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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submission was registered by the SCA College of Arms, January 2019:

Celeste Vallentine. Device change. Purpure mullety argent, a natural leopard rampant contourny guardant argent spotted sable.
The submitter's previous device, Azure mullety, a natural leopard rampant contourny guardant argent spotted sable, is released.

The following submissions were returned for further work, January 2019:

Marceau de Valcourt. Household name Rhythmic Mercenaries.
This name must be returned because it does not follow any attested pattern for naming groups of people. The Letter of Intent argued that this name follows the pattern for English gang names. However, this name does not fit that pattern. First, we have no evidence of such groups being described with the collective noun mercenaries. Our current research shows that period English gangs were described with terms like Crew, Boys or Regiment. Any of these terms would be an acceptable household designator for an English gang name. The term mercenaries is not. While it was certainly a word in period, it was not a word used in the particular way intended by the submitter.
Second, the adjective rhythmic is not the kind of word used to describe English gangs. Gangs were generally described with negative adjectives, such as terrible, damned or cursed. Less commonly, positive adjectives such as gallant were used ironically, as in the gallant crew (1598) and the Gallant Roars (1603). No adjectives as abstract as rhythmic or rhythmical are found in period lists of English gangs. Moreover, there is no evidence that the terms rhythmic or rhythmical were used to describe any groups of people in English. Accordingly, as this name does not follow an attested naming pattern for groups of people, it cannot be registered.
Orabilis Douw. Badge.
This badge is returned for violation of SENA A5E3, which generally limits complexity of armory to eight tinctures and charge types. The submitted badge features four tinctures (argent, sable, gules, ermine) and five charges (dragon, sword, griffin, arrow, and bordure), for a total complexity count of nine.

Celeste Vallentine

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