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Atenveldt Submissions (excerpted from the S.C.A. College of Arms' Letters of Acceptance and Return)

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, October 2010:

Aric Pfeilschmidt. Reblazon of device. Azure, a wingless four-headed demi-hydra dismembered Or, in base an egg inverted argent.

Blazoned when registered, in April 1993, as Azure, a wingless demi-hydra dismembered Or, in base an egg inverted argent, the number of heads must be specified.

Valeriana AeginĂȘtis. Name change from holding name Stephanie of Atenveldt.

Submitted as Valora tou Aegina, this name has several issues.

No evidence was presented, nor could any be found, that Valora was used as a name before the 20th century. Therefore, it cannot be registered. The submitter authorized its replacement with Valeriana; we have made that change in order to register the name.

The byname tou Aegina is not correctly constructed. Greek locative bynames are formed as adjectives of location (that is "the Aeginian" rather than "of Aegina"). The correct form is AiginĂȘtis; the Latin equivalent is Aiginensis. Either is registerable with Valeriana. We have changed the byname to the first, as it follows the Greek language of the submitted form.

Commenters asked whether Greek and Latin can be registered together. Byzantium (the Eastern Roman Empire) combined both Latin speakers and Greek speakers in a single empire, in which first Latin and then Greek was the preferred language of government. Names could be written in either Latinized or Greek forms; however, the different orthographies require that the combination be a step from period practice. However, it is the only one in this name, and thus the name can be registered.

The following submissions were returned by the College of Arms for further work, October 2010:


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