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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, August 2019:

Akastos Theodorou. Reblazon of device. Or, a calamarie inverted sable and a bordure parted bordurewise indented sable and argent. Blazoned when registered in October 2013 as Or, a calamarie inverted sable and a bordure parted bordurewise indented argent and sable, the inner part of the bordure is sable.
Barbara-Katherine of Kenilworth. Reblazon of device. Quarterly gules and vairy Or and gules, a cross fusilly, in dexter chief a stag courant contourny above an oak leaf fesswise reversed Or.
Blazoned when registered in July 1974 as Quarterly gules and vairy Or and gules, a cross lozengy throughout, in the first quarter a stag courant above an oak leaf fesswise Or, we more commonly call the cross a cross fusilly, and the stag is distinctly facing the opposite direction.
Catalina Margherita filia Abraham. Device. Argent, seven mullets in annulo, points to center purpure.
There is a step from period practice for charges in annulo not in their default orientation.
Kathryn De Feuer. Device. Vert, on a goblet argent a rose vert, in chief a snail shell argent.
Lydia Nové. Reblazon of device. Argent, a pine bough leaved and fructed proper, a gore vert.
Blazoned when registered in June 1981 as Argent, a gore vert, in sinister a pine bough leaved and fructed proper, we consider the gore a secondary charge.
Lyn of Whitewolfe. Alternate name Luzia Blanco Lobo and badge. Per saltire sable and azure, a windmill and an orle Or.
Artist's note: Please make the orle bolder and thicker.
Rumil Kehaiovi. Reblazon of device. Argent, on a torteau a bat argent, a gore sinister gules.
Blazoned when registered in August 1979 as Argent, a gore sinister gules, a torteau charged by a bat displayed argent, we consider the gore to be a secondary charge.
Vassillissa Koshkovna Nakhodchivaya. Reblazon of device. Gules, a dolphin naiant contourny inverted embowed to base argent, maintaining in its mouth a leek vert, on a chief triangular argent a Ukrainian sun-cross gules.
Blazoned when registered in January 1973 as Gules, on a pile enhanced argent a Ukrainian sun-cross gules, in base a dolphin embowed to sinister and inverted argent, bearing a leek vert, the primary charge is the dolphin, with the charge in chief being a chief triangular.
V{i-}ryav{a-}n ca T{u-}{s.}{n.}{i-}{m.}. Reblazon of device. Or, a monster composed of the foreparts a lion and the hindquarters of a dragon sejant contourny gules winged sable, a bordure indented gules. Blazoned when registered in June 1998 as Or, a winged lion-dragon sejant contourny gules, winged sable, a bordure indented gules, we are clarifying that the back half of the monster has both legs and a tail.
Yamaguchi Yukio Matsutaro Futoshii no Suo. Reblazon of device. Counter-ermine, a demi-sun issuant from base Or, in chief a fountain.
Blazoned when registered in August 1979 as Counter-ermine, in chief a fountain, issuant from base a sun in his splendour Or, the sun is a demi-sun, does not have a face, and distinctly crosses the fessline of the field making it the primary charge.
The following submissions were returned for further work, August 2019:
Donngal de Buchanan. Badge. Vert, a hand within an orle of chain surmounted in base by a mullet Or. This badge is returned for use of a surmounting charge that does not cover the primary charge. In the January 2018 return of the device of Marcus de Grae, it was ruled: "No evidence was presented, and none could be found, showing that the practice of surmounting charges covering only secondary charges when a primary charge is present was done in period. Absent such evidence, armory with surmounting charges that do not overlie the primary charge will be returned." In this badge, the mullet surmounts the secondary chain, but not the primary hand, and thus runs into the same issue. The submitter is a knight and thus entitled to display an orle of chain.
Kolli Makanarson. Badge. Sable, a wasp statant within a chaplet of thorn Or.
This badge is returned for lack of documentation. No evidence was provided and none could be found for the use of a statant posture for a wasp (or any bee-like charge) nor for this depiction of a wasp. Absent such evidence, the statant posture is disallowed for bees, wasps, and similar charges. Such charges are only tergiant in period armory and there seems to be no reason for us to depart from period practice. This badge is also returned for redraw. Submitters struggled to identify both the wasp and the chaplet. Upon resubmission, the submitter is advised to draw the chaplet in the form commonly found in period armory; that is, two large-thorned vines intertwined in a circle.
Rickard Hawthorne. Badge. Argent, a polypus dismembered between two gouts in bend, an orle azure.
This badge is returned for lack of documentation for dismembering a polypus. Dismembered charges in period appear to be limited to birds and quadrupeds. In the return of Kjartan kjalki Kolgrimsson in the LoAR of January 2009, it was stated: "On resubmission, the submitter should also draw the dismembered goats using medieval dismembering. Legh's Accedens of Armory, 1576, fo.48v, shows a lion dismembered. The severings are done at the middle of the hind feet, the tops of the forelegs, the breast just below the mane (and just before where the forefeet would attach), and the middle of the tail." Absent documentation for non-quadrupeds and birds dismembered, such a modification is disallowed.
Commentary on this badge, both in OSCAR and at the decision meeting, featured concerns about Hydra, the fictional terrorist organization from the Marvel comics and cinematic universe, and the common joke "Hail Hydrate," to which this badge very clearly alludes. For more information, please see the Cover Letter.

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