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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submission have been registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, November 2011:

Austrechild von Mondsee. Release of household name Weoxstanes Fyrd and badge. (Fieldless) On a goute de larmes a broken sword proper.

Cassandra Attewoode. Alternate name Lily Snape.

Submitted as Lylie Snape, the submitter indicated that she would prefer the spelling Lily. Dolphin was able to date the given name Lily to 1619 in England. Therefore we have changed the name to that form to meet her request.

Donndubán Ó Domhnaill. Name.

Submitted as Donndubán O'Domnaill, the byname mixes the Anglicized O' with a Middle Gaelic spelling of the patronym. The submitter allowed the change to the fully Early Gaelic Ó Domhnaill. We have made that change in order to register it. This name mixes a Middle Gaelic given name with an Early Modern Gaelic byname; this mix is a step from period practice.

Finola Elizabeth Sutherland. Name change from Brianna Elizabeth Sutherland.

The mix of Anglicized Irish and English is not a step from period practice. Her previous name, Brianna Elizabeth Sutherland, is retained as an alternate name.

Iosif Volkov. Name change from Iosif Volchkov. (This was registered June 2011.)

Listed on the LoAR as a new name, kingdom failed to note that the item was actually a name change. His old name, Iosif Volchkov, is retained as an alternate name.

Loys Le Fevre. Name and device. Party of six per fess nebuly argent and vert, three fleurs-de-lys gules and three falcons argent.

This name was submitted as Loys LeFevre. Precedent says: Submitted as Alexandria LeFevre, no documentation was presented and none was found that LeFevre is a plausible period form. Aryanhwy merch Catmael's article "French Surnames from Paris, 1421, 1423 & 1438" ( dates the form Le Fevre to 1421, 1423, and 1438. This article also dates the form Lefevre to 1421. As the first of these forms preserves the capitalization shown in the submitted form of this name, we have registered this name using that form. [Alexandria Le Fevre, 10/2003, A-Atenveldt]

No evidence was presented to change this ruling. We have likewise changed the name to Le Fevre in order to register the name. Lefevre is fine as well.

Commenters questioned whether or not device has a field Party of six per fess nebuly, or a field Per fess nebuly with a pale counterchanged. The latter seems overly complicated. Certainly the plain Party of six is attested in period armory, but no evidence has been presented of Party of six with any complex line; had there been, this field would have been unremarkable. However, we do have the example of Quarterly and Quarterly per fess indented both in period armory. Extending the possibility of adding a single complex line to this field is an excellent example of a step from period practice. As this is the only step from period practice in this device, it is registerable.

Owen le Maillier. Device. Per fess gules and Or, six gouts three and three, those in base inverted, counterchanged.

Please advise the submitter to draw the gouttes in their more period style with wavy tails.

Philipp von Eisenberg. Household name Company of the Flame and Cauldron and badge. Argent, a cauldron sable charged with three chevronels braced argent, a bordure sable.

Submitted as Company of_Flame and Cauldron, this construction inevitably has an article (the) before the first charge. It sometimes, though not always, has an article before the second. As it is the smaller change, we have added a single the at the start in order to register the name. The submitter indicated interest in the designator Guild. Unfortunately, no evidence was found that this pattern of naming was used for guilds.

Commenters provided research that clearly showed cauldrons both with and without flames beneath them, sometimes with contents and sometimes without. As with most artistic details, these are details that we will not blazon and their presence or absence will not count for difference.

Philomena Scrima. Name (see RETURNS for device).

The Letter of Intent did not date Scrima; luckily Green Staff was able to find it as a 14th century Italian byname, allowing us to register it. Commenters were also able to find Philomena as a later period Latinized Italian given name, making this name completely Italian.

Roana Carmylie. Name and device. Sable, on a tree Or an owl contourny purpure and on a chief Or three horse's heads couped sable.

Appearing on the Letter of Intent as Roana Carmyllie, no one could find evidence that the submitted spelling of the byname was found in period. All dated spellings had a single l. Therefore, we have changed the byname to Carmylie in order to register the name.

The given name was originally submitted as Rhona and changed with the submitter's permission. Commenters could not find Rhona before 1650, but the submitter may want to know that Rona is found as a feminine English given name in 1583.

The following submission has been returned for further work by the S.C.A. College of Arms, November 2011:

Philomena Scrima. Device. Per chevron purpure and sable, three dragonflies in pall tails to center, a bordure wavy argent.

This device is returned for a redraw, for violating the guidelines set forth on the May 2011 Cover Letter for a properly drawn per chevron field division; the field division here is too low. Please see that cover letter for further discussion and details of how to properly draw per chevron.

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