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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)


Unto Their Royal Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka; Master Seamus, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings of from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the June 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation; it precedes the June Letter of Intent with submissions considered for the next Letter of Intent (additions to the one for June 2013), in addition to actions of the previous month and actions by the SCA College of Arms. Please have commentary to me by 15 June 2013 (it's short notice, but hopefully the checking will be short 'n' sweet!). Thank you!

Consultation Table at Kingdom Collegium: Thanks to Lady Helena (Parhelium Deputy), Lady Katherine (Gestating Herald), Lord Seamus (Black Boar Pursuivant) and Tymothy Smythson (Granholme Herald) for manning the Consultation Table at Kingdom Collegium. The Submissions in this letter are the result of their hard work. In addition, we did a lot of consulting (with paperwork to be turned in hopefully any minute, or at least in the near future) for the Barony of Tir Ysgithr, Baldwin Pendrotti, Catalana di Michele Romana, Leonore Aid-an, Cynwrig Penbras ap Madog y Nefyn and Morfudd Llwyd verch Cynwrig y Nefyn.

And congratulations to Katherine on the birth of her wee one, Eleanor Amanda (not at the Collegium, either—a whole four days later!)!

The next Heraldry Hut will be Friday, 21 June, beginning at 7:30 PM.

Please consider the following submissions for the June 2013 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Felipe Cuervo (Granite Mountain): HOUSEHOLD NAME RESUBMISSION, House Fénix de Oro, from Laurel November 2008

The personal name was registered July 2008.

The original household name, as listed above, was returned for the following reasons: “The household name was documented as following the "inn-sign" pattern. While the LoI provided evidence for this pattern in English, no evidence was provided, either on the LoI or by the commenters, for the pattern in Spanish. Lacking such evidence, this household name is not registerable.” The client patterns his household as a ship (which, if this could be designated rather than “House,” would be keen). Lists of ships in the Spanish Armada usually take the names of saints and othe religious figures, but there are records of El Gran Grifon (Great Griffin (might be the monster, might be a breed of dog – I'll choose the former), Perro Marino (Sea Dog), Castillo Negro (Black Castle), Falcon Blanco (White Falcon; there are several of these, usually differentiated by something like Mayor Mediano), Paloma Blanca (White Dove), Ciervo Volante (Flying Stag), and El Gato (the Cat). A few ships do include “house” in their names such as Casa de Paz Chica. (Spanish Armada Ships, found in Anglo-Dutch Wars site, The client would be happy with Casa de Fénix de Oro.

Finnr Eiríksson (Tir Ysgithr): NEW DEVICE

Per pale sable and vert, a drakkar argent and in chief four plates each charged with a pheon sable.

The name was registered June 2011.

Guillaume Viau (Granholme): NEW NAME

Guillaume is a 15th C. French masculine given name, “French Names from Paris, 1421, 1423, & 1438,” Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Viau is a 17th C. French surname found in a marriage record dated 1670 for Jacques Viau, the husband's (Jacques) date of birth being 1640. His father Julia/en Viau died 1675 at the age of 77, so he would've been born in 1598.

Rós inghean Úi Gallchobhair (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Argent, two links of chain fretted in saltire sable and an orle gules.

The name is Irish Gaelic. Rós is an Early Modern Irish Gaelic (c. 1200-c. 1700) feminine given name, also seen as Róis, Róise (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Róis,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Ó Gallchobhair is an Irish Gaelic surname, “descendant of Gallchobar,” Black, Surnames of Scotland, p. 285 s.n. Gallacher. We think this is the correct way to feminize the byname. The client desires a female name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name.

The blazon follows the style of Angelica Peregrine the Red: Per pale azure and argent, two links of chain fretted in cross counterchanged.

The following submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, April 2013:

Aida Ysabella Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Per saltire gules and Or, a bull's head cabossed sable and on a chief Or an arrow reversed sable. Hastini Chandra. Reblazon of badge. (Tinctureless) An elephant goad.

Blazoned when registered in August 1979 as (Tinctureless) An ankhus., the correct term for this charge is ankus. The more familiar English term is elephant goad, and we are reblazoning it for clarity.

Lilian Amia Basile Bennett. Device. Argent, a phoenix azure rising from flames proper and on a chief sable two arum lilies slipped in saltire argent.

Please advise the submitter that drawing the lilies with leaves would aid in their identification.

Muirgein Ó Conchobhair. Name and device. Argent, a chevron throughout per pale vert and sable between the runes perthro and algiz and a catamount passant contourny sable.

Submitted as Muirgein Ó Chochobhair, the byname has two typographical errors. First, the n is missing from the end of the first syllable of the patronym. Second, the first h is unnecessary; while feminine bynames require lenition of bynames, masculine ones do not. We have made those changes in order to register the name.

Norman Brekeston. Name change from Játvarðr Þorvarðarson and device. Argent, a sun in his splendor sable between three gouts azure and a bordure invected sable.

Nice 13th century English name!

The submitter's previous name, Játvarðr Þorvarðarson, is retained as an alternate name.

The March 2013 Cover Letter states "For non-maintained or otherwise artistic charges, however, given the evidence we express a strong preference for the traditional wavy-tailed gouttes. Teardrop shaped gouttes are registerable as long as they are elongated, more than twice as long as they are wide." These drops are registerable as-is, but please advise the submitter that wavy-tailed gouttes would be better style.

Portia Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Per chevron argent and azure, two peacock's heads couped vert and an arrow Or.

Willelm Keel the Badger. Name and device. Gyronny gules and Or, a badger rampant within an orle sable.

An earlier submission, Willelm Keel, was returned for conflict with the registered Wilhelm von Kiel. These items, however, do not conflict. The removal of the syllable von and the changes to the second syllable from -helm to -elm are both changes to sound and appearance. Nonetheless, the submitted form is registerable as well. Thus, we will make no changes to the name.

The following submissions were returned by the S.C.A. College of Arms for further work, April 2013:

Dalfina Lacarra de Navarra. Device. Azure, a bend wavy between an arrow fesswise reversed and a ram rampant argent.

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Elizabeth Arrowsmyth, Azure, a bend wavy between two dolphins haurient argent. There is one DC for the change in type of the secondary charges, but nothing for the change in orientation as dolphins do not have comparable postures/orientations with quadrupeds or inanimate charges.

Ríán Ó Tadgáin. Name.

The byname Ó Tadgáin combines 10th century Middle Gaelic Tadgáin with post-1200 Ó. We require name elements to be linguistically from a single time and place. This requires a form like hua Tadgáin. We would make this change but the submitter allows no changes. Therefore, the name must be returned.

Thank you all for your continuing hard work for the Atenveldt College of Heralds and the people of Atenveldt!

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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