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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

ATENVELDT REGISTRATIONS by the College of Arms, June 2006:

Alysandir Maknakill. Name and device. Purpure, on a triangle throughout argent between three butterflies Or, winged argent, a spider purpure.

Nice name! The use of a triangle has previously been ruled a step from period practice. Some commenters argued that this should be blazoned as Argent, a spider between three points purpure each charged with a butterfly Or winged argent and returned for using all three points, a practice disallowed since at least 1993. As three points would not look exactly like this - the points would not be conjoined - this is not a valid alternate blazon. And even if it were, precedent also allows one to "blazon your way out of style problems", thus this can be registered by blazoning the charges as a triangle throughout. A valid alternate blazon is Argent chapé, a spider purpure and in chief two butterflies Or winged argent, on a base purpure a butterfly Or winged argent; however, that blazon would lead to a return for charging the chapé portions of the field. Again, as it is possible to blazon your way out of a style problem, this is registerable.

Angela of the Meadows. Reblazon of device. Vert, on a sun Or three roses in chevron gules, slipped and leaved vert.

Registered February 1971 with the blazon Vert, on a sun Or three roses palewise in chevron gules, slipped and leaved proper, this was reblazoned in January 1973 as Vert, on a sun in glory three roses palewise in chevron gules, slipped and leaved vert. In 1973 a sun in glory was assumed to be Or. However, the sun in question lacks a face so we are returning the blazon to a sun Or. The palewise is not needed and so has been dropped from the blazon. Note that the 1971 blazon does not appear in the Armorial and the 1973 reblazon does not appear on the LoAR (though there is a copy of a letter to Angela in her file telling her of the reblazon).

Aylwin Wyllowe. Badge. (Fieldless) A wildcat sejant erect contourny erminois atop a chest sable.

Ceallach Colquhoun. Name and device. Argent, a dragon sejant affronty, wings displayed and head to dexter, on a base gules a heart argent.

This name mixes Irish Gaelic and Scots; this is one step from period practice.

Elaria filia Robert. Device. Vert, in pale two chevronels and a leaf Or.

Magnus av Nordensköld. Device. Vert, on a bend sinister between a tower and two herrings in pale that in base contourny argent, four cauldrons palewise sable.

Marusha Ivoninskoi. Name and device. Azure, a pale raguly argent between a pair of wings Or.

Michael of Kilkenny. Device. Azure, a double-bitted axe argent between three triangles conjoined one and two Or, in base a crescent argent.

This device is visually equivalent to Azure, on a triangle Or a triangle inverted throughout azure charged with a double-bitted axe and in base a crescent argent; however, using that blazon makes the double-bitted axe a quaternary charge, which is not allowed under RfS VIII.1.c.ii - Layer Limit. Precedent has long held that while you cannot blazon your way out of conflict you can blazon your way out of a style problem (e.g. Ann Busshenell of Tylehurst, 10/2003, A-Atenveldt). Therefore, this is registerable under the blazon above.

Mina Fioravanti. Name change from Killian Quinn and badge. Azure, a chamfron within an annulet Or.

Her old name, Killian Quinn, is retained as an alternate name. This badge was not submitted on a standard form; the badge was square. The use of non-standard forms may be grounds for return. In this case, we are accepting the submission as a square was used to clearly differentiate between an annulet and an orle. Also we note that the new forms, which were not available when this was submitted, include a square badge form.

Nikolai Afanasii Zemlin. Name and device. Quarterly sable and gules, a dragon erminois.

This name uses a double Christian name. Nebuly notes that the "Russian given name Afanasii is derived from the Greek name, Athanasios, and so is not a native Russian name." Having two Christian names in a Russian name was ruled a step from period practice in June 1997.

Sedania le Blacke. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Sidony_Blacke, the submitter requested an authentic English name. The spelling Sidony is suggested as a variant on the 16th C French Sidonie. However, all dated English forms found show the first syllable as Ced- or Sed-, including Sedania, dated to 1221 as a given name from Talan Gwynek, "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames". The byname was documented as le Blacke in 1275. We have changed the name to Sedania le Blacke to fulfill the submitter's request for an authentic English name; this is a very reasonable 13th C English name. The given name was documented from "Late Period French Feminine Names" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael ( However, no photocopies of this documentation were provided. We note that, on the date of the meeting where this letter was considered, that site was not online and had been offline for awhile (the site has since come back online, but on the date this item was considered, there was no uptime estimate). We remind folks that none of the items on are on the no-photocopy list; its prolonged downtime is an illustration of why it is important to include photocopies of cited documentation from sources not on the no-photocopy list.

Sorcha inghean ui Ghadhra. Device. Per pale argent and purpure, a triquetra counterchanged.


ATENVELDT RETURNS by the College of Arms, June 2006:


Sedania le Blacke. Device. Per chevron sable and gules, a cross of Santiago and a bordure argent.

This device is returned for conflict with Anne of the Golden City, Purpure, a cross flory within a bordure argent. There is a CD for changes to the field. Per precedent, there is no difference between a cross flory and a cross of Santiago (q.v. : Taran z Azov, 12/04, R-Calontir).

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