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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)


Unto Their Royal Majesties Edward and Asa; Dame Anita, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the April 2010 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation. It precedes the external Letter of Intent that will contain the following submissions that are presented here, asking questions of submitters and local heralds who have worked with them; if these questions are not addressed, the submission may be returned by the Atenveldt College of Heralds. I accept online commentary, in addition to questions pertaining to heraldry and consultation. You can send commentary to me privately at or join “Atenveldt Submissions Commentary” at Yahoo! ( ) and post there. (Any commentary is likely be included in the next month's Letter of Presentation so that all may learn from it, and we can see how additional documentation or comments may have influenced a submission.) Please have commentary to me by 10 April 2010.

Heraldry Hut: The next Heraldry Hut will be held Friday, 16 April, beginning at 7:30 PM.

Submissions Website: You can send electronic commentary on the most recent internal LoIs through the site, in addition to any questions you might have. Current submission forms (the ONLY forms that can be used) can be found on the site. Please let your local populace know about the site, too:

Please consider the following submissions for the April 2010 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Brandan Wanderer von Arnswold (Mons Tonitrus): NEW HOUSEHOLD NAME, House of the Laden Swallow

The client's primary persona name was registered June 2008. The term for the swallow, a swift, fork-tailed migratory bird is found to 700 A.D.; this particular spelling is dated to 1529 (COED). The term laden, as loaded down or burdened with, is dated with this spelling to 1595. Although abstract participles (Cunning, Amazed) haven't been found in period names (at least as of Jaelle of Armida's tenure as Laurel), a creature or human laden with a physical burden (such as a pack, or in the case of men, leg-irons) might be considered more concrete an idea and possibly registerable: “Period nicknames tend to be straightforward and to use common words: Thynnewyt `thin [of] wit, stupid', le Wis `the wise', Badinteheved `bad in the head', le Wilfulle, le Proude `the proud', le Hardy `the courageous', le Sour, le Cursede, le Deuyle `the devil', Blaksoule `black-soul'. The learned erroneous simply doesn't belong in this company. Although the adjective in question is not a past participle, we do not consider this case to be significantly different from those of Adam the Unexpected (East, returned 2/96) and Deirdre the Distracted (Ansteorra, returned 4/94), whose bynames were returned partly for being too abstract. Similarly, erroneous is too far from the common tongue to be at all believable as a period byname." [Jaelle of Armida, LoAR October 1996]” “English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens,” Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada ( ) demonstrates the rather unusual sign, The Next Ship.

If this is unacceptable, the client will accept House of the African Swallow, House of the European Swallow, or even House of the Swallow. (No, I am not making this up.) (And to look at Lord Brandan, you'd never guess he'd do something like this. :)

The household name is to be associated with the household badge, (Fieldless) In pale a martlet azure conjoined to an ogress., registered February 2009.

Eleanor Peregrine (Ered Sul): NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Love Sweetlove

The client's primary name submission, Eleanor Peregrine (itself a change from the currently-registered Alianora Sweetlove, July 2009) appears in the 15 March 2010 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

Love is an English feminine given name dated to 1315 in “Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames: Love,” Talan Gwynek ( ). Sweetlove is found as a header in Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, 3rd edition, p. 436; the spelling Swetelove is dated to 1279. The client will not accept Minor changes to the name.

Elsa Olavintytär (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per bend azure and vert, in bend sinister three bees bendwise sinister proper.

Elsa is a feminine given name documented in Finland to 1551 in Suomen vanhimmat tuomiokirjat/Finlands äldsta domböcker. Part II, Ala-Satakunnan tuomiokirja 1550-1552. Ed. John E. Roos. Valtionarkisto 1964. Page 75 (as cited by Rouva Gertrud in “Vanhat nimityyppimme (Finnish Names),” ). The byname is a patronymic meaning “daughter of Olavi.” Olavi ins the Finnish form of Olaf, which is popular throughout Scandanavia. -n is the possessive/genitive case in Finnish, and tytär means “daughter.” Rouva's article dates Olavi to 1546 but mentions it as a “very popular medieval Finnish name,” and dates the version Olaf to 1432; the construction of a Finnish patronymic is also found in Rouva. The client desires a female name and in most interested in the language/culture of the name (Finnish).

James Halsey (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per bend argent and sable, a fox passant contourny gules.

The name is English. James is the legal given name of the client; it is also a popular period English masculine given name in period, with this speeling dated to c. 1240 in Withycombe, 3rd edition, pp. 170-172 s.n. James. We are stumped by Halsey. It seems a fine English surname (most associated with the famous 19th C. British admiral), but it might be post-period. The closest we've found so far is Halse (undated), an English family name. That comes from the OE heals, “neck” (as in a neck or promintory of lands. Attehalse is dated to 1251, “a dweller at the leck of land,” as at Halse in Devon (Reaney and Wilson, 3d eidtion, p. 213 s.n. Halse. The client desires a male name and in most interested in the sound of the name. If Halsey cannot be registered, he would accept Halse.

Máire Grame of Lewis (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE

Sable, on a pale argent a vine of three roses gules, slipped and leaved vert.

The name appears in the March 2010 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

Nest verch Rodri ap Madyn (Mons Tonitrus): NEW HOUSEHOLD NAME, House of the Purple Cauldron, and NEW HOUSEHOLD BADGE

Argent, on a cauldron purpure a mullet of five points voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

The primary name was registered February 2009.

The name pattern of <color>+<object> for an inn sign is found in “Comparison of Inn/Shop/House names found London 1473-1600 with those found in the ten shires surrounding London in 1636,” Margaret Makafee ( ), which include such items as cups, harrows, crosses and anchors. This spelling of purple is seen in 1526, although that color associated with royalty, kings and emperors, is found before 1000 A.D. (COED). This spelling for cauldron, a large pot or kettle, is dated to 1535; a number of earlier citations are spelled without the -l-.

The client will not accept Major Changes to the name.

Seved Ribbing (Twin Moons): NEW DEVICE

Per fess azure and Or, three linden leaves counterchanged.

The name was registered December 2008.

The following submissions appear in the March 2010 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Commentary is provided by Helena de Argentoune [HdA], Ines Aflon [IA], Maridonna Benvenuti [MB] Michael Gerard Curtememoire [MGC] and Marta [MMM].

Alexander snarfari (Twin Moons): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Sable, a pale vert fimbriated Or, overall a bat-winged pithon displayed argent.

al-Yasamin bint Malik (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW DEVICE: Per fess argent and azure, a domestic cat sejant purpure winged vert and a quadrant Or.

Anabel de Chesehelme (Sundragon): NEW DEVICE: Azure, three sunflowers Or, slipped and leaved vert, a chief vair.

Angus MacGreggor MacLeod (BoA): CHANGE OF HOLDING NAME from Angus of Atenveldt

Anne Black of Stratford (Granholme): NEW NAME

The addition of the surname Black should avoid any confusion/presumption with the name of Anne Hathaway, the wife of Shakespeare; the client would prefer the name “Anne of Stratford,” but it was the opinion of all heralds who were working with her that this name might be returned because of the notoriety of Shakespeare's wife. [MMM]

Annora O Shanan (Twin Moons): NEW HOUSEHOLD NAME, House of the Crimson Scythe, and NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) Two scythes crossed in saltire gules surmounted by a death's head argent.

The current LoP - - s.n. Annora O Shanan, asserts that "A death's head is a skull missing its lower jaw." Parker doesn't say that, does, and doesn't mention. Are our heraldic artists generally up on this? Is the distinction period? [MGC] This distinction is noted in the “skull” entry of the Pictorial Dictionary, 2nd edition. [MMM] Upon further consultation with the client, if necessary, she is amenable to the spelling “sithe.” [MMM]

Arìanna della Ròsa di Pèrgola (Twin Moons): NEW NAME CHANGE from Adriana Kavanaugh and DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel , April 2000: Vert, a lit candle ensconced within an orle of ivy argent.

St. Gabriel Academy notes Arianna as a modern Italian feminine given name (report 3330, dated August 2007). It was registered as recently as March 2005, in a mixed, French/Italian name. Dellarosa is found in “Florentine Renaissance Resources: Online Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532,” edited by David Herlihy ( ) [MMM]

Asgod Northman (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per fess argent and vert, in oale two ravens volant in fess sable and two wolves courant in fess argent.

Is it actually being asserted that "Northman" is medieval Welsh? Surely we instead have the combining of, at worst, very late Old English with Middle English, the "same language" at less than the required 300-year distance. (I'm sure we could find some authority to assert that 1035 is very early Middle English, but I don't suppose that's necessary.) I suspect that "northman" is also Middle English, but that would be different documentation. [MGC]

OE Bynames by Gosta Tengvik, Upsala, 1938, p.161, lists Edmer Norðman sun c. 1100-30...: OE Norðmann. see filius Normanni, infra.[MB] This is the documentation provided on the name submission form, and that Northman just happened to be found in Bardsley; I don't have a copy of this book, so I punted as far as the name's etymology. Fleshing it out/finding more appropriate documentation is always appreciated. Additionally, Norþman is dated to 1279 and Northeman to 1301 in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd ed., p. 324 s.n. Norman, Normand. [MMM]

Bellatula of Saint Michael in Peril of the Sea (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Bran FitzRobert (BoA): NEW NAME

Clariandra Godale (Granholme): NEW NAME

Colm Kile of Lochalsh (Tir Ysgithr): NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Belching Tom Tupper of Ware, and NEW BADGE: Per fess sable platy and argent, a hand in benediction inverted issuant from chief argent and a covered cauldron sable.

The name is nicely rhythmic, gloriously documentable, and blatantly disruptive of the SCA atmosphere. I'd tell the client to go right on using it, in the same limited way that my alternate the Abbot of Misrule will grin and tell you that he's "of a lyte and decadent period . . . about free Aye-Em", but NOT to give the CoA the trouble of declaring it unregisterable. [MGC]

The website “A Feast for the Eyes” has a number of medieval and Renaissance pieces of art that demonstrate period kitchens and their equipment ( ); examples of lidded/covered, footed cauldrons are seen in illustrations 4, 7 and 12. [MMM]

Cordelia MacNaught (BoA): NAME RESUBMISSION from Kingdom, September 2009

We are informed that "The earliest date associated with McNaught is 1733 (MacNaught dates to 1700), although there are earlier forms of the name." Is the later form of the name claimed to be usable under the Lingua Anglica allowance, or what? [MGC] Black lists a Roger M'Naught in 1634. [MB]

Danielle l'Anglaise de Calais (BoAtenveldt): NEW NAME

I don't see a claim that the spelling "Calais" is from the same period as "l'Anglaise" nor a date for the latter. [GC] When I put together a LoP (particularly one this large), I'm almost always printing all the information (in some cases, very little) that was included with it, in the hopes that sketchy documentation might be fleshed out by those more knowledgeable than I; if nothing comes forth, I try to pull something together, particularly if the submission seems a reasonable one. This was the only information included for Calais. A quick search online for earlier forms of the name of the city turn up nothing, aside from the Roman name for the place, Caletum, and that's courtesy of Wikipedia; several Calais-based websites don't show anything different, but then again, they're primarily written in French. [MMM]

Davin ap Einion (BoA): NEW DEVICE: Pupure, an eye argent irised sable between three arrow in pall points outward Or, a bordure argent semy of Latin crosses sable.

Dawn Silverrose (BoAtenveldt): NEW NAME

Another use of Silver: Cambridge Dictionary of English place-names: based on collections of the English Place-Name Society. Victor Watts, ed., 2004 s.n. Silverdale Cumberland. " 'Silver valley'. Selerdale 1199, 1246; Sellerdal 1246, 1341; Celverdale 1291, Silverdale 1320-46. OE seolfor, later replaced by ON silfr or ME silver, + ON dalr. The reference is to the silver-grey limestone rocks around the village." [MB]

Duncan Silverwolf McTyre (BoA): NEW DEVICE: Per fess azure and vert, a wolf's head cabossed argent within an orle of oak leaves stems outwards Or.

Eilionora inghean Daibhídh mhic Con Mhara (Brymstone): NEW NAME CHANGE from Els Wolffleinin and NEW BADGE: Argent, three escallops one and two vert.

Elias Loredan (BoA): NEW BADGE: Counterermine, on a plate a lion of Saint Mark gules, haloed Or, a bordure embattled argent.

Eleanor Peregrine (Ered Sul): NEW NAME CHANGE from Alianora Sweetlove and DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2009

Per pale vert and purpure, in pale a wand bendwise inverted and a cup Or.

Because I complain so often of drawing that does NOT fill the space, I feel honor bound to commend Eleanor Peregrine's emblazon for doing well what I feared would be dodgy. [MGC]

Els Singer (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, in pale a pair of arrows crossed in saltire sable and a bottle gules.

Emm Swan (Sundragon): NEW NAME and BADGE: (Fieldless) A swan's head erased sable, beaked gules.

Emma Attwyll (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend argent and vert, a horse passant contourny sable, on a chief azure three triquetras argent.

Ary's Surnames from Exeter, 1489 lists Attewyll, Attwyll, Atwyll 2 Loc. 'dweller by the stream or spring'; wyll is a south-western form of well. [MB]

Fíne ingen huí Chatháin (Granholme): NAME RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2008

Finnian MacBride (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME

Gareth Raynes (BoA): NEW NAME

Hugo Harp (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Josep Mülich (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a chough rising proper between three crosses formy, a bordure vert.

Juliana Carlyle (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pall argent, sable and azure, in pale a thistle proper and a fox couchant argent.

Further consultation with the client has informed me that she wants the fox as drawn, head down; this will be reblazoned as dormant. (I LOVE when clients follow their submissions at the Aten Submissions website!!) [MMM]

Katerina Kristoff (BoA): NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A feather fesswise purpure.

Kedivor Tal ap Cadogan (BoA): NEW BADGE: Barry vert and Or, a mullet sable.

Laila al-Akhyaliyah (Ered Sul): NEW NAME CHANGE from Martha Brockbank

Lochlainn mac Muiredaigh (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, a chevron inverted and in chief two roundels argent.

Máel-dúin Sceith Gorm (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Azure, a tower between three swords in pall pommels to center argent.

I wondered if this would conflict with Canton of Unikankare: Azure, a tower between three laurel wreaths argent. Ines provided the proof that this is clear, via RfS X.4.e. Type Changes - Significantly changing the type of any group of charges placed directly on the field, including strewn charges or charges overall, is one clear difference. (hence, changing from swords to laurel wreath is one CD); and RfS X.4.h. Posture Changes - Significantly changing the posture or individual orientation of charges in any group placed directly on the field, including strewn charges or charges overall, is one clear difference. (so that changing from bendwise, bendwise sinister AND inverted to palewise is one more CD, Even if the swords were "in pall" without pommels to center, meaning the bottom sword were palewise, that would have been changing half the charge group's orientation and would still be clear). Thank you! [MMM]

Máire Grame of Lewis (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME

Michael de Ver (Granholme): NEW NAME

Michaelis Maximus Erasmus (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Sable, vetu Or, four compass stars in cross argent.

Morgan MacDuff (BoA: BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2008: Sable, in fess a skull enflamed between a pair of hands inverted couped, a base rayonny argent.

Moricius de Rosamon (Wealhhnutu): NEW NAME and BADGE: (Fieldless) Three triangles one and two conjoined gules, azure and vert.

Thus this name is in process? Which LOI to the College of Arms was it on? There are not that many devices with three triangles on them. This appears clear of all registered items of three triangles one and two. [IA] The submissions from the March LoP and the Estrella LoP (where Moracius' name submission appears) will be in the March LoI. [MMM]

Nestor Cameron (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Sable, on a bend sinister indented gules fimbriated Or between a feather and an incresent, both bendwise sinister, a rose slipped and leaved argent.

The rose is far too small and the Or lines are a mockery of fimbriation. [MGC] The device will be redrawn to enlarge the rose and thicken the fimbriation. [MMM]

Nycaise Dozier la tailleresse (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Purpure, two horses combattant argent sustaining between them a needle Or.

Otto Langhorn von Baden (BoA): BADGE RESUBMISSION from Kingdom, October 2009: (Fieldless) A two-towered castle azure, battlements and parapet enflamed proper, within and conjoined to an annulet sable.

Padraig O'Laughlin (Windale): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Gules, two swords in fess and on a chief Or a crescent azure.

Róka Sándor (Brymstone): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale vert and sable, a fox's mask bendwise argent.

Seraphina Jameson (Windale): NEW NAME

Sergei Rostov (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Quarterly Or and vert, a cross bottony quarterly vert and argent.

Teresa Fergusson (Windale): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a bend sinister sable between a domestic cat sejant contourny azure and a brown dog sejant proper.

Þórdís Hrefnudóttir (Brymstone): NEW NAME

/Hrfnud//ó//ttir /occurs in text without the E. [MGC] This is a typo. [MMM]

Uilliam Makcurrie (Granholme): NAME RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2008

Varr Ívarsson (Sundragon): NEW NAME

Vasilisa Dragomirova (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Quarterly sable and argent, a comet bendwise sinister azure between two increscents argent.

Violet Elliott (Ered Sul): DEVICE RESUBMISSION Laurel, July 2006: Argent, in pale a bee statant bendwise sable, banded Or, atop a violet, a bordure purpure.

Is "atop" an acceptable placement term in blazon? [MGC] As this was the blazon given by the CoA in the original submission's return, I'm just following the line of least resistance/whatever might make the CoA happy. [MMM]

Vlrich Frank Singer (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, on a pile inverted throughout gules a rapier Or.

Wilhelm Jeger (Sundragon): NEW NAME, DEVICE and BADGE

(device) Per pale indented vert and gules, a dagger argent and a garb Or.

(badge) (Fieldless) A wooden bow surmounted by a wooden arrow fesswise reversed proper tipped argent and fletched vert.

The following submissions have been returned/held by the Atenveldt CoH for further work, March 2010:

Cecili O'Daly (BoAtenveldt): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Quarterly azure and argent, a thistle proper and in canton a rabbit rampant contourny argent.

Cecili's rabbit looks like a strange cadency mark. I'd ask her to draw him very much larger, with the thistle leaf landing insouciantly between his hind paws. [GC] The general consensus was that the rabbit was unidentifiable and needed to be larger, and that a “proper” thistle is overwhelmingly vert; only the “brush” on top of the boll is purpure (and no part of the plant is Or). Attempts to contact the client about these issues only resulted in bounced e-mail, and attempts to contact her by other electronic means were unsuccessful. [MMM] RETURNED for redrawing/correction of tinctures.

Ellen of the Red Boots (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME

I believe the claim that "of the Red Boots" is "based on similar constructions" like Redhod fails. From what I have seen in previous documentations, the "of the" needs to be documented. Otherwise the client must go with Ellen Redbote, Redbot, or some such, which would be an (unacceptable) Major change from her submission. [GC]

I agree. None of the citations of the name in Jonso have 'of the' in the names. They are all <given name> + <nickname> formation. [MB]

The client will be contacted as to proceeding with the name. [MMM]

HELD for clarification on the name.

Hrefna Gandalfsdottir (Brymstone): NEW DEVICE: Argent, a raven sable.

There are multiple conflicts, including the following: Miles Ravenslock d'Arcy: Argent, a raven sable maintaining in its claws a fetterlock gules and in chief two crosslets potent sable.; as the fetterlock is "maintained," there's 1 CD only for removing the secondary charges. Grimald Rauening: Argent, on a raven sable a mullet of six points Or.; only 1 CD present for removing the tertiary charge. [HdA]

RETURNED for multiple conflicts.

Rónán MhicHughe de Gérin (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a saltire vert surmounted by a demi-eagle head to sinister sable, in base a crescent gules.

The consensus of everyone at the March Heraldry Hut was that the eagle was not a demi-eagle but a rather vague eagle. Its identifiability would be vastly improved if it were redrawn so the wings and tail were clear of the saltire (and if legs could be added, too). The design was conflict-checked, using a sable eagle instead of a demi-eagle (an eagle was the client's original choice), and that option seems clear. He will be contacted with the option of changing this back into an eagle and for redrawing to improve the identifiability of the charges.

RETURNED for clarification/redrawing.

Sigridh Friedrich (Wealhhnutu): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a wolf rampant gules between two bars gemel sable.

Sigridh is a Swedish feminine given name dated 1350-1399, 1400-1449, 1450-1499, 1500-1600 in “Swedish Feminine Given Names from SMP,”

Name: please note the step from period practice with Swedish and German remarked on in Nov 2003 LoAR registered name Beorn Boghener. "... However, Beorn is also a Swedish name dated to 1200 in Sveriges medeltida personnamn (s.n. Biorn). That form is registerable with a German byname, as there is a weirdness for the lingual combination of Swedish and German in a name, but none for temporal disparity." [IA]

Device, please note: Rory Phalen: Argent, a fox rampant gules between two flaunches sable.

This may be a conflict with only one CD for change of type of secondaries. A bar gemel, while two bars, I believe is considered a single charge. (If not, a second CD might be gathered by change of number from two to four?) [IA]

HELD for consideration of the “number” of charges two bars gemel represent (but will be included in the April LoI for the CoA to consider).

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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