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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the College of Arms, March 2019:

Aurora Faw. Name and device. Purpure, a unicorn's head couped, on a chief argent three hearts gules.
Submitted as Rummana Arora, we were unable to document Arora as a period name element. As this element was the most important to the submitter, she requested a change to the given name Aurora plus a Romany surname, if such a thing could be documented. As this request was made in sufficient time to allow us to conduct research and check for conflicts, we were able to grant it.
Aurora is a gray period English given name dated to 1640. [Aurora Swanhild, 10/2011 LoAR, A-Æthelmearc]. Faw was a period ethnic term for the Romany used in the north of England and Scotland. It appears as a surname in Black s.n. Faa dated to 1612, specifically referring to persons of Romany origin. With the submitter's permission, we have changed this name to Aurora Faw for registration.
Batu Kharbuci. Name.
Submitted as Batu Kharhvaach, the submitted desired a byname meaning "archer" in Mongolian. The submitted byname, however, is not a period term. In commentary, ffride wlffsdotter supplied the period Mongol term qarbuci, which does mean archer. Ursula Palimpsest provided evidence from her article "Middle Mongol Grammar for SCA Names" ( that q- and kh- are equally valid transliterations. Therefore, we have changed this name to Batu Kharbuci for registration.
Maria Zahira di Santangelo. Name and device. Per pale vert and azure, a horse and a dragon combatant, on a point pointed argent a wooden wagon wheel proper.
Submitted as Maria Sahira di Sant'Angelo, we were unable to document Sahira as a name in a language compatible with Italian. Although the Letter of Intent argued that Sahira is found as a name in the Quran, in fact it is found only as a word in the Quran. Not all words are or can be names.
However, the submitter expressly permitted us to change Sahira to Zahira. Precedent on Zahira states:
“Siren notes that "Ana Labarta, in La Onomástica de los Moriscos Valencianos, is at least willing to contemplate that Zahira (with the first 'a' long) was used as a given name by Moriscos in late period Valencia, but the form of the name is only written in Romance, making its identification unsure." [Zafira bint Zahira, 9/2008 LoAR, A-Atenveldt]”
We will continue to give the benefit of the doubt that Zahira is a Valencian name. Maria is also found in Valencia, so we are combining only two language groups in this name -- Iberian (Catalan/Valencian) and Italian.
In addition, Sant'Angelo uses a scribal abbreviation, which we do not register. However, the surname Santangelo appears as a gray period Italian name in Illustris viri Jacobi Augusti Thuani ( We have made this change for registration.
As modified to Maria Zahira di Santangelo, this name combines two Iberian (Catalan) given names with an Italian byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.
Rayyan al-Rashid. Name and device. Sable, a simurgh close, issuant from base a demi-sun Or eclipsed sable.
In commentary, Ursula Palimpsest documented Rayy{a-}n as the name of an ordinary person found in the Akhb{a-}r majm{u-}`a, a history of al-Andalus between the eighth and tenth centuries. As Arabic names can be registered with or without macrons (as long as they are included or omitted consistently), the name can be registered exactly as submitted.
There is a step from period practice for the use of a simurgh.

The following was returned by the College of Arms, March 2019:

Kim Senggum. Name change from holding name William of Atenveldt.
This name was withdrawn by the submitter after the close of commentary.

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