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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, August 2016:

Aibhilín Bhaireíd. Name.
Submitted as Aibhilín inghean Baireíd, Baireíd is the Gaelic form of a borrowed Anglo-Norman surname, not a given name. Without evidence to show that a literal patronym can be formed from such a surname, we cannot register this name as submitted. In addition, due to the requirements of Gaelic grammar, the surname must be lenited. Therefore, we have removed the patronymic particle inghean and have lenited the surname: Aibhilín Bhaireíd.

Aillenn inghean Chonaill. Device. Vert, two wolves combattant Or and in base a moon in her plenitude argent.

Ambrose the Gutless. Name.
Gutless is an interpolated spelling of the early 17th century gut-less and gutlesse, found in the Oxford English Dictionary. The submitter may wish to know that literal descriptive bynames are not likely for 17th century England, but the name is registerable.

Elezabeth Dayseye. Name.

Frederick Gloucester. Name and device. Azure, a cross between four martlets, a bordure embattled argent.

Garrett Seaburn. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Nice 16th century English name!

Ignacio Diaz de Castile. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Diaz de Castile is grandfathered to the submitter, as it is part of the registered name of his father, Adam Carlos Diaz de Castile.

Sigríðr Úlfsdóttir of Aschehyrst. Device. Sable, a key inverted and on a chief argent two compass stars, the dexter sable and the sinister gules.
There is a step from period practice for the use of compass stars.

The following submissions were returned for further work, August 2016:

Ambrose the Gutless. Device. Sable, a hand argent between in chief two bees Or.
This device is returned for presumption with the arms of Isengard: Sable, a hand argent. The hand appears to be a primary charge as it crosses the fess line. Thus there is only one DC for adding the secondary charges in chief. Drawn properly as coprimary charges, with two bees Or and a hand argent of similar visual weight (with the hand staying below the fess line), the present presumption issue would not exist.

Garrett Seaburn. Device. Per bend Or four piles inverted issuant from chief azure and barry wavy argent and azure, a bend vert.
Although blazoned on the Letter of Intent as Per bend Or four piles inverted issuant from chief azure and barry wavy argent and azure, a bend vert, this device is actually more accurately described as Per bend gyronny from chief Or and azure and barry wavy argent and azure, a bend vert. Therefore, it conflicts with the device of Úna ingenue Ragnaill: Checky sable and argent, a bend vert. There is only one DC for changing the field.

Ignacio Diaz de Castile. Device. Pean, on a tyger rampant Or a crescent gules, a bordure embattled Or crusilly Santiago gules.
This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states "Elements must be drawn to be identifiable." Commenters had trouble identifying the gules charges on the bordure. On resubmission, please advise the submitter to draw fewer and larger ermine spots.
The submitter has permission to conflict with the device of Adam Carlos Diaz de Castile: Pean, a tyger rampant within a bordure embattled Or charged with six crosses of Santiago gules.

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