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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

ATENVELDT REGISTRATIONS by the College of Arms, February 2005:

Áine hua Murchada. Name and device. Purpure, two swords in fess argent between three anchors Or.

Alyne Strangwych. Badge. (Fieldless) An oak leaf argent.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge. Per pale argent and azure, two battle-axes in saltire sable and in base a sun in glory Or, a bordure counterchanged.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge (see RETURNS for Order Name Order of the Esprit de Corps). Or, on a pile between two compass stars azure a torch Or enflamed proper.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge (see RETURNS for Order Name Order of the Lichtbrueder). (Fieldless) A sheaf of rapiers inverted sable surmounted by a sun in glory Or.

Cecilia du Lac d'Argent. Device. Vert semy-de-lys, on a bend sinister argent three unicorns passant palewise gules.

Colyn MacRuairidh of Rathlin. Device. Per bend sinister rayonny purpure and Or, a stag courant argent.

The submitter has a letter of permission to conflict from Gianni Arcieri, Per fess azure and bendy sable and argent, a stag at gaze argent.

Dante McGavin. Name and device. Per saltire purpure and azure, an anchor and on a chief argent four shamrocks vert.

The name mixes Scots and Italian; this is one step from period practice.

Ivan Kosinski. Badge. (Fieldless) An enfield rampant contourny azure maintaining a padlock argent.

Katherine Throckmorton. Badge. (Fieldless) In fess a Catherine's wheel gules sustained by a rabbit salient azure attired of a stag's horns Or.

Roland Childeric de Laon. Name and device. Per chevron inverted vert and sable, in chief a wolf dormant Or.

Note: this is a single-charge piece of armory, using a canine as the charge, no less!

Sundragon, Barony of. Badge. Per fess azure and gules, three wolves' teeth issuant from sinister argent, a bordure Or.


ATENVELDT RETURNS by the College of Arms, February 2005:

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Order name Order of the Esprit de Corps.

We are returning this order name for lack of documentation. The submitters provided no documentation for the words in French, either modern or in period, and the documentation for the phrase Esprit de Corps in English failed to date it prior to the 18th C. To show that this is a properly formed Order name, the submitters must demonstrate several things:

That the words that form the Order name are found in period in the intended language.

That the words that form the Order name have the desired meaning in the intended language in period.

That the Order name itself conforms to documented patterns.

In this case, none of these were demonstrated, nor did the College supply the missing documentation.


Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Order name Order of the Lichtbrueder.

This name does not follow period patterns of Order names. Although the submitter demonstrated that Lichtbrueder is a properly constructed modern German word whose literal meaning is "Light Brothers," no documentation was submitted and none found showing that the word "licht" was used to describe a quality or virtue in German in period. In fact, no documentation was included showing that either of the words used to form this order name were used in period; the College was able to supply such documentation. What was not supplied by the College was documentation showing that these terms formed a meaningful construct in period German and that that construct was consistent with period Order names. We regularly require such documentation for order name in English, and it is, likewise, required for non-English language order names.

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