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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Letter of Intent Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Gabriel Laurel; Juliana Pelican; Emma Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms.

Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated.

1. Anna Sophie von Creutznach: Per bend sinister gules and azure, in dexter chief a cross formy and issuant from sinister three wolf's teeth Or.

This is a bit of administrivia, linking the client's newly-registered name (which replaced the holding name Diana of Atenveldt in March 2012) to her previous-registered device.

2. Atenveldt, Kingdom of, Order of the Beacon of the Desert: (badge) Argent, a sun in splendor per saltire Or and azure and a bordure indented azure.

It is requested that this badge, registered in August 2003, be associated with this Order's name, registered 2006.

3. Atenveldt, Kingdom of, Order of the Flower of the Desert: (badge) Or, three fleurs-de-lys in pall bases to center azure.

It is requested that this badge, registered in December 2002, be associated with this Order's name, registered August 2003.

4. Atenveldt, Kingdom of Order of the Guardians of Atenveldt: (badge) Per pale argent and azure, in pale a sun in his splendor and two swords in saltire Or.

It is requested that this badge, registered in January 1992, be associated with the Kingdom of Atenveldt's Order of the Guardians of Atenveldt, the name registered May 1992.

5. Atenveldt, Kingdom of, Order of the Pilgrim of the Desert:

(badge) Azure, an escallop argent and a demi-sun issuant from base Or.

(badge) Azure, an escallop and a demi-sun issuant from base Or.

It is requested that these badges, registered in July 2003, be associated with the Kingdom of Atenveldt's Order of the Pilgrim of the Desert, the name registered August 2003.

6. Atenveldt, Kingdom of: NEW BADGE

Azure, a demi-sun issuant from base Or and a bordure embattled argent.

The branch-name was registered at some point. This badge will recognize past Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champions.

A demi-sun is "anything less than a full sun". Consider the Shire of Bryngolau's device on the Outlands, registered November 2011 under the blazon Per chevron gules and azure, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division and a laurel wreath Or. The Shire's sun has a “quarter chunk” taken out of it to accommodate the Per chevron... division of the field.

This is clear of Meri En Heh: (Fieldless) On a canton azure issuant from base a demi-sun Or within a bordure argent. This is an augmentation, and although augmentations are checked for conflict before they are registered, once registered, they are not protected against new registrations.

“Augmentations are required to by themselves be free of conflict, as noted in the October 1998 LoAR (James Eldon of York, Kingdom of the Outlands).” [Welfengau, Canton of, 10/99, R-Ealdormere]

7. Corynne MacLeod: NEW DEVICE CHANGE

Per pale sable and Or, a fret counterchanged surmounted by an orle gules.

The name was registered September 2004. If this submission is registered, the client asks that her current device, Per saltire Or and sable, a fret counterchanged and a bordure gules., be retained as a badge.

This is clear of Elsbeth des Volkes: Per pale pean and erminois, a fret per pale Or and sable. There is 1 DC for field, and one for the orle. There was a suggestion that the orle should be at least a minimum of half-again as thick.

8. Gaia Junia: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per chevron sable and argent, two threaded needles argent and a sprig of three holly leaves vert, fructed gules.

The name is Latin.

Gaius is a praenomen, found in "Roman Names,"; Gaia is the feminine form of the name. The masculine form appears on p. 78 of "A Study of the Cognomina of Soldiers in the Roman Legions" by Lindley Richard Dean ( as a praenomen that was also used as a cognomen ( ).

Iunius, which could also be transcribed as Junius, appears as a nomen in "Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania," by J. M. Reynolds and J. B. Ward-Perkins, enhanced electronic reissue by Gabriel Bodard and Charlotte Roueché (2009). ( Iunius also appears on p. 315 of Dean as (apparently) a nomen. On p. 72, Dean also states that Iunius was used as a cognomen. Reynolds also demonstrates the names Imaia Iunia Victoria and Iuniae Perpetuae Rerriuth, which appear to have been women's names. In Romans 16:7, Paul praises a woman named Junia as "outstanding among the apostles." Despite the modern mistranslation of her name as masculine "Junias" or "Junius," no commentator prior to the 13th century questioned that this apostle was a woman (

The one sticking point here is whether one would find a feminine name comprised of originally masculine [praenomen] + [nomen]elements.

The client desires a female name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (Roman).

Consider Oliver Dogberry, Per chevron throughout sable and argent, two dogs combatant each maintaining a sword argent and a sprig of three blackberries sable barbed and slipped vert., with a DC for changing the type of half the charges, and another for changing the tincture of half.

9. Iamys MacMurray de Morayshire: NEW BADGE

Gules, on a pile wavy between two crosses formy argent a lion's head erased sable crowned with thorns Or.

The name was registered January 2002.

It was noted that the crown of thorns is difficult to see in the thumbnails, but as it is a maintained charge, that should be acceptable. It was also suggested that the pile should extend further to the base (and perhaps the crosses move up the field a bit), and that will be suggested to the client.

10. Pietro Francesco da Scalzi: NEW NAME and DEVICE

Per fess gules and sable, an annulet argent surmounted by a compass star pierced and issuing from the north point a demi-fleur Or.

The name is Italian.

Pietro and Francesco are masculine given names found in “Italian Men's Names in Rome, 1473-1484,” Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada,

Scalzi is a placename found in “1800 Surnames Recorded in 1447,” N.F. Faraglia,

This compound given name + byname construction are noted in Mari's paper, Both double given names and compound names beginning with <Pie(t)ro> are extremely common in later-period Italy (see (shows a Zohane Andrea Torexella as a double given name, and Piedrobon del Avvogaro is a compound name);, (shows Iohan Domenico, Iohan Lorenzo, and Iohanni Andrea as double given name); and (shows Pietro Paul as a doulbe given name).

The client desires a male name.

Originally submitted with a torteau/roundel gules placed in the center of the compass rose, there was a lot of debate that with the annulet and the compass star portions of the charge being different tinctures, this was no longer a single charge and so constituted excessive layering (field, annulet, compass star, torteau). The client was consulted and was amenable to piercing the compass star, thus removing the fourth layer.

11. Ricolda de Aspynwall' : NEW NAME and DEVICE

Sable, on a pale Or a sun gules.

Ricolda is a feminine name dated to 1151-54 and found in “Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames: Richolda,” Talan Gwynek,

De Aspynwall' is an English surname dated to 1212, found in “Names from Ormskirk Parish, Lancashire: The Poll Tax of 1381, with Comparative Data from 16th Century Parish Registers,” Brian M. Scott, The client cares most about the language/culture of the name (Anglo-Saxon). Eastern Crown notes that the apostrophe at the end of the byname is almost certainly a scribal abbreviation for the letter 'e'. Since the SCA doesn't register scribal abbreviations, either the apostrophe will be deleted or an 'e' will be added, based on other evidence. <de Aspynwalle> appears at p. 234 of "Calendar of the Patent rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 3", dated to 1318 (

Under the old rules this would've conflicted with Asa Lee Durant (reg. 05/1996 via the East), Sable, on a pale Or three compass stars sable., but under SENA there are DCs for tincture and number of the tertiaries.

12. Selina Trastamara de Luna: NEW BADGE

Per bend sinister rayonny sable and gules, two pawprints Or.

The name was registered December 1996.

The use of pawprints is one step from period practice.

13. Sely Bloxam: NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Luffechild' de Honybourn'

The primary name was registered October 2003.

Luffechild' is a female given name dated to 1190 in “Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames: Lovechild,” Talan Gwynek,

de Honybourn' is an English surname dated to 1327 in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 237 s.n. Honeybourne. Eastern Crown notes that the terminal apostrophes in both the given name and the byname are almost certainly scribal abbreviations for the letter 'e'. Since the SCA does not register scribal abbreviations, either the apostrophe will be deleted or an 'e' will be added at the end of both names, depending on what other evidence is found.If the terminal apostrophes have to go, the client, upon further consultation, is happy to have terminal -e's take their place.

The client desires a female name and is most interested in the sound of the name. She will not accept Major Changes.

There are 3 new names, 1 new alternate name, 3 new devices, 1 new device change, 3 new badges. There are 6 items of administration. This is a total of 17 items, 11 of which are new.

I was assisted in the preparation of the Letter of Intent by Commentary is provided by Alys Mackyntoich, Andreas von Meißen, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Etienne Le Mons, Gawain of Miskbridge, Gunnvor silfraharr, Magnus von Lübeck and Taran the Wayward.

Thank you again for your great indulgence and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy
c/o Linda Miku
2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716;

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