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Letter of Intent

25 August 2018, A.S. LIII

Unto Juliana Laurel; Alys Pelican; Cormac Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms. Unless specifically stated, the client will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated.

1. Ambré Renée de Passais: NEW NAME
Ambré Renée is the legal given and middle names of the client (a copy of her birth certificate is provided to Laurel).

Passais is a very small town in the Orne department and Normandy region of France ( In addition, ffride wlffsdotter provides documentation for the locative at Diocese dv Mans: divisee par doyennes rvravx, ca. 1640-1670 ( has:
"de Passays" and "Paßais" (Image 1); and also in Vies des Saints by René Benoit, 1577 has p. 333: "...l'Archidiaconé de Paſſas ou Paſſays, lequel comprend ſoubs loy les Doyennez de Paſſays...."
She commets: “I think that's "... the archdeaconry of Passas or Passays, which within it includes [something] of Passays...." but my French is pretty abysmal.” (But it is Oh, so much better than mine!) q=%22de%20Passays%22&f=false
The client desires a female name. She will not accept Major or Minor changes to the name.

The first citation from ffride does demonstrate the spelling (with the double -ss-) that the client submitted.

2. Daphne of Karyes: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per fess azure and sable, four increscents in fess and sunflower Or.

The name is Greek (although it was popularized in the Renaissance). Daphne Chubbe was christened 98 July 1627 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England. (Batch C05006-1,

Karyes, Greece, is located in northeastern Lakonia on the foothills of Mt. Parnonas. The area has been inhabited since antiquity and existed as a stronghold for the Spartans as the ancient town lay to the north of the modern village. Originally an Arkadian town, Karyes later went to the Spartans. The city was known for its sacred enclosure dedicated to Artemis and her Nymphs. Artemis was called Karyatis... In the Byzantine era, Karyes was named Arahova and kept that name until the 20th century.

Maridonna Benvenuti comments: From the online Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: Daphne (Δάφνη), 32 LGPN results with dates ranging from 31BC to AD310 (code imp.) through 275AD. Results url: Karyai, village in Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece is found 7 times in the LGPN Place Catalogue. All in Vol. 3a, dates ranging from 323BC to 31BC (code hell.) through 2nd/3rd C. AD (code ii/iii AD). Results url:

The client desires a female name and is more interested in the sound. She would like it authentic for Karyes, Greece; she will not accept Major changes to the name.

3. Dougal Corkran: NEW NAME and DEVICE
Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a sword inverted between in chief a pair of wings argent.

Dougal is a Scottish male given name (while there are a number of single -l forms, most more recent forms in the SCA and those in tend to be double -l). Dougall Henry has a birth date of 29 Aug 1619 in Inverest with Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland (Batch C11689-2, Maridonna Benvenuti finds in Black, Surnames of Scotland, p. 316, s.n. Godricson, "Dugall, son of Gotrich, who served on an inquest at Berwick, 1296, is probably the Dougal Gotherysonne of the county of Dumfries and the Dougal fiz Gothrik of Wyggestone who rendered home the same year." Also, p. 453, s.n. Macaneduff. "The goods of Dougal Mackaneduff (i.e. son of black John) were distrained in 1498."
Corkran is the client's legal given name (I attest to this, having seen his Arizona driver's license). John Corkran has a 1490 birth date in Fernois, Renfrewshire, Scotland (

The client desires a male name and is most interested in the spelling of the name, as Dougal.

4. Einar Leoson: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Quarterly azure and gules, a single-horned anvil argent charged with a Thor's hammer azure.

The name is Old Norse. Einarr is a male given name in The Old Norse Name, Geirr Bassi Haraldsson, p. 9, although Einar with a single -r- is also a later, medieval form, including in DN: <Einar Thorgylsson> 1453 (
Leo is a male Christian given name in Geirr Bassi's work, p. 13; the patronymic seems to be made by simply adding the suffix -son. Ffride finds Leo as a male name only in Latin as SMP sn. Berthold ( has: "Bartollem Leonis" 1510, p. 10 of the PDF, 4th line from the top of the page. She also notes that in modern Icelandic, the patronymic is Leósson, eg. Kristján Leósson at the University of Iceland:

The client desires a male name. He will not accept Major or Minor changes to the name.

5. Elena Zharkova: NEW NAME and DEVICE
Per chevron inverted azure and vert, in pale a natural sea-tortoise and a plumeria flower argent.

The name is Russian, and elements of the name are found in A Dictionary of Period Russian Names, Paul Wickenden of Thanet ( Elena is a female given name, “light,” dated to 1145.

Zharko is a male given name dated to 1442. -ova forms the patronymic for a woman.

The client desires a female name and is most interested in the sound of the name. She will not accept Major changes to the name.

The plumeria is a native to the New World (a SFPP); the flower has five petals, each that slightly overlaps the one next to it. The defining example of the plant was provided for Ceara MacTagan's device, where an image and her

documentation can be seen.

The tortoise en silhouette should be registerable., "From Wreath Queen of Arms: WHERE HAVE ALL THE DETAILS GONE?", which tells us “not all period heraldic art has internal details, and such silhouette depictions are acceptable in the SCA as long as identifiability is preserved.”

6. Finnian MacBride: NEW DEVICE

Argent, a drawn bow reversed with arrow nocked azure within three snakes glissant fretted in triangle inverted gules, a bordure azure.

The name was registered June 2010.

The device of Frances Rae Cole Fisher, Per fess engrailed argent and azure, three drakkars under sail contourny gules and three fish fretted in triangle Or., was registered in March 2015 showing fish “fretted in triangle” as they are in Guillim, 1610. (There are a number of three fish fretted... registered, although whether they are in triangle or in triangle inverted can be a bit wonky). The armory of Kamejima Matasaburou Takauji, however, Vert, three laths fretted in triangle inverted argent., registered March 2018, comes even closer to the orientation of the snakes seen here (, and both Takauji and Finnian's laths and snakes are clearly fretted in triangle.

7. Isla Melrose: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per bend vert and azure, in fess two longbows strings outward Or, in base a sheaf of arrows argent, a bordure Or.

Isla is an English female given name; Isla Thorpe has a christening date of 19 Jan 1643 in Frampton, Lincoln, England (Batch P00606-1, ).
Melrose is an English surname; Stephanus Melrose has a christening date of 03 Sep 1570 in Howden, York, England (Batch P00743-1, ).

8. Juliana la Caminante de Navarra: NEW BADGE
(Fieldless) A cross of Santiago per pale sable and argent.

The name was registered December 2000.

The badge uses elements of her registered device, Quarterly gules and argent, three crosses of Santiago counterchanged argent and sable.

9. Orrin Darius: NEW DEVICE

Sable, two serpents in a Bourcheier knot, that to dexter or and to sinister inverted argent.

The name appears in the 31 May 2018 Letter of Intent.

The Mistholme Pictorial Dictionary notes: “The [Bourchier] knot was used by subsequent members of the Bourchier family, sometimes substituting other items (thorn branches, garters) for the cords.” Hopefully, using serpents was not one of the options.

10. Robbert Broekhuijsen: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, March 2018
Per bend sinister gules and argent, a dragon in annulo azure, in base two arrows inverted in saltire sable.

The name was registered October 2017.

The previous submission, Per bend sinister gules and argent, an Oriental dragon in annulo azure, in base a baroque folded trumpet fesswise reversed vert surmounted by two arrows inverted in saltire sable., was returned by Laurel March 2018 “for the use of charges surmounting only secondary charges. In the January 2018 return of Marcus de Grae, it was ruled that "No evidence was presented, and none could be found, showing that the practice of surmounting charges covering only secondary charges when a primary charge is present was done in period. Absent such evidence, armory with surmounting charges that do not overlie the primary charge will be returned." There was also a SFPP for the use of an Oriental dragon.
The dragon is now an accepted Western heraldic dragon, and the trumpet has been returned.

11. Violetta Villani: NEW DEVICE CHANGE

Purpure, two roses slipped and leaved in pile, stems crossed at the tips, on a chief triangular argent a butterfly sable.

The name was registered February 2010.

If registered, the client wishes to release her current device, Gules, two roses slipped and leaved in pile, stems crossed at the tips, on a chief argent three butterflies sable.

12. Zanetta Zavatta: NEW NAME

Zanetta is a late period female given name from Venice (“Names from Sixteenth Century Venice,” Juliana de Luna,

Zavatta is an element of her legal name (DMV copy to Laurel); while it is shown as a surname in Italy from the 19th C. onward, it can be used via the legal loophole.

Maridonna notes (her additional comments in brackets [..]): De Felice Cognomi, p.271, s.n. Zavatta. [modern usage] Diffuso sporadicamente nel Nord, fuorché per i derivati in -eri che sono propri dello Sicilia e della Calabria mer., ha alla basa soprannomi e nomi di mestiere formati dalle voci sett. zavatta "ciabatta, scarpa di scadente fattura", e zavatìn (emiliano zavatén) con il corrispondente siciliano e calabrese zavatteri "ciabttino, calzolaio che lavora male" e, con uso estensivo, "chi fa male un lavoro, il proprio mestiere". V. anche Savattèri.
A translation, “Spread sporadically in the North, except for the derivatives in -eri that are proper in Sicily and southern Calabria. It is based on nicknames and trade names formed by the northern entries zavatta "ciabatta [a broken shoe or slipper], shoe of inferior workmanship", and zavatìn (Emilian zavatén) with the corresponding Sicilian and Calabrian zavatteri "cobbler, shoemaker who works badly" and, with extensive use, "who hurts a job, his job". Also see Savattèri.” She also adds: "Dizionario Onomastico della Sicilia" Girolamo Caracausi, vol.II, p. 1734, s.n. Zavatteri, cognomen, ...cfr. sic. zavatteri `ciabattino' ...Francesca Zabateri, La Mantia, 183, anno 1515. A translation, Zavatteri, surname, ... compare Sicilian zavatteri 'cobbler' ... Francesca Zabateri, [source] La Mantia 183, year 1515.

The client will not accept Major changes to the name.

There are 7 New Names, 7 New Devices, 1 New Device Change and 1 New Badge. These 16 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $64 for them. There is 1 Resubmission Device. This 1 item is not chargeable. There are a total of 17 items submitted on this letter.

I was assisted in the preparation of this Letter with Commentary by Christian Jorgensen af Hilsonger, Etienne Le Mons, ffride wlffsdotter, Gunnvor silfraharr (Orle), Lyn Whitewolfe, Michael Gerard Curtememoire and Wulfric von Frankfurt.

Thank you to those who provide your wisdom and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy
c/o Linda Miku
2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

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