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Unto Their Royal Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka; Master Seamus, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings of from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the August 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation; it precedes the July Letter of Intent with submissions considered for the next Letter of Intent. Yes, time just sorta slipped away from me, and I really intended to do this the day I returned from KWHSS (hahahahahahahaha!). Please have commentary to me by 25 August 2013. Thank you!

Consultation Table at Kingdom Arts and Sciences: There will be an Heraldic Consultation Table at Kingdom Arts and Sciences, Saturday, 10 August (Barony of Twin Moons). Heralds old and new are invited to attend and help our armorial and onomastic clients! (Actually, there WAS an Heraldic Consultation Table, and it was success, to judge by the number of submissions in this Letter.)

The next Heraldry Hut will be Friday, 16 August, beginning at 7:30 PM. Please contact me for directions or if you have questions.

September 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Please consider the following submissions for the July 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Alexander Smyth (Sundragon): Joint BADGE RESUBMISSION from July 2013, with Flore de le Court

(Fieldless) A gauntleted fist argent, charged with a musical note azure, within and conjoined to an annulet argent, semy of ladybugs proper.

His name was registered January 2011. Flore's name appears in the July 2013 Atenvelddt Letter of Intent. The previous submission, (Fieldless) A gauntleted fist argent, charged with a musical note azure and cuffed with a semy of ladybugs proper., was returned for using two types of tertiary charges on a primary charge. This has been redesigned to use a primary and a secondary charge, each charged with a different tertiary charge. He uses an element of his registered device, Sable, a pall inverted and in base a gauntleted fist argent. The ladybugs are an element of Flore's device submission, appearing on the July 2013 Letter of Intent.

Aysun al-Andalusi (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per pale embattled argent and gules, a fox rampant sable and three hearts in pale Or.

The name is Arabic, “Aysun of Andalus.” Aysun is a male given name/'ism; he was the son of Sulayman al-Arabi, governor of Barcelona and Girona, c. 775-780 (“Rebel Without a Pension: The Mystery of Aizo”, A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, a blog by Jonathan Jarrett, al-Andalusi is a geographical nisba, demonstrating the individual's ancestral or recent place of origin. Gender doesn't matter to the client. The client is most interested in the sound of the name.

Baldwin of Acre (Barony of Atenvelt): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Argent, semy of Latin crosses formy, a bull's head cabossed gules armed and ringed Or, a bordure dovetailed per saltire sable and gules.

The name is English. Baldwin is the header form of this name found in Withycombe 3rd and dated to 1273 as Baldwyn, p. 40. It was registered by the CoA as recently as March 2006 without comment (Baldwin de Lyons). Acre is a port city of Palestine on the Bay of Haifa. During the Crusades it changed hands many times between Christians and Muslims ( The client desires a male name and will not accept Major Changes to the name.

Bébinn ingen Domnaill (Brymstone): BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, September 2010

Per pale argent and azure, a heart per pale vert and argent.

The name was registered November 2007. The previous submission, Per pale azure and argent, a heart per pale argent and vert., was returned for conflict with Bronwen Blackwell, Per pale vert and argent, a seeblatt counterchanged., with only 1 CD for the field. This redesign offer 1 DC for the field and 1 DC for the tincture of the primary charge.

Ciarán Colquhoun (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, an open book and on a chief purpure an inscresent and and a descrescent Or.

Ciarán is an Old and Middle Irish Gaelic masculing name, dated 512-1061 (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Ciarán,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Colquhoun is a Scots family name found with this spelling in 1308 with Sir John Colquhoun (Black, pp. 163-4). I don't know if the diacrical mark should be dropped from the given name, with this language mix.

Demetrios of Crete (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Argent, a roundel gules charged with a bull's head cabossed argent, a bordure gules.

Demetrios is a masculine Greek given name; Maridonna Benvenuti's article "14th Century Names of Lay Proprietors in the Themes of Thessaloniki and Strymon" ( dates the names Demetrios Doukopoulos to 1300. (It should be noted that this website is no longer “live,” and the information was gleaned from OSCAR, for Demetrios Eirenikos.) Crete is the lingua Anglica name form for the large Mediterranean island inhabited continually since the Bronze Age (;jsessionid=71D1640A3D770E04292DF34EF6C63568). The client will not accept Major Changes to the name. (Still, what would the Greek form of the name be, so it can be presented to the client for his consideration?)

Douglas Rowan MacCallum (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, on a bend sinister cotised between two roundels vert, three dice argent, spotted sable.

Douglas is the client's legal middle name. It is also found in the IGI extracted records as a period masculine and feminine given name in England, with Douglas Johnson, England Marriages, 22 June 1583,, Batch M00141-1. Douglas is found in Withycombe 3rd edition, citing it as a male and female given name, "used in 16th century,” p. 88 s.n. Douglas. Rowan is a surname found in the name of Androw Rowan, married 4 July 1613 in Falkirk, Scotland,, Batch M11479-6 . MacCallum is found as Macalme in 1631 and as M'Callum in 1647 in Black. While not necessary, the client's legal father with the registered SCA name Conor Rowan MacCallum, has provided a letter of permission to use element of his name (including the spelling MacCallum!). The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (none give). He will not accept Major Changes to the name.

Eyvor Halldórsdóttir (Tir Ysgithr): NEW JOINT BADGE with Domnall mac Faíltigeirn

[Fieldless] Two serpents glissant erect respectant sable maintaining between them in their mouths a gemstone azure.

The names were registered and July 2006 and July 2005.

Giles Chadwik Richardson (Barony of Atenveldt): BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, October 2009

[Fieldless] A tower per pale azure and argent charged with three bezants in pale.

The name was registered October 1990.

The previous submission, Per pale argent and azure, a tower sable., was returned for multiple conflicts. This is somewhat of a redesign using elements of his registered arms, Per pale argent and azure, a tower and on a chief sable, three bezants.

Jennifer de Trethewy (Twin Moons): NEW NAME CHANGE, from Jeneuer de Trethewy

The original name was registered July 2006. She wishes to register the spelling of her legal given name, Jennifer; a copy of her driver's license is provided to Laurel. She desires a female name, and the old name should be retained as an alternate.

Leonore Aid-an (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW BADGE

[Fieldless] Issuant from an iron cooking pot a yellow garden rose, slipped and leaved, all proper.

The name was registered August 1979.

The client wishes to register a fieldless version of her registered badge, Azure, issuant from an iron cooking pot a yellow garden rose, slipped and leaved, all proper. (I suspect that the blazon will be streamlined: [Fieldless] Issuant from a cooking pot sable a rose Or slipped and leaved vert.) On all her armory, a natural rose rather than an heraldic one is used.

Pelleas of Crete (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Ermine, a ram's head cabossed gules between a chief and a base sable.

The name is Greek. Pelleas is a male Greek given name found in the Lexicon of Greek Personl Names, Vol IIIA, Masculine Names Beginning to P,” Crete is the lingua Anglica name form for the large Mediterranean island inhabited continually since the Bronze Age (;jsessionid=71D1640A3D770E04292DF34EF6C63568). The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name.

This is identical to Sable, on a fess ermine a ram's head cabossed gules., and it should be checked for conflict as well.

Zoe of Alexandria (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME AND DEVICE

Lozengy sable and argent, a phoenix gules.

Zoe is a feminine Byzantine Greek given name, dated to 1078 with Zoe Doukaina (Prospography of the Byzantine World,, Alexandria is the lingua Anglica name for the Egyptian city, founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, becoming a great center of Hellenistic culture ( The client desires a female name and is interested in the language/culture of the name (Greek). She will not accept Major Changes to the name.

The following submissions appear in the July 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

I was assisted in the preparation of the Letter of Intent by commentary from Andreas von Meißen, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Brenna Lowri o Ruthin, Etienne Le Mons, ffride wlffsdotter, Gunnvor silfraharr, Juetta Copin, Modar Neznanich and Taran the Wayward.

Akastos Theodoros: NEW NAME and DEVICE: Or, a polypus sable and a bordure per bordure indented argent and sable.

The name is Greek. Akastos is a masculine given name in Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Vol IIa, p. 2,

Theodoros is a name in the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names,, under Theophoric Names, from Theo + doros. These elements could be very specific to a deity, although the deity could be a very powerful one, a very minor one, or even one from a foreign culture. The construction of a given name + byname is seen in "Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the Later Byzantine Era," Bardas Xiphias, Unfortunately, Sans Repose notes that this name does not follow the pattern in the article, since both Akastos and Theodoros are given names. Theodoros can be turned into a patronymic byname by putting it in the genitive case, e.g., Theodorou. This pattern is found in Academy of S. Gabriel Report #2876 ( “In ancient Greek, patronymic bynames (bynames based on the bearer's father's name) were somewhat common. There were two ways that these were created: by putting the father's name in the genitive case (e.g. <John's> from <John>) or by making an adjective out of the father's name. By the 4th century AD, these bynames had, however, by and large disappeared. [2]”. Dragging out my old Classical Greek text from its freshman college class agrees that the byname should be in the genitive case.

The client desires a male name and is most interested in the sound of the name. He will not accept Major changes to the name.

Consider Corwin MacNabb (registered 3/2012), Or, a polypus sable and an orle gules., with a DC for replacing the the orle with a bordure and a second DC for changing the tinctures of the secondaries.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of: NEW BADGE for Thrown Weapons: Argent, two axes crossed in saltire surmounted by a spear and on a chief gules a dagger fesswise argent.

No commentary.

Dalfina Lacarra de Navarra (Tir Ysgithr): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, April 2013: Azure, a bend wavy cotised between an arrow fesswise reversed and a ram rampant argent.

The cotises here are much too thin. They should be around one-quarter the width of the bend. We don't have a Unity problem with the secondaries since one is a long skinny inanimate object and the other is a animate quadruped. [Gs]

The thickness of the cotises will be adjusted. [MMM]

Ered Sûl, Barony of: NEW ORDER NAME “Order of the Golden Tower” and NEW BADGE: Azure, on a mountain of three peaks vert, fimbriated and snow-capped argent, a tower Or.

We should note the registered pattern of Ered Sul armory including the mountains as depicted. I know that in the past commenters at Society have chewed on it. [TW]

"Chewed on it" isn't the best term. I think "wailing and gnashing of teeth" is more accurate.[AvM]

Flore de le Court (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent semy of ladybugs proper, a fleur-de-lys azure.

This is a beautiful name, and I found no SCA conflicts. I believe it's also just different enough from <Fleur Delacouer> of HP fame for that not to be a conflict either. [AmC]
If the <t> in <Court> is silent, I'm afraid the names might sound too similar. [JC]
The <t> is not silent to the best of my knowledge. [AmC]

Guillaume Viau: NEW DEVICE: Azure, a mullet voided and interlaced Or between five swords in annulo hilts to center argent.

The name appears in the 25 June 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

The orientation of long, thin charges with a specific “top” and “bottom,” but arranged with an end to the center of the field can be seen at ,

in which crosses crosslet fitchy are oriented with their bases to center (row 3, numbers 3 and 4) (Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage).

Morgann MacDara (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, a lightning bolt bendwise, on a chief argent two acorns slipped and leaved sable.

I would like this better if the lightning bolt was centered on the field instead of rotated to base. Rotating the bottom of the bolt upward a bit would help center it (The top of the bolt is exactly where it should be). An artist's note may be sufficient. No conflict found. [BloR]

I'll guess this was not intentional, that the artist didn't know it was best to draw the diagonal line and then put half the embattles on one side of it, and the others on the opposite side. [MMM]

I would also suggest an artist's note to use some interior detailing on the acorns and leaves. Probably because of political hoohah here in the Great State of Texas, on first glance I saw a uterus with fallopian tubes and ova. Second glance I thought "moose heads cabossed". [Gs]

I believe there's a SFPP for the use of a lightning bolt outside of the thunderbolt motif, but that's the only one so that's fine. [ELM]

Tiberius Nautius Josephus Africanus: NEW NAME and DEVICE: Or, a bat-winged monkey rampant and chained purpure.

The name is Latin/Classical Roman. All elements are found in “Names and Naming Practices of Regal and Republican Rome,” Meradudd Cethin, Tiberius is a praenomen, Nautius a nomen and Josephus a cognomen. (Josephus is a reference to the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37-100? AD), who fought for the Romans. Joseph is also the client's legal given name.) Additionally, the client has chosen an agnomen, Africanus. Such additional names, cognomina and agnomina alike, may have been an honorific bestowed on an individual (one that didn't pass down to his descendents), or merely a nickname that “stuck” (Cicero = “chickpea”).

The following submissions are returned for further work, July 2013:

Aida Ysabella Lacarra de Navarra (Tir Ysgithr): NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Militsa Razvan, and NEW BADGE: Sable, two daggers crossed in saltire at the hilts argent and on a chief triangular Or a human eye argent, irised azure.

I have seen this dagger style before--it is entirely modern existing in science fiction as a Klingon dagger. This is not in any way a period dagger. This dagger is two small separate tined edges with a chunk of metal in the middle to keep them parallel. There is a "barely" similar weapon in a blade breaker dagger that has two side pieces that are imparted to trap blades with, but they are joined down near the quillions. Regardless--the depiction as shown--not period image. Here is an image to the blade breaker I mentioned : [TW]

The dagger design that has been used is very reminescent of the Dragon Claw fantasy dagger (model UC699) created by Kit Rae for United Cutlery, which is noted on the webpage: . An image of the blade can be seen at: [MN]

Barring evidence of this type of dagger in a period context, and given the contrast problem between the gold chief and white eye, I believe this submission must be returned for further work. [Gs]
Agreed. [AvM]

RETURNED for non-period dagger depiction and contrast issue.

Alexander Smyth (Sundragon): NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A gauntleted fist argent, charged with a musical note azure and cuffed with a semy of ladybugs proper.

The name was registered January 2011. He uses an element of his registered device, Sable, a pall inverted and in base a gauntleted fist argent.

I don't think you can have two tertiary groups on one charge like this.[JC]
I am inclined to agree with Juetta, but do not know the exact precedent [TW]
Canton of Uma, from the late 90's, early 00's. (Don't have time to look it up now, but here's the details so someone else can.) [AmC] Uma, Shire of. Device. Argent, on a pale azure a salmon haurient embowed contourny in chief a compass star argent overall a laurel wreath vert. It is not period style to have two different tertiary groups on the same underlying charge. The difference in scale between the salmon and the compass star makes the compass star appear to be in a subsidiary charge group to the salmon. There is precedent pertaining to this matter: [returning A mullet Or charged with a fleur-de-lys florency between five daggers points outwards sable] None of the commenters could find a similar motif: a primary charged with a tertiary X and a group of five tertiary Y's. Barring documentation of such an arrangement of tertiary charges, we believe that the motif is not a period one and therefore unregistrable. [The submission was returned for this reason and for conflict.] (Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo, 10/95 p. 15) [fw]

RETURNED for using two tertiary groups on a single charge.

Thank you all for your continuing hard work for the Atenveldt College of Heralds and the people of Atenveldt!

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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