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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, July 2019:

Aimée Douglas and Dougal MacPherson the Tall. Joint badge. Per bend sinister vert and azure, in bend sinister four pairs of human footprints bendwise sinister argent.
There is a step from period practice for the use of footprints.

Daniel Theoson of Mightrinwood. Device. Purpure, a sun of eight wavy rays sable fimbriated and a bordure dovetailed Or.
In the July 1998 registration of the submitter's name, it was attested:
Daniel is the legal son of Theo of Mightrinwood whose name was registered in 1979. Theo of Mightrinwood died in October 1997. Normally we would not register a name of this form, since it is a violation of VI.3 begins, "Names that unmistakably imply ... close relationship to a protected person ... will generally not be registered." However, based on prior instances of allowing the legal heir to grant permission to conflict or releasing submissions, we will register this, since Daniel is Theo's legal son and heir.
Based on this attestation, the submitter has the right through the Existing Registration Allowance to register a fimbriated sun of eight wavy rays based on Theo's registered device, Purpure, a sun of eight wavy rays sable, fimbriated Or. The executor of Theo of Mightrinwood has granted permission for the submitter to conflict with Theo's device, which has only one DC from the submitted armory from the addition of the dovetailed bordure.

Lyn of Whitewolfe. Augmentation of arms. Gules, a pile wavy bendwise issuant from sinister base between two roundels argent each charged with a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, for augmentation in canton a sunburst Or issuant from clouds argent.

Orabilis Douw. Household name Catwolf Keep and badge. Sable, within a masculyn a chatloup rampant argent.

Orabilis Douw. Badge. Per saltire gules and sable, in fess a dragon and a Greek sphinx rampant addorsed each maintaining a sword, their tails entwined argent, a bordure embattled ermine.

Robert the Incorrigible. Reblazon of device. Or, an orca urinant proper between flaunches azure. Blazoned when registered in December 1996 as Or, an orca urinant proper flaunches azure, we are adding the preposition to clarify the blazon.

Shannon of Atenveldt. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per bend sinister argent and gules, two frogs bendwise heads to center counterchanged sable and argent.
Submitted under the name Seinean Velte.

The following was returned for further work:

Seinean Velte. Name.

This name must be returned because there is no documentation supporting the given name Seinean. The scanned record from FamilySearch Historical Records does not actually show the name Seinean; it appears instead to be a name starting with a D. We could find no other evidence in FamilySearch or any other source for Seinean as a name.
The Letter of Intent mentioned that a similar name, Sinion, was found in an acceptable batch on FamilySearch. However, there is no indication that the submitter actually consented to Sinion if the submitted name could not be registered. Therefore, we are returning the name rather than making a change the submitter may not want.
The submitter's device is registered under the holding name Shannon of Atenveldt.

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