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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

ATENVELDT REGISTRATIONS by the College of Arms, November 2005:

Aythan Pengrek. Name and device. Per chevron Or and purpure, two triquetras and a natural leopard's head erased affronty counterchanged.

Catan ingen ui Chuinn. Device. Per chevron azure and argent, two open books and a unicorn passant counterchanged.

Nice device!

Caterina Amiranda della Quercia. Device change (see RETURNS for badge). Per pale sable and argent, a dragonfly within an orle counterchanged.

Her previous device, Per chevron purpure and argent, two thistles Or and an oak tree eradicated proper, is retained as a badge.

Mederic de Castro Araldi. Name and device. Azure, in cross a sword fesswise reversed proper and a sickle inverted argent.

Submitted as Mederic de Châtellerault, the submitter requested a name authentic for 11th C France. The locative Châtellerault is a modern form; the â character does not come into common use until the 18th C. Dauzat and Rostaing, Dictionnaire Étymologique des Noms de Lieux en France s.n. Chateau, gives the Latin de Castro Araldi in 1025. We have changed the name to Mederic de Castro Araldi to partially fulfill his request for authenticity.

Michael Hawkins of Portsmouth. Device. Per bend sinister vert and argent, a sinister hand argent and an anchor sable.

Nikolaus von Erlach. Name.

Nice name!

Voron Gregor'ev syn Tsetseneviskii. Name and device. Gules, in pale a tyger rampant contourny reguardant maintaining a goblet and a chevron inverted Or charged with five beehives gules.

Listed on the LoI as Voron Gregor'ev syn Testseneviskii, the forms and the documentation both show the third generation patronymic as Tsetseneviskii. We have made this change. A charged chevron inverted abased is at least two steps removed from period style, and if it were being considered for the first time, would be returned. However, the size, angle, and placement of the chevron inverted is exactly the same as in his previous submission, returned June 2004. The previous return dealt only the voiding of the charge, and how it could not be done on a chevron inverted abased. The return cited precedent to support this -- all dealing with the voiding. As he has fixed the reason for the previous return, we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt and reluctantly registering this. Future submissions of a charged chevron inverted abased will be returned for non-period style unless accompanied by period heraldic examples.

ATENVELDT RETURNS by the College of Arms, November 2005:

Alexander of Tyre. Name.

This name is presumptuous of Alexander the Great. In general, the combination of a ruler's name and the land they ruled is protected. Tyre was one of the ancient world's great city-states, and Alexander the Great was its ruler after he conquered it in 332 BC. Therefore, the name Alexander of Tyre is protected.

Caterina Amiranda della Quercia. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragonfly within and conjoined to an annulet sable.

This is being returned as, if registered, this would be her fifth piece of armory. The Administrative Handbook, section I.B, limits individuals to four pieces of armory. This is clear of Mariposa de los Montoyas, Or, a butterfly sable marked Or within an annulet sable. There is a CD for fieldlessness and another for the difference between a butterfly and dragonfly.

Fáelán Ruádhán. Name and device. Per pale Or and gules, a wolf sejant ululant counterchanged and a bordure indented sable. This name consists of two given names. Although Ruadh is documented as a byname, the only documentation included or found for Ruádhán is as a given name. The submitter desires a name meaning "Faelan the Red". We would change this name to Fáelán Ruád, a Middle Irish form with the appropriate meaning, but this is an aural conflict with Faoileann Ruadh, registered November 1999. We would change the byname to a patronymic, but the submitter will not accept major changes. We feel that such a change, which would change the sound, appearance, and intended meaning of the name, would be against the submitter's wishes. In resubmitting, we suggest that the submitter add a patronymic to Fáelán Ruád; this would clear the conflict. As the submitter does not allow the creation of a holding name, the device must also be returned.

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