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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, October 2014:

Hroc Æthelwulfes sunu. Name and device. Sable, a mullet of four points gules fimbriated Or between four horse's heads couped, the one in sinister chief argent, the others Or.
There is a step from period practice for using a charge group of four or more of the same type in which the tincture of only one charge is different from the others when that tincture difference is not dictated by the field.
Jacqueline de Bretaigne. Device. Azure, a pall inverted between two doves rising respectant and a lily of the valley argent.
Jaku'an Kakujo. Name change from Morgann Mac Duibh Dara and device change. Per pale sable and vert, within a torii a lion dormant argent.
Nice 14th century Japanese monastic name! The submitter's previous name, Morgann Mac Duibh Dara, is retained as an alternate name.
The submitter's old device, Vert, a lightning bolt bendwise, on a chief argent two acorns slipped and leaved sable, is retained as a badge. There is a step from period practice for the use of the torii.
Joseph Walter McFadden. Release of name and device. Quarterly erminois and sable, in bend two trefoils slipped vert, a bordure counterchanged sable and Or.
Joseph Walter McFadden. Release of badge. Or, a pall sable between three shamrocks stems to center vert, a bordure sable.
Oddr ölfúss the Tanner. Reblazon of device. Per chevron gules and Or, a pair of drinking horns Or and a trenket sable.
Reblazoned in March 2010 as Per chevron gules and Or, a pair of drinking horns Or and a leatherworker's head knife sable, the knife is a trenket.
Ósk Álfsdóttir. Name change from Shasta of Windale.
The submitter's previous name, Shasta of Windale, is retained as an alternate name.
Ysabeau Le Roux. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Ysabeau Le Roux, the name appeared on the Letter of Intent as Yvonne Le Roux. A timely correction noted the intended name to be considered.
The submitter requested authenticity for "1400s French". Both the given name and byname are dated between 1421 and 1438, so this name meets the submitter's request.

The following submissions were returned by the College of Armsfor further work, October 2014:

Tomaso Floreano. Device change. Or, in bend sinister a wooden mallet bendwise inverted proper and a quill pen bendwise sinister, a bordure sable.
This device is returned for administrative issues. A new emblazon which does not match the originally uploaded emblazon was uploaded to OSCAR more than a month after the letter was issued. No actual correction was issued. The correct procedure when the submitter changes their mind about the depiction during commentary is to withdraw the submission and resubmit with the new emblazon.
Ysabeau Le Roux. Device. Quarterly purpure and sable, a wolf's head erased contourny argent and on a chief Or two mullets of four points gules.
This device is returned for redraw. Please instruct the submitter on the proper way to draw erasing: either three or four prominent, pointed jags on the erasing, as described on the Cover Letter to the November 2001 LoAR: Therefore, for purposes of recreating period armorial style for erasing, the erasing should (1) have between three and eight jags; (2) have jags that are approximately one-sixth to one-third the total height of the charge being erased; and (3) have jags that are not straight but rather are wavy or curved.
Alternatively, the submitter could decide to redraw the primary charge as a wolf's head couped.

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