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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

ATENVELDT REGISTRATIONS by the College of Arms, December 2004:

André du Corbeau. Reblazon of device. Argent, a raven rising wings displayed sable, on a chief gules three pairs of arrows inverted in saltire argent.

This was originally registered April 1983 under the blazon Argent, a raven rising sable, on a chief gules three pairs of arrows inverted in saltire argent. It surfaced as part of a conflict check for another submission on this LoAR. Birds rising must, by current SCA standards, have their wing position blazoned explicitly. A visual check of this armory showed the wings to be displayed; in the interests of clarity and in keeping with current standards, we are changing the blazon to include it.

Aonghus Marchand. Name and device. Per bend Or and vert, an eagle striking and a roundel counterchanged.

Submitted as Aonghus Mercator, this name is an aural conflict with Aonghus Macadair, registered May 1994. We have changed the byname to Marchand, a form of Mercator with a different sound. Marchand is dated to 1298 in Black, Surnames of Scotland, s.n. Merchant.

Aonghus Marchand. Badge. (Fieldless) In fess a scimitar sustained by a sinister wing ending in a talon Or.

Nice armory!

Archibald MacPherson of Argyll. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and sable, a caravel Or and three skeletons argent.

Avelyn of Oakgrove. Name.

Submitted as Avelyn of the Oak Grove, no examples were found of placenames or locatives with either the prothemes Oak-/Oke-/Oken- and the deuterotheme -grove with a space between protheme and deuterotheme. In addition, the form of this name is a locative rather than a generic topographic; in this case the article the is not used. We have changed the name to Avelyn of Oakgrove to match period English naming practice.

Columba de Palomares. Name.

Cuilén Gordon of Tir Ysgithr. Device. Argent, a pall dancetty gules.

The pall was blazoned as indented on the Letter of Intent, but the proper description is dancetty when the zigzagged edges run parallel to each other. Indented ordinaries closely resemble lines of overlapping lozenges.

Freydis in kyrra Alfarinsdottir. Name.

Listed on the LoI as Freydis inn kyrra Alfarinsdottir, the original form has Freydis in kyrri Alfarinsdottir. The fully feminine form of the adjectival byname is in kyrra. We have made this correction.

Friedrick Schmitt. Name and badge. (fieldless) Three bones interlaced in triangle inverted argent.

Maximilian Chance. Name and device. Sable, two mermaids respectant, tails crossed, maintaining between them two rapiers crossed in saltire, in chief five mullets Or.

Muriel of Carlyle. Name and device. Or, a winged serpent erect vert and a base rayonny gules.

Stefania Krakowska and Rathfled du Noir. Joint badge. (Fieldless) A triskelion of arms proper vested papellony sable and argent, each hand maintaining a wooden recorder proper.

Vallaulfr Rurikson. Name and device. Azure, two scarpes between two wolves passant argent.

Submitted as Vallawulf Rurikson, the given name is intended as an Old Norse construction. However, as the letter w is not used in transcriptions of Old Norse, this name is not consistent with Old Norse spellings. Geirr Bassi, The Old Norse Name has the prepended byname Valla- and the given name Ulfr. We have, therefore, changed the given name to Vallaulfr in order to register it. Rurik is the usual English spelling for the name of the 9th C Vartangian warrior who founded the dynasty of the Rus. Therefore, this name mixes Old Norse and English, which is one step from period practice.

Vincenza di Leonardo. Name and device. Per bend enarched azure and ermine, a talbot's head erased argent and two roses azure.

ATENVELDT RETURNS by the College of Arms, December 2004:

Amalie zu dem Blumen. Device. Argent, a gurges azure surmounted by a carnation vert.

The device is being returned for a redraw. As drawn, the charge in the middle, while blazoned as a carnation, was indistinguishable between a lotus blossom affronty and a sun. It should be redrawn to be larger and with sufficient internal detailing to identify it as a flower.

Cecilia du Lac d'Argent. Name.

No documentation was submitted and none found for the use of the element Lac in French placenames. While Dauzat et Rostaing, Dicitionaaire étymologique des noms de lieus en France, lists one Lac name, Lac-des-Rouges-Truites, there are no dated forms; this indicates that the placename is modern. Barring such documentation, French placenames using the element Lac modified by an adjective or adjectival phrase cannot be registered. The unmodified element Lac is a reasonable byname. We would register this name as Cecilia du Lac, but the submitter will not take major changes.

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