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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

                                                                                                                                                                                15 July 2002, A.S. XXXVII

                                                                                                                                                                                Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Francois la Flamme, Laurel King of Arms; Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Pelican Queen of Arms; Zenobia Naphtali, Wreath Queen of Arms; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald!

Please note the following change in the 1 March 2002 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

                18. Cosimo Orsini: NEW DEVICE

                Argent, on a bend vert between two brown bears statant proper three fleurs de lys Or.

                The submitter asks that this submission be withdrawn from consideration by the College of Arms. (His resubmission appears in this LoI.)

Please note the following correction in the 15 June 2002 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

                4. Ann Busshenell of Tynehurst: NEW DEVICE

                Gules, three bendlets abased azure fimbriated and in sinister chief an hourglass argent charged with a needle sable.

                The name was registered March 2002.

                The correct spelling of the name is Ann Busshenell of Tylehurst. Sorry for the typo.

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms. Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept spelling and grammar corrections; assistance in these areas is appreciated.

1. Atenveldt, Kingdom of: NEW BADGE

Per fess indented azure and argent, in chief four mullets of four points elongated palewise in fess Or.


The name was reaffirmed in August 1979.


This badge will be associated with activities of the Estrella War. While the mullets appear tight against the line of division, this is primarily to accommodate the badge form; they will likely move “up” on square and rectangular banners.

2. Conlan O'Morda: NEW NAME

The name is Irish. Conlan is sort of a “reverse derivation,” the family name (O) Connellan anglicized and abbreviated to Conlan or Conlon, “both of which are numerous in all the provinces, especially in Connacht” (MacLysaght, p. 55). Since the standard Irish clan affiliation name is ó + clan ancestor’s given name, this seems to be a reasonable way of choosing a given name. However, the closest Irish given name I can find to Conlan is Connla, Condla and Conna (all in Ó Corráin and Maguire, p. 58), Congal, Congal, Congalach, Conn (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Masculine Given Names: 1601-1616,” Conlan might be a post-period form, or it may have mutated (for lack of a better word!) from a different Irish masculine given name.

O’Morda is cited in Irish Names and Surnames by the Reverend Patrick Woulfe, pp. 47, 177, 619, as the name of a Leinster family; MacLysaght shows related names as O More, and the Irish form Ó Mórdha, p. 221.

The submitter notes that he’ll accept changes to the surname and spelling changes to the given name, but he wishes to keep the sound intact.


3. Conlan O'Morda: NEW DEVICE

Per chevron argent and vert, two roses azure and a claymore inverted proper maintained by a gauntlet fesswise reversed argent.


4. Cosimo Orsini: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Kingdom, 7/02

Argent, on a bend vert between two brown bears combattant proper three fleurs-de-lys Or.


The name appears in the 1 March 2002 Atenveldt LoI.


His original submission, Argent, on a bend vert between two brown bears passant proper three fleurs-de-lys Or., which also appears in that LoI, is withdrawn in this Letter of Intent.

5. Eden Blacksmith: NEW NAME

The name is English. Eden is found in the Poll Tax 1379 as a variant of the feminine given name Edith (Withycombe, p. 93).

Blacksmith is an occupational byname; Reaney and Wilson tend to connote the English surname Smith as meaning “farrier, blacksmith,” although Blacksmith itself seems acceptable as a byname (a Redsmythe, denoting a worker in copper or brass, was registered in November 2001).

6. Eden Blacksmith: NEW DEVICE

Or, semy of apples gules, slipped and leaved vert, a single-horned anvil sable.


7. Gaston Trévoux: NEW BADGE

Per fess vert and sable, in pale two owls’ heads cabossed argent.


The name was registered October 2000.

8. Nathaniel Grendel the Red: NEW NAME

The name is German and English. He is using his legal given name (I attest to seeing his driver’s license); Nathaniel is a Biblical name, the name of one of Christ’s apostles, although that fellow is more known as Bartholomew (Withycombe, p. 226).

Grendel is cited in Bahlow, undated and more commonly spelled Grindel. This is a very old term for a moor or a swamp (it also refers to the swamp-monster Grendel in Beowulf). In the Hamburg region, more recent bynames include Grindelhof, Grindeltal, and Grindelburg. Grindel appears to be dated to 1215 in Brabant (p. 188, Bahlow), so it seems he could have the name (more likely with the spelling of Grindel than Grendel).

The byname is a descriptive epithet.


9. Nathaniel Grendel the Red: NEW DEVICE

Argent, an hourglass between in fess two pheons, points outward, gules.

10. Renée Claymore: NEW NAME

Renée is the feminine form of the French given name René (Withycombe, p. 251), the name of a Bishop of Angers c. 426; it is also her legal middle name.

Claymore comes from Deaton Claymore, the head of the household with whom the lady is affiliated; His Grace has provided a letter of permission to use that element of his registered name.


11. Renée Claymore: NEW DEVICE

Per chevron azure and argent, two martlets and a claymore inverted counterchanged.

12. Shaun of the Forrest: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, January 2002

Argent, semy of pine trees proper, two bendlets azure.


The name was registered April 1999.


The original submission, Argent semy of pine trees couped vert., was returned for conflict with Allendale of the Evergreens, Argent, a pine tree proper. There's one CD for the number of trees but no difference for changing less than half the tincture of the trees (the tincture of the tree trunk) from vert to wood-brown. Adding the bendlets creates a second CD for the addition of a co-primary group. As drawn, a more convoluted blazon could be made: Argent, between two bendlets azure between four pine trees, two, and two, proper, three pine trees proper. The given blazon is much neater.


13. Sundragon, Barony of: NEW BADGE

(fieldless) A rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure, clouded azure surmounted by a sprouted acorn proper.


The name was registered August 1983.

This tincture of rainbow is found on the arms of the Barony.


14. Sundragon, Barony of: NEW BADGE

(fieldless) A rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure, clouded azure surmounted by a heart gules.


The name was registered August 1983.

This tincture of rainbow is found on the arms of the Barony.

15. Zhigmun’ Broghammer: NEW DEVICE

Erminois, a Caucasian harpy displayed proper, crined and feathered sable.


The name was registered March 2000.


This letter contains 4 new names, 5 new devices, 4 new badges, and 2 device resubmissions. This is a total of 15 items. A check to cover fees will be sent separately. Wishing all who trek to Pennsic good travel, good weather, and a great time at the Giga-Mega-Huge-O-Consultation Table,


 I remain,

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

Commonly-Cited References:

Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland.

MacLysaght, E. The Surnames of Ireland. Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 1991.

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh and Fidelma Maguire. Irish Names.

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