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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, February 2011:

Berkedei Kökösara. Name.

Jocet De La Cour. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a crab and a dragon's head couped counterchanged.

Commenters questioned whether the capitalization of the preposition and article in a French byname like this can be justified. While it is unusual, Aryanhwy merch Catmael's "French Surnames from Paris, 1421, 1423 & 1438" gives examples with a variety of capitalization conventions, including a l'Espée, A l'Espée, and A L'Espée, as well as Du bastard Jolis. This variety of capitalization is sufficient to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt.

Kolos Siklósi. Device. Per fess azure and vert, a fess embattled and in chief a drinking horn fesswise argent.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the fess wider to better fill the available space.

Michièle MacBean. Device. Per bend vert and Or, a spoon bendwise inverted argent and an empty wooden drop spindle bendwise proper.

This modern depiction of a drop spindle is a step from period practice.

Robert Heinrich. Device. Quarterly sable and gules, an estoile and on a chief Or three Latin crosses bottony sable.

Rúadhán Mac Dubhghaill. Name and device. Per chevron gules and sable, on a chevron argent three broad arrows inverted each per pale gules and sable.

Submitted as Rúadán Mac Dhubhgaill, this name mixes a Middle Gaelic given name with an Early Modern Gaelic byname, which is a step from period practice (but registerable). One change is necessary to make that form registerable; the patronym is misspelled and should be Dhubhghaill.

The most typical Early Modern Gaelic form (suitable for from 1200-1600) is Rúadhán Mac Dubhghaill. By the 16th century, some masculine bynames are occasionally lenited, giving Rúadhán Mac Dhubhghaill.

Howevever, the submitter requested authenticity for mid-13th century Irish. We have not found lenition in masculine bynames that early. Therefore, we have changed the name to the typical Early Modern Gaelic form in order to meet that request.

Siobhan Lindsay. Name and device. Per pale argent and sable, a mortar and pestle counterchanged.

This name mixes a Gaelic given name with a Scots byname; this is a step from period practice.

Zhigmun' Czypsser. Name change from Zhigmun' Broghammer.

This name mixes a Russian given name with a German byname; this is a step from period practice.

His previous name, Zhigmun' Broghammer, is retained as an alternate name.

The following submissions were returned by the College of Arms for further work, February 2011:

Kendrick MacBain. Device. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a wooden stick shuttle bendwise sinister proper and an awl bendwise sinister point to base argent.

This device is returned because the charge in base was not identifiable solely by its appearance, as required by section VII.7.a of the Rules for Submissions. Many of them thought it was a spoon. Additionally, while the charge does have the outline of a perfectly functional modern awl, there was no evidence provided that this form of awl was a medieval form, though commenters provided several period depictions. Section VII.3 of the Rules for Submissions requires artifacts to be drawn in their medieval forms.

Please refer the submitter to the August 2005 LoAR, which include two images of acceptable awls depicted under the returns for the badge of Gwenlian Catharne, at

Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale. Augmentation. Or, an insect-winged naked woman passant, wings chased, azure, and as an augmentation on a canton azure in pale a coronet and a sun in his glory issuant from base Or within a bordure argent.

Three questions were asked when this was pended from the September 2010 LoAR, though we will address them in a different order than they were asked.

First, should the augmentation be allowed to have minimal contrast with the underlying design? Since we have only a single period example of an augmentation that does not have good contrast with the underlying design, augmentations in the SCA may not break the Rule of Tincture with respect to the underlying device. This upholds the following precedent:

The basic question raised by this submission is can an augmentation break the rule of tincture? ... only one example of period use of an augmentation breaking the rule of tincture was found. Barring documentation of large numbers of period augmentations that break the rule of tincture, we are unwilling to register this practice. (LoAR August 1997 p. 26)

Therefore, this augmentation is returned because the argent bordure of the augmentation has insufficient contrast with the Or field of the base armory.

Secondly, the question was asked whether or not coronets are usable in augmentations. Victoria is allowed to have a coronet on her arms, as she is a viscountess. We are extending this permission to explicitly allow coronets on augmentations for anyone who is allowed to display a coronet in their base armory. However, adding the coronet to the augmentation means that it is not the standard augmentation of Atenveldt. Standard augmentations must be used exactly as they are designated by the kingdom. Since this is not the kingdom augmentation, the augmentation conflicts with the standard augmentation of the kingdom of Atenveldt. Since Victoria was awarded her augmentation by the kingdom of Atenveldt, there is implicit permission to conflict, and this is not an issue.

Additionally, since the augmentation is not the kingdom augmentation, it must be conflict checked normally. Because it needs to be conflict checked, it was asked if the Or charges on the augmentation were primary and secondary charges, or if they were co-primary charges, since this decision changes what it conflicts with. Even though the sun issues from the edge of the field, commenters agreed that the sun and coronet are co-primary charges. Therefore, this augmentation is in conflict with the device of Reneé d'Avranches, Azure, two garbs in pale Or and a bordure argent. Since there are three types of charge on Victoria's augmentation (sun, coronet, bordure), the two may not be compared using section X.2 of the Rules for Submissions. There is, therefore, a single CD for completely changing the types of the primary charge group. Therefore, since augmentations must themselves be clear of conflict, the submission is also returned for this reason.

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