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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)


Unto Their Royal Majesties Cosmo Craven and Elzbieta; Lord Tymothy Smythson, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the July 2014 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation; it precedes the Letter of Intent with submissions considered for the next Letter of Intent. Please have commentary to me by 20 July 2014.

Heraldry Hut: Heraldry Hut will be held Friday, 18 July, 2014, beginning at 7:30 PM. Please contact me for location and directions.

There's a good chance that there will be an Heraldic Consultation Table at Mons Tonitrus' Arts and Science competition, Saturday, 26 July.

Please consider the following submissions for the July 2014 Letter of Intent:

Hroc Æthelwulfes sunu (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Sable, a mullet of four points gules fimbriated between four horse's heads couped Or, the one in sinister chief argent.

The name is Anglo-Saxon. Both Hroc and Aethelwulf are found as male given names in the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England from 823 through 972 and several persons with that name in the Domesday Boke, respectively ( Construction of the patronymic name is based on the registered name Morgan Æthelwulfes sunu, registered April 2007. The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name; he asks that the name be authentic for Anglo-Saxon English. He will not accept Major changes to the name.

The fimbriation should be at least twice the thickness of that seen here.

Jacqueline de Bretaigne (Sundragon): DECVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, March 2014

Azure, a pall inverted between two doves rising respectant and a sprig of lilies of the valley argent, slipped and leaved vert.

The name was registered March 2014.

The original device submission, Per fess azure and argent, three doves volant argent and a lily affronty gules seeded Or., was returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states "Elements must be drawn to be identifiable." The lily affronty here is not identifiable as such; lily flowers are more typically drawn in profile, not affronty. Furthermore, this one appears to be in trian aspect: tilted so that it is somewhere between affronty and in profile, something we do not allow. This should be redrawn as either a more heraldic lily in profile, or as a generic flower or rose affronty.” This is a complete redesign. The doves will be given more appropriate crests.

Jaku'an Kakujo (Sundragon): NEW NAME CHANGE from Morgann Mac Duibh Dara, NEW DEVICE CHANGE and NEW BADGE

(device) Per pale sable and vert, a lion dormant within a torii gate argent.

(badge) Vert, a compass star of eight points argent charged with a lion dormant sable.

The currently-registered name was registered October and will be retained as an alternate name.

The name submission is Japanese, intended for a monastic warrior. The houmyu (religious name of the individual) has two parts with the structure <azana><imina>. Jaku'an is the azana, replacing/in place of the family name (so listed first) and is dated to 1316. Kakujo is the imina/personal name, following the azana; it is dated to 1336. Documentation is provided by Dr. Barbara Norstrand (Solveig Throndardottir) in an upcoming publication of Japanese names. He desires a male name and will not accept Major or Minor changes to the name.

If registered, his currently-registered device, Vert, a lightning bolt bendwise, on a chief argent two acorns slipped and leaved sable., should be retained as a badge.

We're somewhat flummoxed as to how to blazon the argent charge. It isn't really a compass star and annulet unless the center is filled in (then one only see the tips of the greater and lesser points). Somewhat similar is a piece of Canadian armory, and the original artwork for mullet/outer charge:, blazoned as Within an annulet of eight points set on the outer edge Or, a roundel quarterly Gules and Argent charged with a coronet erablé Or. Does anyone have a better blazon?

Joseph Walter McFadden (Sundragon): RELEASE of NAME, DEVICE and BADGE

The client requests the release of all registered items: name; device, Quarterly erminois and sable, in bend two trefoils slipped vert, a bordure counterchanged sable and Or.; and badge, Or, a pall sable between three shamrocks stems to center vert, a bordure sable.

Tomaso Floreano (Sundragon): NEW DEVICE CHANGE

Or, in bend sinister a wooden mallet bendwise inverted proper and a quill pen bendwise sinister, a bordure sable.

The name and current device were both registered July 2001.

The current device, Or, in bend sinister a wooden mallet bendwise inverted proper and a a wood-handled chisel bendwise inverted proper bladed argent, a bordure sable., is to be retained as a badge.

Yvonne Le Roux (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Quarterly purpure and sable, a wolf's head erased contourny argent and on a chief Or two mullets of four points gules.

The name is French. Yvonnet is found in “French Names from Paris, 1421, 1423, & 1438,” Aryanhwy merch Catmael, However, this exact spelling is found in "Names from the Rôle des taxes de l'arrière-ban du Bailliage d'Evreux, in 1562" Brunissende Dragonette ( Le Roux is found in Aryanhwy merch Catmael's "French Surnames from Paris, 1421, 1423 & 1438" (

The client desires a female name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name; she would like it authentic for 15th C France. She will not accept Major changes to the name.

The following appear in the two June 2014 Atenveldt Letters of Intent:

Commentary supplied by Alys Mackyntoich (AM), Aria Gemina Mala (AGM), ffride wlffsdotter (fw), Gunnvor silfraharr (Gs) and Marta (MMM).

Alexander Throckmorton (Brymstone): NEW NAME

Alfrún Sigþórssdóttir: NEW NAME and NEW DEVICE: Per fess embattled Or and vert, two musimons combattant sable and a plat

<Sigþórr> in the genitive would become <Sigþórs>, hence <Sigþórsdóttir> with only two s's, not three.(fw)
Concur with Goutte d'Eau. I find no conflicts. (Gs)

Aramis Charbonneau (Sundragon): NEW NAME

Candice Libel (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Azure, a dragonfly argent within an orle of compass stars Or.

If she wants her stars "round", why doesn't she just use mullets of eight points? I find no conflicts. The nearest thing I saw was: Azure, a dragonfly volant en arriére argent, within an orle Or. [Matilda de Seton, LOAR 03/1998] (Gs)

Dianne Buble Blowere (BoA): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, March 2013: Purpure, a spiked mace bendwise sinister within an orle of roundels argent.

The name was registered March 2013.

The original device submission, Purpure, a wand bendwise sinister tipped with a mullet within an orle of roundels argent., was returned for violating SENA A3F3 for being obtrusively modern. The overwhelming impression is of a magic wand, a completely modern invention. There was some discussion of whether or not this fit under core style armory, given attestations of scepters in armory headed of fleurs-de-lys or possibly trefoils. However, there is no pattern of sticking just any heraldic charge atop a baton.

Grigor Montgomery: NEW NAME and DEVICE: Quarterly sable and gules, in bend two alphyns Or.
The device has a new emblazon to show the monsters' specific details and allow it to show up clearly on the Letter of Intent. Thanks to Orle!

Gwen Eleri: NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale and per chevron vert and Or, two cinquefoils and a linden tree eradicated all counterchanged.
I find no conflicts. It looks like <Eleri> has been registered as a masculine given name several times ( "St. Hilary - Hilary is a modified form of Elari, the saint's name, to whom the church was dedicated.... As a saint's name, it should be registerable in some later form as well; the modern form seems to also be <Eleri>, though the saint seems to be masculine rather than feminine. S. Baring-Gould and John Fisher's Lives of the British Saints, 1908 (through Google Books) assert (s.n. Eleri) that the Gwytherin church was in the Middle Ages dedicated to this saint; other online sources repeat the claim. Butler's Saints mentions Eleri in the life of saint Winifred, but doesn't claim that he's a saint.... Bartrum includes the saint's name in material derived from manuscripts from the high middle ages... The spelling Eleri appears without alternate readings in number 18 in the Bonedd y Saint (Lineage of the Saints) which he states to have been compiled in the early twelfth century with the earliest surviving copy dating to the third quarter of the thirteenth century. " (Gs)
This is another submission that appears to be colored with crayon or colored pencils. If this was colored with a wax-based medium, that's a no-no.
Image #1 below shows two ways to balance the chevron line, one maintaining the angle of the line, the other using the endpoints of the original chevron. As noted in the submission, the whole per chevron line is below the fessline and the chevron needs to be adjusted. Image #2 is a sketch using saturated colors and a balanced fessline, just as an example. (Gs)\

Ìzza al-Zarqa': NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A horse's head erased purpure, maned Or.

I see no conflicts. I might suggest an artist's note to open up the erasing so it's more obvious that the head is, in fact, erased. (Gs)

Juliane de Grey: New Device: Purpure, an altar argent flammant Or, and on a chief argent a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent purpure.

Actually, from the January 2014 cover letter:
The "phases of the moon" motif of a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent has long been considered a step from period practice.... We know that the motif of an X between two Ys is a fairly common one in later period English armory. Non Scripta found evidence of a rose between two lions combattant and a mullet between two lions combattant, and Elmet added a fleur-de-lys between two rabbits passant respectant, all in English armory. Orle actually found a roundel between a decrescent and an increscent in Italian armory.... Therefore, we are overturning past precedent. This motif is no longer considered a step from period practice. (fw)

I find no conflicts. (Gs)

Kýlan Ragnarr (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Gules, on a pile inverted throughout between two gauntleted fists a Thor's hammer Or.
Per Appendix A of SENA, Old Norse patronymics are always marked, so if <Ragnarr> is intended as a patronymic, it must be changed to <Ragnarsson>. Appendix A also indicates that double given names are not found in Old Norse, so this cannot simply be left as <Ragnarr> without some documentation to rebut Appendix A. (AM)
What about the byname <ragna> or <Ragna>? Then it could form <Kýlan Ragna_>?
Tilnavne i den islandske oldlitteratur by Finnur Jónsson has:
ragna, Flat. (Orkn.), Ingibjǫrg er en fejl for tígna s. d.
[ragna, Flateyjarbók (Orkneyjar saga), Ingibjǫrg. Is an error for tígna]
following on to <tígna> finds:
tígna (hin), Ingibjǫrg Orkn. XII. `Den fornemme, værdige'.
[tígna (hin), Ingibjǫrg Orkneyjar saga XII. "the sensible, dignified." (fw)
Jónsson says that <ragna> is a scribal mistake, which means to me it's not a name. (Gs)
Do we register scribal mistakes, made in period, though?(fw)
I find no conflicts for <Kýlan Ragnarsson>. (Gs)
The client's local herald contacted him, and the client is fine with Kýlan Ragnarsson. Yay!(MMM)
I find no device conflicts. All the charges have room to expand (Image #1), so maybe an artist's note for some Charge Chow is indicated. Blazon-fu: Per chevron throughout gules and vert, two clenched gauntlets and a Thor's hammer Or. (Gs)
I've gone ahead and beefed up the charges (just happy that this can be reblazoned and avoid a tincture issue!). Gunnvor's blazon will be the one used. (MMM)

Merrick Dowling: NEW BADGE: Sable, on a bend cotised between two death's heads argent, a chain throughout azure.
I have trouble with identifiability on the chain. (AGM)
Most representations of chain turn every other link so you see one link flat, one on edge, another flat, and so on. Or use links longer than they are wide. (Image #1). I concur, as drawn the chain is really hard to understand.
Edit: this is clear, the only thing it conflicts with is the gentleman's registered badge. (Gs)
From the Pictorial Dictionary: “The usual heraldic depiction of chain is with square links, but round-linked chains are found in period; the links’ actual shape is a matter of artistic license. (Indeed, the same effect is often blazoned as, e.g., “annulets interlaced in fess”.)” (MMM)

Merrick Dowling: NEW DEVICE: Sable, on a bend cotised between two death's heads argent, the astronomical sign for Gemini palewise azure.
The name was registered June 2006.
The design is similar to that of his registered badge, Sable, a bend cotised between two death's heads argent.

Nâr Gul `At.t.âr (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, a cobra erect tail nowed Or and in dexter chief a six-petaled flower argent.
I find no conflicts. Blazon-fu: Vert, a cobra erect tail nowed Or and in dexter chief a sexfoil argent. (Gs)

Seonaid McDaid : NEW NAME CHANGE and NEW BADGE: Per pale purpure and argent, a tower counterchanged and on a chief per pale argent and azure, a shamrock counterchanged.
This does not conflict with <Seamus McDaid>, so a letter of permission to conflict is not relevant here. What she needs is a Letter Documenting Legal Relationship for Grandfather Clause ( This has been obtained. (MMM)
The construction of this name suggests, unfortunately, an incestuous relationship. (paraphrasing AmC)

Uliana Iosefova (Sundragon): NEW DEVICE:Quarterly argent and azure, two double-bladed axes crossed in saltire between three roses, all counterchanged.

Wade Greenwall (BoA): NEW BADGE:(Fieldless) A die argent enflamed gules.
This is not "enflamed" but rather "on a flame". (AmC)
I find no conflicts. Blazon-fu: (Fieldless) On a flame gules a die argent. (Gs)

Wade Greenwall: NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) An annulet beviled eight times Or.
Do we have any evidence that this sort of treatment applied to an annulet is period? I certainly wouldn't reconstruct this from the blazon, nor would I be able to provide a blazon fro the emblazon alone. (AmC)
If this were considered an allowable treatment to an annulet, how would it compare to the armory of Hafr-Tóki, "Sable, a stag's antler in annulo conjoined to itself Or."? If reference is needed, Hafr-Tóki's armory was OSCAR entry #: and was registered on the Nov 2013 LoAR <via An Tir>. url: (MN)

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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