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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

ATENVELDT REGISTRATIONS by the College of Arms, November 2004:

Dalla of the Misty Forest. Name change from Dalla Rowden of the Misty Forest.

All elements of this name are grandfathered to her. Her old name, Dalla Rowden of the Misty Forest, is released.

Eilina in ákafa. Name and device. Per fess argent and gules, a fess engrailed sable between four roses three and one counterchanged barbed vert seeded argent.

Submitted as Aelina inn ákafr, the submitter requested authenticity for Old Norse. Aelina is a proposed variant of the Swedish name Ælina; however, there is no evidence that Æ and Ae are interchangable spellings in Swedish. The spelling Ælina is not found until the 14th C, well after the Old Norse period. Geirr Bassi, The Old Norse Name, lists Eilina, a name with a similar look and feel. We have changed the given name to this spelling to comply with her request for authenticity. In Old Norse, adjectival bynames must agree in gender with the given name; the correct feminine version of the submitted byname is in ákafa. We have made this change to correct the grammar of the byname.

Fallon of Kerry. Name.

The byname, of Kerry is grandfathered to him; his father is Michael Arthur of Kerry.

Faoileann Baldwin. Name.

Submitted as Flenn ingen Baldwin, as submitted, the name has several problems. First, the patronymic phrase combines Gaelic and English in violation of RfS III.1.a. Linguistic consistency. We have dropped the patronymic marker to make this name phrase registerable. Second, there is a more than 500 year gap between the date for the given name and that of the patronymic. Ó Corrain and Maguire, Irish Names, s.n. Faíleen, lists Faoileann as the later form of this name. We have changed the name to Faoileann Baldwin in order to register it. This name mixes Gaelic and English in the same name, which is one step from period practice. If the submitter is interested in a fully Gaelic name with a similar sound, we suggest Faoileann ingen Bhaildrin. The name Baildrin is found in the "Annála Connacht" at the CELT web site (

Geoffrey Winterbotham. Name.

Nice name!

Isabeau della Farfalla. Badge. (Fieldless) A butterfly per saltire azure and sable within and conjoined to an annulet per saltire sable and azure.

Marion Bradford of Yorkshire. Name and device. Per fess engrailed argent and vert, in chief a heart between two roundels gules and in base a roundel argent.

Michael Arthur of Kerry. Device. Azure, two swords proper and a bear rampant argent.

Nikaia Angelina Tagarina. Name and device. Per pale vert and argent, two Latin crosses potent nowy quadrate each charged with a lozenge, a base counterchanged.

Romanus Castelyn. Device. Per fess sable and gules, a fess embattled counter-embattled between an eagle's head erased and a tower argent.

Please instruct the submitter to draw a more aquiline eagle's head.

Seanach mac Feidhlimidh Droichit Atha. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and gules, a raven's head erased and an oak leaf counterchanged.

Submitted as Senach mac Feideilmid na Droichead Átha, the submitter requested authenticity for Irish language/culture. The given name and patronymic are both in Old or Middle Irish, while the earliest example of the placename is Early Modern Irish Gaelic (dated to the late 16th C). Mixing Old or Middle Irish Gaelic with Early Modern Irish Gaelic is a step from period practice; by the late 16th C, names would have been rendered in all Early Modern Irish Gaelic. Ó Corrain and Maguire give Seanach as the Early Modern Irish Gaelic form of the given name, however, we have no dated examples of this name in use between 1200 and 1600. Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, "Index to Names in Irish Annals" gives Feidhlimidh 17 times between 1259 and 1556. Finally, the same article shows the period citation for the locative byname as Droichit Atha, without the preposition na. Therefore, we have changed the name to Seanach mac Feidhlimidh Droichit Atha to comply with the submitters request for authenticity.

Tiphina of Ledbury. Name and device. Azure, an ermine passant proper, and on a chief argent three sprigs vert.



ATENVELDT RETURNS by the College of Arms, November 2004:


Faoileann Baldwin. Device. Per bend sinister vert and purpure, a bend sinister between a talbot passant and a heart argent.

The device conflicts with the Elena de Maisnilwarin: Per bend sinister vert and purpure, a bend sinister between a unicorn's head erased and a rose, slipped and leaved bendwise sinister argent. There is only one CD for changing the type of the secondary charges.

Synnöve mána. Name and device. Sable, a sun in his splendor argent within an orle ermine.

No documentation was submitted and none found showing the spelling Synnöve in period. Barring such documentation, this form is not registerable. There are several period variants of this name; we would change the given name to one of these forms, but the submitter will not accept changes. If the submitter is interested in an Old Norse name, Geirr Bassi, The Old Norse Name, shows Sunnifa as an Old Norse form of this name. The submitter will not allow the creation of a holding name, so this device must be returned.


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