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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Letter of Intent Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Gabriel Laurel; Juliana Pelican; Emma Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms.

Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated.

1. Arianwen ferch Arthur: NEW HOUSEHOLD NAME, Teulu Caer Mab, and NEW BADGE

Per pale argent and azure, a lozenge throughout palewise counterchanged.

The primary name was registered June 2001.

The household name is Welsh.

Teulu, “warband” was registered as an element of a household name to Giovanni Fontananera (as Teulu Ffynnon Dhu), October 1993.

Caer Mab follows the pattern a place name incorporating a personal name, as discussed and demonstrated in “Period Welsh Models for SCA Households and the Nomenclature Thereof,” Heather Rose Jones ( ); this is found in the section “Other Names Incorporating Personal Names.” The example Caer-einion translates to “Einion's Castle.” The client cites Mab as the name of a mythic entity, so it seems this is a reference to a warband from/of Mab's Castle. I don't know if claiming to be a mythic individual's vassal is presumptuous, or if this would've been done in a Welsh household construction; no Mab-associated name is found in the list in the article cited.

The client will not accept Major or Minor changes to the name.

It is unclear if the badge is to be associated with the household (there is nothing mentioned on the badge submission form), but I assume it is.

2. Ariel Longshanks: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, June 2011

Argent, a natural dolphin haurient and a sea-lion respectant purpure.

The name was registered June 2011.

The original submission was returned for redraw; a natural dolphin has a dorsal fin, which was missing from this emblazon and that greatly hampered the identifiability of the charge: “This is a violation of section VII.7.a of the Rules for Submissions, which requires that "Elements must be recognizable solely from their appearance."” This has been corrected.

3. Asher Tye: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per pale sable and Or, a tree eradicated and a chief all counterchanged.

Asher is a male Biblical name: “And Leah said, Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed: and she called his name Asher.” (Genesis 30:13).

Tye is an English surname found in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 460, s.n. Tye; de la Tye is dated to 1230 and ater Tye to 1296.

The client is most interested in the meaning of the name (none given), although it is noted that the spelling Asher or Ashr is most important. He will not accept Major changes to the name, but he allows adding/deleting a word like “de” or “the” or changing language when the change is small.

Consider Rycharde de Northwode, Per pale sable and Or, a fir tree couped counterchanged. We count 1 CD for the difference in tree types and 1 CD for addition of the chief.

4. Caillech ingen Cú Dubh: NEW NAME

The name is Irish Gaelic.

The given feminine name was registered to Caillech ingen Tuathail in February 2001: "Submitted as Cailleach ingen Thuathail, the submitted documentation only supported the compound form Cailleach <Saint>, not Cailleach. Orle, however, found some isolated 8th century examples of the name element in the form Caillech. We have therefore changed the given name to match the documented solitary form."

Cellach is also found in "Index of Names in Irish Annals: Cellach," Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( ), which shows this as the standard form of an old Irish feminine name associated with annalistic dates of 726, 729 and 732 with a single raw data instance of this spelling in the name Caillech ingen Dunchadha under the date 732. This tends to make it an Old Irish Gaelic name (c. 700-c. 900).

“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Cú Dub / Cú Dhubh,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( ) doesn't show an Old Irish Gaelic form of the name (Middle Irish Gaelic is Cú Dub/Con Duib), but there is an annalistic date for Cú Dubh, mac Maol Fabhaill, toiseach Cairrge Brachaighe dying in 1014. It is one step from period practice for the combination of Old Irish and Middle Irish Gaelic name elements in a single name.

Based on the information from Mari's article, I think the patronym should be ingen Cú Duib, in its genitive form. We use the particle ingen found in the citation for Caillech ingan Dunchadha.

The client desires a female name, and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (approximately 11th C. Irish). She would like it authentic for 10th-12th C Irish.

5. Caoilfhionn ingen ui Máel-ruanaid: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, a wood-handled half-moon knife proper and a chief engrailed azure.

The name is Irish Gaelic.

Caoilfhionn is found in as a feminine given name found after 1200; prior to that, it was likely Cáelainn. There is a saint by this latter name in Ó Corráin and Maguire, p. 41 s.n. Cáelfind, Cáelainn.

The nominative form of the patronym is Máel Ruanaid / Maol Ruanaidh and is found in “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Máel Ruanaid / Maol Ruanaidh,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( ).; the Early Modern Irish Gaelic form is Maol Ruanaidh/Maoil Ruanaidh. It is found in the form Máel-ruanaid in “100 Most popular Mens' Names in Early Medieval Ireland,” Heather Rose Jones ( ).

The clan construction is usually inghean Uí according to Krossa.

The client desires a female name, and is most interested in the language/culture of 9th-10th C Ireland; she will not accept Major changes to the name. I have been informed by her local herald that the name can be corrected in most any manner, but the lady is adamant that the spelling of the given name be maintained as Caoilfhionn.

6. Colm Kile of Lochalsh: ALTERNATE NAME RESUBMISSION, Colm Gobiforn Storm, from Laurel, July 2011

The primary persona name was registered November 1993.

The client's original alternate name submission, Colm before the storm, was returned because “the byname before the storm has several issues. The documentation is based on a pattern of locative bynames based on generic toponymics, like Overwater or Byfield. The submitter presented no evidence, nor could any be found, that before was used in this sort of locative byname. He presented no evidence that storm is the sort of element found in this sort of byname. Barring this evidence, it cannot be registered. The submitter may want to consider the documented byname Gabyfore or Gobiforn 'go before' (the first from Jonsjo, the second from Reaney and Wilson) and the documented byname Storm. But we suspect that Colm Gobiforn Storm would not create the effect he intends. Therefore, we are returning this to allow the submitter to consider what he would prefer to do.”

The client has decided to accept the suggestion offered by the College and use a double byname.

Gobiforn is found under Gobbett in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 194, dated to 1212 and glossed as “go before.”

Storm is dated to 1206 and 1297 in the same source, p. 430 s.n. Storm.

This is early for a double byname, but it does offer him some option to the alternate name he'd like.

7. Honour Grenehart: NEW BADGE

Argent, on a chief embattled sable four mullets Or.

The name was registered January 1999.

Consider Jean Amy, registered February 2008, Or, on a chief embattled sable three mullets argent. There is 1 CD for the difference in field tinctures, and 1 CD for the two cumulative changes to the tertiary groups (four Or vs. three argent).

8. Iosif Volkov: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, June 2011

Per chevron argent and azure, two wolves combatant each maintaining a Latin cross azure and a double-headed axe argent.

There was an error on the June 2011 LoAR, and the client's name change, from Iosif Volchkov to Iosif Volkov, should have been registered (it will appear on an Errata letter, and Iosif Volchkov is retained as an alternate name).

The original device submission, Per chevron argent and azure, two wolves combatant each maintaining an axe azure and a double-headed axe argent., was returned as the CoA does not grant a CD for difference between single-headed and double-headed axes, and so the device was returned for violating the "sword and dagger" rule, by using two similar but non-identical charges in the same design. The client has changed the maintain charges to Latin crosses.

9. Margherita da Ferrara: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a sun and on a chief Or a grape vine vert fructed purpure.

The name is Italian.

The spelling of the feminine given name Margherita is found in “Italian Renaissance Women's Names,” Rhian Lyth of Blackmoor Vale, .

Da Ferrara, “of Ferrara,” is a locative surname found in “Fourteenth Century Venetian Personal Names,” Arval Benicoeur and Talan Gwynek ( ); Ferrara is about 50 miles southwest of Venice.

The client desires a female name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (Italian). She will not accept Major changes to the name.

10. Reinhardt Konrad von Rothenburg: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, a scorpion inverted gules.

The name is German.

Reindhardt and Konrad (used here as an unmarked patronym) are found in Medieval German Given Names from Silesia: Men's Names,” Talan Gwynek ( ). The spelling Reinhard is dated to 1316. The spelling of Conrad is dated 1288 through 1455, although an alternate spelling does use K- as Kinczel (1357), Kunrat (1298) and others, so the unattested spelling as Konrad should be acceptable. The spelling Konrad is cited 67 times during 1451-1500 and 121 times during 1501-1550, found in “Late Period German Masculine Given Names,” Talan Gwynek ( ). Further, “German Names from Nürnberg, 1497,” Aryanhwy merch Catmael ( has the surname Conrat listed twice. Reinhardt is demonstrated as a byname five times, along with several given names ending in -hardt.

Rothenburg castle was built in 1070, and the associated town was built in 1170; it was one of the largest cities in Germany during the medieval period ( ).

The client desires a male name, is most interested in the sound of the name, and will not accept Major changes to the name.

11. Uilliam of Iona: NEW DEVICE

Per pale purpure and sable, a tankard argent between three pheons Or.

The name was registered June 2011.

12. Varga János: NEW DEVICE

Azure, a wolf sejant erect affronty argent maintaining in his dexter paw a lantern Or and sustaining in his sinister paw a spear Or, tipped sable, upon a trimount vert.

The name was registered December 2010.

The original submission, Azure, a wolf sejant erect affronty argent maintaining in his dexter paw a lantern Or and sustaining in his sinister paw a spear Or, tipped sable, upon a trimount vert., was returned in kingdom for conflict with Wolfangus MhicMarighdhin, Azure, a wolf sejant erect affronty, forepaws spread in fess, argent, maintaining a basket-hilted broadsword and a targe Or. “There is 1 CD for the addition of the mount. There are no CDs given for maintained charges.” The original submission had a spear that was considered small enough to be maintained, rather than sustained (the spearhead was shorter than the tips of the wolf's ears). The resubmission has had the spear redrawn so that it could be considered truly sustained now. As a result, there is 1 CD for the addition of the mount and 1 CD for the addition of the spear, a co-primary with the wolf. Those commenters looking at the colored emblazon thought that the sustained charge was a staff, as the small sable spearhead against the azure field was virtually invisible.

I was assisted in the preparation of the Letter of Intent by Elnor Howard, Helena de Argentoune and Séamus mac Ríáin.

This letter contains 5 new names, 1 new household name, 6 new devices, and 1 new badge. There are 2 device resubmissions and 1 al7ernate name resubmission. This is a total of 17 items, 14 of them new.

Thank you again for your great indulgence and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it.

I remain,

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

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