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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

New forms as of February 12, 2023!

New submission forms are now in use by the Kingdom of Atenveldt. They have the authorization date Laurel v. 4.0; Atenveldt v1.0 (Laurel Approved [12 Feb 2023]) printed in the lower right hand corner. These are the ONLY forms upon which submissions can be made; if you submit name or armory on any old form (and there are several incarnations of the old forms), you will be asked to transfer the information onto the new forms.

SUBMISSION FEES: Submission fees in the Kingdom of Atenveldt are $7.00/new item (name, device, badge, or a new change for any of these), as of January 2009. There is NO fee for a resubmission; there is only a fee once a submission has been registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, and a client wishes to change it.

These forms require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF). Please use care in printing the PDF files as an extra margin may be added on some systems and shrink the form size down. If this happens you cannot use the PDF form and will need to use the RTF form. The Word files can be edited to type in your information and to insert the graphic if desired.

Fillable PDF forms

  • Individual Name form (PDF)
  • Branch Name form (PDF)
  • Device Form (PDF)
  • Badge Form (PDF)

Non-Fillable PDF forms

  • Individual Name form (PDF)
  • Branch Name form (PDF)
  • Device Form (PDF)
  • Badge Form (PDF)

Filling Out Submission Forms
(easily, painlessly, and so the heralds really like you!)

When filling out the forms, please bear a few things in mind:

  • Make sure that if using a device or badge form, the size of the display space matches the dimensions listed in the form. For a device, the shield shape should be 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. For a badge the space should be 4.5 inches square. Forms that are excessively "shrunk" can and have been returned for redrawing.
  • The space marked "Name being submitted (if different from above)" is where household names, alternate names, order names and war band names go. The "Society Name" should always list the submitter's primary persona name. This directs the submission to that person's file, if the primary persona name (and any related armory) has already been registered. The top line on every submission form is for the primary persona name only.
  • Don't include titles in the primary persona name.
  • If you are submitting a device or a badge, consider buying an 8-pack of Crayola crayons or markers, then tossing out the brown and orange ones. What you will be left with is are the "classic" heraldic tinctures, bright, vivid colors that are easy to identify.
  • Mechanically-colored submission forms (color photocopies or color printers) WILL BE RETURNED for recoloring in a non-color-shifting medium. Poor quality color photocopies has been a real reason for some returns by the Laurel Office. There's no reason to court disaster of this nature, so returning submissions colored this way is the simplest solution.
  • Leave argent areas white! Make Or areas yellow! Using metallic paints, metallic colored pencils and metallic crayons has been another reason for return. Once the armory is registered, you may use any medium to express it upon a shield, banner or garb (metallic paint, lame' fabrics, and the like). Metallic on forms often discolors and confuses the Laurel Office. [The College of Arms isn't doing this to be mean--there are so many submissions that must be dealt with that it adheres rigidly to the concept of Armory as a swift, simple means of identification; if the people attending the Laurel meeting cannot distinguish colors clearly on the submission forms, this is armory that is just as unacceptable as poor design.]
  • Try to blazon the armory; this helps heralds up the line who might wonder if this is a lion's head or a wolf's head or a panther's head. It's a good idea to put the blazon in pencil, since it will likely undergo some modification. If heraldic terms are completely lost upon you, it still helps if you note "this is a lion's head."
  • The shield shape is merely shorthand for the heralds (again, rapid identification of the armory being a device rather than a badge), and some submitters, particularly ladies, might think that they are required to use a lozenge for a device submission. This is not the case. Once registered, armory can be displayed on a lozenge, a square or rectangular banner, or any number of shield shapes, many of which are very characteristic of certain time periods and/or geographic locales (i.e., German and Italian shields).

Following these guidelines will avoid having a submission returned for an administrative reason, which only delays the submission process.

This page is best viewed with a minimum of 800 x 600 resolution, and 16 million colors.