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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, October 2006:

Aurelia Chrysanthina Dalassene. Name change from Sorcha Flannagann.

Listed on the LoI as Aurelia Chyrsanthina Dalassene, both the forms and the documentation show the first family name as Chrysanthina. We have changed the name to Aurelia Chrysanthina Dalassene to match the forms and the documentation. Her old name, Sorcha Flannagann, is retained as an alternate name.

Celestria de Braunston. Device. Per pale azure and sable, a pale between a natural dolphin haurient contourny and a Catherine wheel argent.

Charis Sabran. Device. Per pall inverted purpure, sable and argent, two hemlock blossoms argent seeded Or and a sheaf of arrows inverted purpure.

A hemlock blossom is a five-petalled flower, whose seed pods extending between each petal are its identifying characteristic. It will conflict with any other five-petalled flower, including the rose and the cinquefoil.

Ciar ingen Eógain. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Ciar inghean Eógain, the patronymic mixes the Early Modern Irish particle inghean with a Middle Irish patronymic. Such combinations are not registerable. We have changed the name to the fully Middle Irish Ciar ingen Eógain in order to register it.

Donwenna Dwn. Name and device. Per chevron gules and sable, three walnuts Or and a triskelion arrondi argent.

We note that a walnut will conflict with a roundel of the same tincture; however, even considered as roundels, no conflicts were found with this device. As noted on the September 2006 Cover Letter, when there are three charges in the upper portion of a per chevron field or above a chevron, they will be in fess by SCA default. These walnuts are in fess.

Gawayn Langknyfe. Name.

Iosif Volchkov. Name.

Livia Alexandra Severa. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Ogedai Qara. Name.

Ólchobar Mac Óengusa. Device. Sable, a harp reversed Or stringed argent and on a chief Or two swords inverted in saltire sable.

There was some question if - and how - the ornate forepillar should be blazoned. Batonvert noted: "As I recall, there was some discussion the last time this came before us, as to whether the exact artistic form of the harp needed blazoning. The best example of this form of decorated harp is, of course, the quartering of Ireland in the arms of Great Britain. The Irish harp started to be depicted with carving (a lion's head, much simpler than this) in Elizabeth's reign; got more florid with the Restoration; acquired its angel-like forepillar under Anne and the Georges; and through it all was simply blazoned a harp. What's good enough for Great Britain is good enough for us." We agree with Batonvert and have simply blazoned the primary charge a harp.

Peter Sebastian Wyrhta. Reblazon of device. Azure, a wooden-handled sword inverted proper surmounted by a drawknife inverted argent, handled of wood proper, within a bordure dovetailed argent.

This was registered in October 1988 with the blazon Azure, a wooden-handled sword inverted surmounted by a wooden-handled drawknife proper, all within a bordure dovetailed argent. The drawknife has its handles to chief, unlike the subsequently registered drawknives of Dughal MacDonnel (October 1991), Harald Warrocker (December 2005 and May 2006), and Abrahe çaragoça (Septetember 2006) -- yet all are registered simply as "drawknife". We have thus chosen to reblazon Peter's knife as "inverted". There is no proper for a drawknife, thus we have specified its tincture.

Rebecca de Estella y Mallorca. Name and device. Gules, a domestic cat couchant guardant and a chief argent.

Rebecca is the submitter's legal given name. Nice device.

Rebecca de Estella y Mallorca. Badge. Gules, a domestic cat couchant guardant and a bordure embattled argent.

Ysabeau Bourbeau. Badge. (Fieldless) A bottle bendwise sinister argent entwined by an eel azure.

Ysabel de Rouen and Gawayn Langknyfe. Joint household name House Blade and Bone and badge. Per pale purpure and sable, in saltire a bone argent surmounting a sword Or.

The following submissions have been returned for further work, October 2006:

Ciar ingen Eógain. Device. Per fess embattled argent and vert, a bee Or marked sable and a rose argent.

This device is returned for violating the contrast requirements of RfS VIII.2. The bee is considered metallic as it is primarily Or (in fact, about three-quarters). Thus its placement on the argent portion of the field has metal on metal and must therefore be returned.

Livia Alexandra Severa. Device. Gyronny gules and ermine, a cobra coiled and erect affronty, head to dexter, vert.

This device is returned for violating the identifiability requirements of RfS VII.7.a. As drawn, the cobra is not recognizable. The presence of internal detailing on the mini-emblazon made the cobra somewhat more identifiable in outline than in the colored emblazon. Red Hawk noted that, when a cobra's head is turned to dexter, the hood would also turn - not remain affronty. In the submitted emblazon, the hood is affronty with the head just internal detailing. We note that the placement of the hood alone was not grounds for this return; however, it does contribute to the overall lack of identifiability.

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