well. Thus, we will make no changes to the name.

The following were returned by the SCA College of Arms for further work, April 2013:

Dalfina Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Azure, a bend wavy between an arrow fesswise reversed and a ram rampant argent.

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Elizabeth Arrowsmyth, Azure, a bend wavy between two dolphins haurient argent. There is one DC for the change in type of the secondary charges, but nothing for the change in orientation as dolphins do not have comparable postures/orientations with quadrupeds or inanimate charges.

Ríán Ó Tadgáin. Name.

The byname Ó Tadgáin combines 10th century Middle Gaelic Tadgáin with post-1200 Ó. We require name elements to be linguistically from a single time and place. This requires a form like hua Tadgáin. We would make this change but the submitter allows no changes. Therefore, the name must be returned.

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