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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered June 2016 by the SCA College of Arms:

Ceallach Colquhoun. Badge. Per bend sinister gules and argent, a door argent banded and handled sable and charged with two arrows in saltire, and a dragon sejant affronty, wings displayed and face to dexter gules.

Franceska Lucrezia la Sarta. Name.

Katherine Kelly. Device. Argent semy of shamrocks vert, a butterfly sable and on a chief purpure a spoon reversed argent.
Please advise the submitter to draw some internal details on the butterfly.

Mattea Locatelli. Device. Purpure, in saltire two arrows inverted Or and overall a polypus argent.

The following submissions were returned for further work June 2016 by the College of Arms:

Franceska Lucrezia la Sarta. Device. Per bend sinister indented gules and purpure, a threaded needle bendwise sinister and a natural leopard's head cabossed Or.
This device is returned for violating SENA A3D2c, Unity of Posture and Orientation, which states "The charges within a charge group should be in either identical postures/orientations or an arrangement that includes posture/orientation" The charges here are not in a unified arrangement, as the needle is bendwise sinister and the leopard's head in its default orientation.

Idunn of the Citadel. Name and device. Argent, on a pale sable a bone argent, overall a wingless wyvern passant contourny regardant, its body entwined azure around the bone.
The submitter used part of the registered branch name Citadel of the Southern Pass as her byname. In order to use the branch name allowance, she must use the entire branch name as registered. Unfortunately, changing the byname to of Citadel of the Southern Pass is a major change, which the submitter does not allow. Therefore, we must return this name.
In commentary, ffride wullfsdotter documented the submitted form of the given name in Lind, s.n. Iðunn, dated to the 14th century. We note that the Viking Age form of this name is Iðunn, which is a 9th or 10th century name from Iceland found in the Landnámabók.
The submitter may wish to know that of the Citadel can be constructed as a lingua Anglica form derived from the Middle English setadell or cytadell, dated to 1542 and 1545 in the Middle English Dictionary, respectively. Unfortunately, a 16th century English byname cannot be combined with a Scandinavian given name under Appendix C of SENA. However, Idun is a 16th century English surname found in the FamilySearch Historical Records, so can be used as a given name. Thus, the English form Idun of the Citadel is registerable. We are unable to make this change to register this name because the change in language is also a major change.
This device is returned for violating SENA A3E1, which states "Charge groups must be arranged upon the field in a period fashion." This arrangement of an overall charge entwining a tertiary charge is not listed in Appendix J and would need to be documented before it could be accepted.

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