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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, July 2014:

Atenveldt, Barony of. Guild name Sisterhood of the Black Swan of the Barony of Atenveldt.

The phrase "of the Barony" in this order name is grandfathered to the submitter. It is also needed to differentiate the barony from the kingdom of Atenveldt.

Atenveldt, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Palm Leaf of the Barony of Atenveldt. Argent, two palm trees couped, trunks crossed in saltire and in chief a palm frond fesswise gules.

This depiction of palm trees in saltire is grandfathered to the submitter.

Bran Mac Consaidín. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Eilionora inghean Mhig Aonghusa. Name.

Submitted as Eilionora Mhig Aonghusa, the byname Mhig Aonghusa was not correctly formed because female bynames that indicate a relationship also require the particle inghean ("daughter"). We have corrected the name to Eilionora inghean Mhig Aonghusa in order to register this name.

Although the spelling mhic is more common, the spelling Mhig is found in Sharon Krossa, "Historical Name Generator: Sixteenth Century Irish and Scottish Gaelic Names" ( Therefore, we are able to give the spelling of the particle Mhig the benefit of the doubt that it is a period form. The typical form Eilionora inghean mhic Aonghusa is also registerable.

Ellisif Styrbjarnardóttir. Name and device. Sable, a bear's head couped contourny gules.

Submitted as Ellisif Styrbjarnardóttir, the name inadvertently appeared in the Letter of Intent as Ellisif Styrbjranardóttir. We have restored the name to the submitted form.

This device was submitted as an individually attested pattern, with supporting documentation for the use of bear's heads couped and of complex gules primary charges on sable fields in German armory.

Nice German device!

Jacket Tyllyng. Name (see RETURNS for device).

The byname Tyllyng was documented to the late 13th century in the Letter of Intent. In commentary, Blue Tyger was able to document it to 1562, making this an excellent 16th century name.

Jerusha a'Laon. Badge. (Fieldless) In saltire a straight trumpet argent and a quill pen purpure.

Niall MacTaggart. Badge. (Fieldless) A scorpion within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

Please advise the submitter to draw the annulet thicker.

Noemi De Luna. Name and device. Per fess sable and lozengy gules and argent, a wolf passant argent and a tree blasted and eradicated sable.

Submitted as Noemi De Luna, the name appeared on the Letter of Intent as Noémi de Luna. The Family Search record from which the given name Noémi was not from one of the batches we allow as sole documentation, but the entry included a photograph of the primary source showing the name in question. Unfortunately, there appears to be an error in the transcription, such that the original document appears to show the name Noèmi (with a grave accent or some other similar mark).

In commentary, Blue Tyger and Siren were able to document the submitted spelling Noemi to 1596 and c.1300, respectively. Although de Luna is the more typical capitalization, De Luna can also be justified. (It is found in CORDE, dated 1624.) Therefore, we are able to restore this name to the submitted form.

Veronica Colquhoun. Name.

Nice 16th century Anglo-Scots name!

The following submissions were returned by the CoA for further work, July 2014:

Alfred Jensen of Mo. Badge. (Fieldless) On a cross formy fitched at the foot sable a dove rising argent.

This badge is returned for redraw. The cross depicted here is not a cross formy, nor can it be blazoned as any registerable cross.

A properly drawn cross formy fitched at the foot would have the arms clearly separated. The fitching should also be narrower.

While a cross with this blazon is registered to him, the depiction of the cross is radically different.

Bran Mac Consaidín. Device. Per pale nebuly Or and sable, a raven contourny and a harp, issuant from base a demi-sun all counterchanged.

This device is returned for breaking our rule on "slot machine" heraldry. There are three charges with equivalent visual weight that have to be considered as belonging to the same group.

If the submitter wants to use a similar design on resubmission, he should keep in mind that the sun in base should be clearly smaller than the animate charges.

Additionally, several commenters pointed out a problem of identifiablity created by the combination of the nebuly line of division with the sun.

Finally, there is a drastic difference between the black and white and colored forms on the letter of intent. This in itself is grounds for return.

Jacket Tyllyng. Device. Gules, on a mountain vert snow-capped a sinister gauntleted fist argent.

No documentation was provided, by the submitter or in commentary, that a snow-capped mountain is a period motif. Barring such documentation it is not registerable to the submitter as the grandfather clause applies to the Barony of Ered Sûl, but does not extend to the residents of the Barony.

Katarina MacDonald. Name and device. Vert, on a chevron throughout azure fimbriated a unicorn's head couped contourny argent.

Unfortunately for the submitter, this name has a relationship conflict with the registered Magdalene Katherine MacDonald. In this case, the submitter appears to be claiming to be the mother of Magdalene. There is not sufficient difference in sound between Middle English pronunciations of Katarina MacDonald and Katherine MacDonald [Katerina Johnson, November 2013, R-Atlantia], and this name must be returned.

Upon resubmission, the addition of another element like a second byname would clear this conflict. The submitter may wish to know that MacDonald can be documented as an interpolated form from the 16th century, so she need not rely on the legal name allowance.

This device is returned for redraw. The position of the head on the chevron cannot be reproducibly blazoned as it is not in the middle. It is also not fully palewise.

On resubmission, the submitter should draw the head as that of a unicorn, rather than a unicornate horse, which would require a more caprine face, a more pronounced horn and, usually, a beard.

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