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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, May 2007:

Alysandir Velzian. Name.

Effric Neyn Ken3ocht Mcherrald makes a comment about the spelling/pronunciation of this locative that might be of interest to the submitter:

‘Note that the <z> in <Velzian> is an editorial convention used to represent the letter yogh <3>. In the original manuscript, the name would have appeared as <Vel3ian> (Da'uded: <Vel{gh}ian>; non-Da'ud ASCII: <Vel3ian>). That this is the case is confirmed by other spellings given by Black that illustrate that the pronunciation involved a "y" (or fricative "gh") sound, not a "z" sound: <Awelgeing>, <Wailyom>, and <Vilyean>.’

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Reblazon of badge for the Master of the King's Musick. Per pale azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour Or, in sinister a bass cornetto sable.

Registered in January 1973 with the blazon Per pale azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour and in the fly a Serpent (bass cornetto) azure, the tincture of the sun was omitted. We have corrected the omission and reblazoned this in accordance with standard SCA heraldic practice.

This is currently listed in the O&A as a flag, and continues to be so listed.

Aubree Duquesne de Bellemare. Name and device. Argent, on a pile throughout issuant from sinister azure a fleur-de-lys Or.

Submitted as Aubrée Duquesne de Bellemare, the only documentation for the accent in Aubrée was a citation from a genealogy website. An examination of the website revealed that it is unlikely that the names were preserved in their original forms. Without a dated citation for the spelling Aubrée, it is not registerable. The submitter has provided sufficient documentation to support Aubree; we have changed the given name to this form in order to register it.

The submitter requested an authentic 13th C French name. However, we have found no form of Duquesne before the mid 15th C and none of Bellemare before the 16th. Both bynames are found in Cateline de la Mor, "Sixteenth Century Norman Names" ( If Aubree were documented to the 16th C, this would be an authentic 16th C French name, but we doubt it is authentic for the 13th C.

Cyneburga Thorisdohter. Name reconsideration from Cyneburg Thorisdohter.

Her old name, Cyneburg Thorisdohter, is released.

Elizabeth Æthelwulfes dohtor. Device. Argent, in pale three hearts gules, each charged with a mullet of four points Or.

Justin Louis de Courtenay. Name and device. Azure, in pale an owl displayed argent perched atop two rapiers inverted in saltire Or, a chief dovetailed argent.

The use of a bird displayed, other than an eagle, is a step from period practice.

Katerina Blakelock. Name and device. Per pale sable and vert, three chevronels braced and on a chief indented argent a triquetra vert between two pawprints sable.

The use of pawprints is a step from period practice.

Kemreth Danil. Reblazon of device. Vert, two pithons erect respectant, tails nowed in a Wake knot argent.

Registered in October 1976 with the blazon Vert, two winged serpents erect counter-respectant, their tails nowed in a Wake knot, argent, a winged serpent has feathered wings. These monsters have bat-wings, which is the standard for pithons.

Linnet Fayrchyld. Name and device. Vert, three church bells Or.

Linnet is the submitter's legal given name. Nice device.

Roland le Rouge. Name and device. Quarterly gules ermined Or and sable, in bend sinister two phoenixes facing sinister Or rising from flames proper.

Taisha Markov. Device. Per fess indented azure semy of escarbuncles and argent, in base a Russian Orthodox cross gules.

In registering Vanya Popovitch's device in March 1984, Laurel ruled that the lowermost cross bar on a Russian Orthodox cross should be bendwise. In registering Monenka Romanyak's device in July 1985, Laurel ruled that it should be bendwise sinister. At this point we are declaring that the orientation of the lowermost cross bar is an unblazoned detail worth no difference. In other words, it doesn't matter if it is bendwise or bendwise sinister.

Tav-Alandil. Reblazon of device. Vert, a bend sinister argent between a hawk close and a lightning flash bendwise sinister Or.

The submission history of this device is difficult to determine. It is currently listed in the Armorial as registered January 1973 with the blazon Vert, a bend sinister argent between a hawk close and a lightning bolt, both Or; however this does not appear in the January 1973 LoAR. There is a letter sent by Wilhelm von Schlüssel, Laurel, in September 1980 indicating this blazon and the January 1973 registration. This appears to be the same armory that appeared in the July 1972 LoAR with the blazon Vert, bend sinister between a hawk close and a lightening-flash bendwise sinister, singly fracted, both Or. The charge is a lightning flash, not a lightning bolt, though the emblazon in his file does not show the fracting mention in the July 1972 LoAR. This device has been reblazoned to correct the charge and to specify its orientation. A lightning flash, like a lightning bolt, does not have a default orientation.

Vallaulfr Rurikson and Cécile de Brétigny. Joint badge. Per pale indented azure and argent, a wolf argent and a unicorn gules combatant, both gorged and chained Or.

Zekel Zofia. Device. Per fess rayonny Or and gules, a fire arrow fesswise reversed sable enflamed gules and a castle argent.

The following submissions were returned for further work, May 2007:

Medb inghean Phadraig. Name.

This name was withdrawn by the submitter.

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