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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, July 2018:

Abigail de Westminster and Lachlann Dougal Graeme. Joint badge. (Fieldless) Three chevronels couped and braced counter-ermine.
Aelia Musa. Badge. (Fieldless) A Suffolk knot Or.
This is the defining instance of a Suffolk knot in Society armory. The Suffolk knot was the knot-badge of John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, d.1491. Cf. Fox-Davies, Heraldic Badges, p.147, and Siddons, Heraldic Badges in England and Wales, vol.II.2 p.232. Nice badge!
Ardgal mac Ardgaile. Name and device. Or, a gurges azure, overall a mullet of eight points, a bordure vert.
Submitted as Ardgal Ardgalson, the constructed patronymic Ardgalson improperly combined the Gaelic Ardgal in the same name phrase as the Old Norse or English -son, which is prohibited by PN1B1. With the submitter's permission, we have changed the name to the wholly Gaelic Ardgal mac Ardgaile, documented in commentary by Brían dorcha ua Conaill.
There is a step from period practice for placing a charge on a gurges.
Benton Ivanovich. Name and device. Per chevron inverted gules and argent, in pale a mullet of eight points argent, charged with a mallet sable, and a polypus gules.
Benton is the submitter's legal given name.
Fenrich Stürmer Hahn. Device. Or, a dunghill cock rising contourny vert maintaining a fauchard bendwise sinister gules hafted sable, a bordure raguly sable.
Ian'ka Ivanova zhena P'trovitsa. Exchange of primary and alternate name.
The submitter's primary name is now Ian'ka Ivanova zhena P'trovitsa. Her previous name, Ianuk Raventhorne, is now her alternate name.
Ian'ka Ivanova zhena P'trovitsa. Badge. Gules, a raven displayed, on a chief invected argent three Ukrainian trident heads gules.
There is a step from period practice for a bird other than an eagle in a displayed posture.
Juliette Marion Geant. Name change from Juliette Dashwood.
The given name Juliette is already registered to the submitter and thus is treated as neutral in time and language under the Existing Registration Allowance. It was also documented in commentary as a late-period Dutch given name. In either case, it can be combined with two late period German elements.
The submitter's previous name, Juliette Dashwood, is retained as an alternate name.
Mason Arison. Name and device. Or, a shark naiant contourny, in chief a spiked mace fesswise azure. Mason is the submitter's legal given name. However, he need not rely on the Legal Name Allowance, as Seraphina Ragged Staff found Mason as a late period English given name in the FamilySearch Historical Records. Although the Letter of Intent argued that Arison was the patronymic form of the Old Norse name Ari, that documentation was not correct. The genitive form of the Old Norse Ari is Ara, making the patronymic Arason. Fortunately, Adelaide Pympernell was able to document Arison as a late period English surname.
Merrick Mag Uidhir. Name and device. Quarterly azure and argent, a tower counterchanged.
Merrick is the submitter's legal given name.
Submitted as Merrick Maguidhir, the spelling of the byname was not supported by the documentation in the Letter of Intent. We again remind heralds and submitters that the italicized Gaelic forms in Black's Surnames of Scotland are nearly always modernized forms and cannot be relied on as the sole documentation for a name element. [Seamus Mac Enrig, 09/2006 LoAR, A-Meridies] For guidelines on how to use Black, see the March 2018 Cover Letter. Fortunately, Brian dorcha ua Conaill documented Mag Uidhir as an Early Modern Gaelic surname found from the 13th century onwards. This surname can be combined with the submitter's legal given name. Therefore, we have changed the name to Merrick Mag_Uidhir for registration.
Russell Rusli Marteinnson. Name.
Valarie Longbow. Name and device. Argent, a dragon passant maintaining an artist's brush inverted azure, on a point pointed sable a sheaf of arrows argent.
Valarie is the submitter's legal given name.
Varinn inn Spaki. Badge. Argent, within the horns of a increscent gules in pale a wolf's head cabossed and in saltire two roses sable, slipped and leaved vert.
This badge is being registered despite lack of documentation of the arrangement of two different types of charge within the horns of a crescent. This issue was not mentioned in the previous return of the badge, so the submitter is being given the benefit of the doubt. In the future, submitters will need to document this pattern.

The following are returned for further work, July 2018:

Orabilis Douw. Badge. Per saltire gules and sable, a dragon and a Greek sphinx rampant addorsed argent, a bordure embattled ermine.
This badge is returned administratively as the emblazon in OSCAR does not match the emblazon on the actual form. In addition, it appears that the kingdom redrew this badge with no mention of submitter consultation or approval. This is also grounds for return.

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