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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Letter of Intent Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Gabriel Laurel; Juliana Pelican; Emma Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms.

Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated.

1. Alexander Smyth: NEW JOINT BADGE, with Flore de le Court

(Fieldless) On a gauntlet clenched argent within and conjoined to an annulet argent semy of ladybugs proper, a musical note azure.

His name was registered January 2011. Flore's name appears in the July 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

2. Aysun al-Andalusi: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per pale embattled argent and gules, a fox rampant sable and three hearts in pale Or.

The name is Arabic, “Aysun of Andalus.” Aysun is a male given name/'ism; he was the son of Sulayman al-Arabi, governor of Barcelona and Girona, c. 775-780 (“Rebel Without a Pension: The Mystery of Aizo”, A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, a blog by Jonathan Jarrett, al-Andalusi is a geographical nisba, demonstrating the individual's ancestral or recent place of origin. Gender doesn't matter to the client. The client is most interested in the sound of the name.

The embattled line removes the appearance of marshalling.

3. Bébinn ingen Domnaill: BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, September 2010: Per pale argent and azure, a heart per pale vert and argent.

The name was registered November 2007. The previous submission, Per pale azure and argent, a heart per pale argent and vert., was returned for conflict with Bronwen Blackwell, Per pale vert and argent, a seeblatt counterchanged., with only 1 CD for the field. This redesign offer 1 DC for the field and 1 DC for the tincture of the primary charge.

4. Ciarán Colquhoun: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, an open book and on a chief purpure an increscent and and a decrescent Or.

Ciarán is an Old and Middle Irish Gaelic masculing name, dated 512-1061 (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Ciarán,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan,

Colquhoun is a Scots family name found with this spelling in 1308 with Sir John Colquhoun (Black, pp. 163-4).

I don't know if the diacritical mark should be dropped from the given name, with this language mix.

5. Demetrios of Crete: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Argent, on a roundel within a bordure gules, a bull's head cabossed argent.

Demetrios is a masculine Greek given name; Maridonna Benvenuti's article "14th Century Names of Lay Proprietors in the Themes of Thessaloniki and Strymon" ( dates the names Demetrios Doukopoulos to 1300. The Word Doc is “Names of Lay Proprietors in Thessaloniki and Strymon in the 2nd Half of the 13th and 14th Century,” Maridonna Benvenuti ©2001 Andrea Hicks from Peasant Society in the Late Byzantine Empire by Angeliki E. Laiou-Thomadakis, Princeton University Press, 1977, ISBN 0-691-95252-2, Appendix I: Demetrios Asan 1349; Demetrios Doukopoulos 1300; Demetrios Farmakes 1347; Demetrios Isauros 1317-1334; Demetrios Kavasilas 1347; Demetrios Philanthropenos 1304. These articles by Maridonna are being moved to the servers.

Crete is the lingua Anglica name form for the large Mediterranean island inhabited continually since the Bronze Age (;jsessionid=71D1640A3D770E04292DF34EF6C63568).

The client will not accept Major Changes to the name.

This is clear of Japan (reg. 12/1994 via Laurel), Argent, a torteau., with DCs for the bordure and the head, and of Darius of the Broken Blades (reg. 10/1989 via the East), Bendy sinister nebuly azure and argent, a torteau within a bordure gules., with DCs for the field and for the tertiary.

6. Douglas Rowan MacCallum: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, on a bend sinister cotised between two roundels vert, three dice argent, spotted sable.

Douglas is the client's legal middle name. It is also found in the IGI extracted records as a period masculine and feminine given name in England, with Douglas Johnson, England Marriages, 22 June 1583,, Batch M001

Rowan is a surname found in the name of Androw Rowan, married 4 July 1613 in Falkirk, Scotland,, Batch M11479-6 .

MacCallum is found as Macalme in 1631 and as M'Callum in 1647 in Black.

While not necessary, the client's legal father with the registered SCA name Conor Rowan MacCallum, has provided a letter of permission to use element of his name (including the spelling MacCallum!).

The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (none give). He will not accept Major Changes to the name.

7. Eyvor Halldórsdóttir: NEW JOINT BADGE with Domnall mac Faíltigeirn

[Fieldless] Two serpents glissant erect respectant sable maintaining between them in their mouths a gemstone azure.

The names were registered and July 2006 and July 2005.

8. Giles Chadwik Richardson: BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, October 2009

[Fieldless] A tower per pale azure and argent charged with three bezants in pale.

The name was registered October 1990.

The previous submission, Per pale argent and azure, a tower sable., was returned for multiple conflicts. This is somewhat of a redesign using elements of his registered arms, Per pale argent and azure, a tower and on a chief sable, three bezants.

9. Ivar of Elsinore: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, June 2013

Per pale gules and argent, a cross couped fitchy counterchanged and a chief sable.

The name was registered May 2013.

The original submission, Per pale gules and argent, a cross throughout barbed at the foot counterchanged, a chief sable., was returned June 2013 for providing no evidence of the motif of barbing a cross only at the foot. We contemplated considering this as a modification of a cross barby and calling it a step from period practice, but we also have no evidence of crosses barby in period heraldry at all. The client has chosen another style of cross.

10. Jennifer de Trethewy: NEW NAME CHANGE, from Jeneuer de Trethewy

The original name was registered July 2006. She wishes to register the spelling of her legal given name, Jennifer; a copy of her driver's license is provided to Laurel.

She desires a female name, and the old name should be retained as an alternate.

11. Pelleas of Crete: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Sable, on a fess ermine a ram's head cabossed gules.

The name is Greek. Pelleas is a male Greek given name found in the Lexicon of Greek Personl Names, Vol IIIA, Masculine Names Beginning to P,”

Crete is the lingua Anglica name form for the large Mediterranean island inhabited continually since the Bronze Age (;jsessionid=71D1640A3D770E04292DF34EF6C63568).

The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name.

12. Zoe of Alexandria: NEW NAME AND DEVICE

Lozengy sable and argent, a phoenix gules.

Zoe is a feminine Byzantine Greek given name, dated to 1078 with Zoe Doukaina (Prospography of the Byzantine World,,

Alexandria is the lingua Anglica name for the Egyptian city, founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, becoming a great center of Hellenistic culture (

The client desires a female name and is interested in the language/culture of the name (Greek). She will not accept Major Changes to the name.

Consider: Aleyd Czypsser (Device, April 2010, Atenveldt): <Ermine, in dexter chief a phoenix gules> and Cionaodh Gunn (Jan. 2003, AEthelmearc): <Per chevron sable and Or, in base a phoenix gules>; both clear from the unforced move of the primary charge. Magnus bjǫrnkarl (Device; June 2012, Caid): <Potenty azure and Or, a phoenix gules rising from flames argent>. By precedent, the flames of a phoenix are half of the charge, making this clear by changing the tincture of half of the primary charge.

I was assisted in the preparation of the Letter of Intent by Andreas von Meißen, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Etienne Le Mons, Gunnvor silfraharr, Maridonna Benvenuti, Modar Neznanich and Seamus mac Riain.

There is a total of 6 new names, 6 new devices, 2 new badges and 1 name change. There is 1 device resubmission and 2 badge resubmissions. This is a total of 18 items, 15 of them new.

Thank you again for your great indulgence and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy
c/o Linda Miku
2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

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