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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were returned by the SCA College of Arms, March 2013:

Aonghas Mac Faoláin. Device. Per pale and per chevron purpure and Or, three bull's heads cabossed counterchanged.

Nice device!

Cera Bhradach. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Cera Bradach, Gaelic grammar requires that the first letter of a feminine byname be lenited in most settings, making the byname Bhradach. We have made that change in order to register the name.

Clarice Alienor Neep. Device change. Vert, a turnip Or between two sewing needles in pile argent.

Her previous device, Vert, an empty drop spindle Or between two sewing needles in pile argent, is retained as a badge.

Dianne Buble Blowere. Name (see RETURNS for device).

While this is definitely a joke name, the joke is a period (or at least near-period) one. Some just post-period Dutch painters depict children blowing bubbles. Thus, the name is not obtrusively modern, and can be registered as submitted.

Han Bamlach von Bamberg. Name change from Einarr atgørvimaðr.

Submitted as Bamlach von Bamberg, this name consists of two bynames. While there is a pattern of creating given names from family names in late period English, this pattern is not documented for other languages like German. Thus the German byname Bamlach cannot be used as a given name. As we do not register names that do not include a given name and byname (or something that functioned in period like a given name and byname), this name cannot be registered.

The easiest fix is to add a given name. As the submitter indicated he is interested in the sound Bam, commenters suggested the German given name Han (dated to 1369 in Talan Gwynek's "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia") or the Dutch given name Bram (which Eastern Crown dated to 1586 in the IGI Parish Record extracts). The submitter indicated he preferred the given name Han be added; we have made that change in order to register the name.

The submitter's previous name, Einarr atgørvimaðr, is retained as an alternate name.

The following submissions are returned for further work, March 2013:

Cera Bhradach. Device. Per fess argent and checky vert and argent, in chief a ferret courant purpure.

This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states "Elements must be drawn to be identifiable." Commenters had difficulty identifying the ferret or weasel here. The head in particular seems to have a beak, and the tail is too thick. There is also be an identifiability issue with the field under SENA A3B3a: as the checky portion shares the argent tincture with the plain portion, the line of division is obscured and difficult to tell if it is plain or embattled.

This device is also returned for conflict with the badge of Aryanhwy merch Catmael, (Fieldless) An ermine statant purpure. There is one DC for fieldlessness, but no difference granted for the change in position on the field, nor is there a difference between statant and courant. If the submitter wishes to resubmit this design redrawn to solve the identification problem, Aryanhwy is willing to grant permission to conflict with her badge.

Dianne Buble Blowere. Device. Purpure, a wand bendwise sinister tipped with a mullet within an orle of roundels argent.

This device is returned for violating SENA A3F3 for being obtrusively modern. The overwhelming impression is of a magic wand, a completely modern invention. There was some discussion of whether or not this fit under core style armory, given attestations of scepters in armory headed of fleurs-de-lys or possibly trefoils. However, there is no pattern of sticking just any heraldic charge atop a baton. Even if there were, we do not allow registrations of designs that are obtrusively modern. SENA A3F3 says "For example, a bend within a bordure gules to parody the international "No Entry" sign, especially when the bend lies over a primary charge, would not be registerable. Also, variations on the geometric Peace sign, despite being close to core style armory, would not be registerable."

Eilidh MacMurtrie. Badge. Per fess gules and sable, an open book argent and a lantern Or.

This badge is returned for violating SENA A2C1, which states "charges should be drawn as a flat depiction with no perspective." The book here should be redrawn to not be in trian aspect, showing depth of field. The lantern should also be turned to present one face, not a corner.

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