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Unto Their Royal Majesties Thomas and Ilora; Master Seamus, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings of the New Year from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the May 2012 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation. It's light (yay!), a welcome respite after the Estrella submissions. Please have commentary to me by 15 May 2012.

Speaking of submissions: I accept direct-to-Kingdom submissions from heraldic clients; this might not be the most favorable route to take, particularly if a group has a territorial herald, and everyone can stay more in the “submission loop” if a submission is made in this fashion. However, in some cases, this is the only reasonable and timely way for a submission to be made. Local heralds need to send submissions on in a timely manner as well (i.e., within one month of receiving a submissions packet). If you cannot connect with me at an event (very likely) or attend Heraldry Hut, submissions need to be mailed within one month (yes, that's IMPORTANT!) of a local herald receiving them, unless there is a reason for return at the local level. My address: Linda Miku, 2527 E. 3rd Street, Tucson AZ 85716.

Submissions Website: You can send electronic commentary on the most recent internal LoIs through the site, in addition to any questions you might have. Current submission forms (the ONLY forms that can be used) can be found on the site. Please let your local populace know about the site, too:

Upcoming Consultation Tables: There will be an heraldic consultation table at Kingdom Collegium in Mons Tonitrus. At this time, I don't know if it will be run on both days – feel free to offer your opinions as to which day or days it should be open (and your help, if you'll be attending the Collegium!).

The following submissions are under consideration for inclusion in the May 2012 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Donngal de Buchanan (Twin Moons): NEW BADGE

Vert, a raven volant bendwise within a bordure engrailed Or charged with the phrase “We do it because we can”.

The name was registered December 2003.

Edric the Unsteady (Tir Ysgithr): BLANKET PERMISSION TO CONFLICT

The client provides signed paperwork for Blanket Permission to Conflict:

Edric the Unsteady (primary persona name);

Argent, a lymphad sails furled & oars in action sable, pennoned and in dexter chief an estoile gules, all within a bordure sable.;

Argent, an estoile gyronny of six gules and sable within a bordure sable.;

Argent, a cross conjoined to a bend sinister within a bordure gules.; and

Vert, a cockatrice erect maintaining in its upraised dexter claw a needle palewise, point to chief, within a bordure engrailed Or.

Jocelyn Payndeamours (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME

Jocelyn is a male English name dated to 1199 with the spelling Jocelin (Withycombe, 3rd edition, pp. 177-178 s.n. Jocelyn). The I > Y exchange should be nonproblematic, as the name Jocelyn d'Isigny was registered July 2009. Playndeamours is an English surname dated to 1284 in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 48 s.n. Blandamore. The client is most interested in the sound of the name and doesn't care about its gender.

Johann der Becker von Aschersleben (Windale): NEW DEVICE

Vert, semy of annulets Or, three garbs one and two argent.

The name was registered July 2011.

Raylene of the Whispering Woods (Tir Ysgithr): BLANKET PERMISSION TO CONFLICT

On behalf of his wife, Raylene of the Whispering Woods (deceased 23 February 1996), Edric the Unsteady provides signed paperwork for Blanket Permission to Conflict:

Raylene of the Whispering Woods (primary persona name); and

Per bend vert and argent, a bend engrailed between a hare salient and two frogs sejant, a bordure engrailed, all counterchanged.

The following submissions appear in the April 2012 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Commentary is provided by Alys Mackyntoich (Eastern Crown) [AM], Andrew von Otelingen [AO], Aryanhwy merch Catmael [AmC], Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme [BDM], Daði Þorfinnsson [DÞ], Gunnvor silfraharr [Gs], Helena de Argentoune [HdA], Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Aldyrne) [MiBmD], Taran the Wayward [TW] and Marta [MMM].

Adriana di Berto Adraini (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a squirrel sejant maintaining a sword purpure, on a base vert an acorn Or.

Upon further consultation with the client, she wishes the byname to be Adraini, not Adriani. I'm having no luck in finding that as an Italian name element. [MMM]

I think we have to explain the orientation of the sword. Argent, a squirrel sejant maintaining a sword bendwise purpure, on a base vert an acorn Or. [Gs]

Consider clear: Aryanhwy merch Catmael: (Fieldless) A squirrel purpure. for Aleyn Lyghtefote., with 1cd for fieldless, 1cd for the base; and Melangel o'r Glyn : Or, a squirrel sejant erect to sinister, holding an acorn, within an orle purpure., 1cd for field, 1cd for the orientation [TW]

Vs. my badge there's another CD for removing the acorn. [AmC]

Ælfwin Ironhair (Granholme): NEW BADGE: Vair, a hare salient sable.

Vair is vair is vair -- see the 09/1993 CL: “Some commenters have argued that the distinction between vair ancient and the more angular modern vair, though certainly worth no heraldic difference, should nonetheless be blazoned as a courtesy to the submitters -- just as we blazon shamrock vs. trefoil, or sword vs. scimitar. The latter terms, however, are all found in period; vair ancient is not, to the best of my knowledge (not even to the extent of being described in an heraldic tract as "vair as it was drawn in ancient times"). Given the absence of "vair ancient" from period blazons, given the equally varied styles of vair that weren't blazoned, and given the absurdity of a medievalist re-creation group having to specify "drawn in the medieval style" in a blazon (as silly as blazoning a lion drawn in the medieval style, not the modern naturalistic style), I find the tone of moral indignation in some of the recent commentary to be unjustified. Vair ancient should not be explicitly blazoned in the SCA if it was not so blazoned in period; it is exactly the sort of artistic detail that should be left to the artist.” Wow! I didn't see any conflicts. [AmC]

Aldontza Nafarra (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, in pall three falcons striking, claws to center, vert.

I think this conflicts with Argent, three falcons vert. [Estienne de Condé, LOAR 11/2005]. The upside down birds are not working for me and probably fall under the ban on inverted animate creatures, so this is at least a SFPP. [Gs]

There's one CD for arrangement/orientation and another for posture, so this is not a conflict with Estienne. Inverted animate charges are allowed when they are part of a cohesive arrangement (e.g., in pall, in annulo, etc.): We do not allow inverted animate charges in SCA heraldry except when in recognized orientation, such as in annulo. [LoAR 02/1999] [AmC]

Ary, I am pretty sure that the default placement for three whatsits on a shield is identical to placing three whatsits in pall. The only difference is posture. [Gs]

No, the arrangement of "in pall, claws to center" differs from the arrangement of "two and one" by the orientation of the birds, as I noted. [AmC]

I'm not fond of the inverted birds either, but, they are in a per pall arrangement which often inverts one of three charges and so would be registerable.The conflict that Gunnvor silfraharr found, however,scotches that notion. Suggest adding a green chief to clear the conflict? Suggest also making the birds all right-side up and arranging them one-and-two to both sidestep Estienne de Condé and increase identifiability. [HdA]

I am sending this on for the whole College's consideration. With the default posture for falcons being close, I think this may just squeak by with two CDs. I'd hate to return it when it generated debate on both sides. [MMM]

Alessandria Caterina Terranova (Brymstone): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per fess azure and vert, an open book between three mice statant argent.

Consider clear Adelwyn Atewattere: Per fess azure and vert, on an open book argent an acorn proper. 1 CD for removing the acorn, 1CD for the addition of the mice. [TW]

Aleksei Oleg Voikvich (Windale): NEW NAME

As you say, "Voikvich" doesn't work. "Voikovich" for high nobility in Moscow, or people in Novgorod, say, works. "Voikov" would be better in general, but might be too big a change. [DÞ]

Anne of Brackley (Twin Moons): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend argent and purpure, a maunche counterchanged.

Suggest an artist's note to make the maunche as large as will fit on the shield. The way this one is set it's off-center to dexter, and beefed up the line of division wouldn't cut it in such a weird place. [Gs]
Consider: Corisande Seathwaite: Per bend sinister embattled erminois and purpure, a cross moline and a maunch counterchanged., with1cd for field, 1 for tincture of 1/2 the charge, 1 for addition of cross; East, Kingdom of the: Per pale Or and purpure, a maunch counterchanged., with 1cd for field, 1cd for tincture of 1/2 charge; Gwenllian Talbot: Per pale argent and purpure, a maunch and in chief three roses counterchanged., with 1cd for field, 1cd for the roses. [TW]

Antonia Maria de Montoya (Barony of Atenvelt): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per chevron vert and sable, on a chevron throughout Or and argent three cinquefoils gules.

Aoife inghean Oisín (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend wavy vert and azure, a triqetra and a triskelion Or.

Auelyn Spyle Syngere (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a griffin passant and in canton three musical notes, all within a bordure purpure.

I can think of no accurate method to describe the placement of these musical notes-- "three musical notes in canton" would imply a 2&1 arrangement. These are not in a bend sinisterwise, or fesswise arangement. [TW] Perhaps “in bend sinister”? The consensus at the Table was that these were nearly of a “maintained” quality, not to be considered in conflict checking. I'm sure this will still raise eyebrows. [MMM]

Bronwyn Morgan (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Gules, a Celtic cross and on a chief invected Or an anchor sable between two hearts gules.

OSCAR missed a number of close ones (too similar-sounding names). Considering <Brangwayna Morgan> (reg. 10/1999 via the East), I believe the given names are significantly different. However, <Bronwyn ferch Morgan> (reg. 07/1983 via Atlantia) is more problematic. [AmC]

Upon further consultation, the client asks that “the Bold” be added to her name. “Bold,” meaning stout-hearted or courageous, is seen with this spelling in 1593 (thank you, Mr. Shakespeare). [MMM]

The chevron is per pale Or and argent. [BDM]

Catarina Dionis Marti (BoA): NEW NAME

Cynric of Birca (Twin Moons): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale sable and gules, a phoenix argent rising from flames Or, in a chief a goblet all within an orle argent.

Interesting that he wants an Old Norse name, but chooses an Anglo-Saxon given. The combination should be relatively unexceptional - such combinations were, IIRC, semi-common in the Danelaw area. (No documentation for that, however.)
Birca: Martyologium (Usuard, Molanus - 1568, Latin) &ved=0CGQQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=birca&f=false has Bircae in the genitive.
L'universale fabrica del mondo (Giovanni Lorenzo d' Anania - 1576, Italian) &ved=0CFoQ6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=birca&f=false has Birca.
Regnorum Aquilonarium Daniae Sueciae Norvagiae Chronica (Albert Krantz - 1575, Latin) &ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=birca&f=false has Birca in the nominative and Bircae in the genitive. [DÞ]

Dawn Silverrose (BoA ): NEW DEVICE: Per fess wavy vert and azure, a sun issuant from the line of division Or and a rose slipped and leaved argent.

Dimitri Saltarus (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Hmmm... Googling "Saltarus" most hits seem to be the genus name for the plant "Beanstalk palm", and a German speaking character on World of Warcraft. Both of which are irrelevant, of course. The singular of "Saltari" in Italian would be "Saltaro", and that seems to be a real name from period, as well as an occupation. My Italian isn't good enough to figure things out, but is Bw&ved=0CFYQ6AEwBjge#v=onepage&q=saltaro&f=false or this Bw&ved=0CFYQ6AEwBjge#v=onepage&q=saltaro&f=false helpful at all? [DÞ]

Further consultation with the client shows that the byname he'd really like is Salteris (and spelling Dimitri in any way to make it work with Salteris), which appears to be Greek. He found it at , which with an online translator comes out as “ Salteris birthplace where he found the surname: mountainous Naxos - Tragaiaallou: Italia.Eponymo derived from the Latin saltus - salteris think in Latin (Park) . The overall mean of the park. Perhaps ranger in charge or control of forests (Feudal organization - Duchy capital of the Cyclades Naxos) .”  Also, if Saltarius, correctly pronounced in Latin sounds similar to Salteris, i.e. "salt-AIR-iss" then that would be acceptable as a complete alternative barring any other options. [MMM]

Eirik Ising Steingrim (Sundragon): NEW BADGE: Per pale sable and vert, on a lozenge Or a sword sable, the tip broken and distilling a gout gules.

Eleanor Peregrine (Granite Mountain): NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A cup per pale vert and purpure.

Ellen Redbootes (Granite Mountain): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Kingdom, September 2011: Gules, a ferret rampant and on a chief argent, four boots gules.

Ellen Redbootes: NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A boot turned to sinister gules.

This is just "A boot contourny gules". I agree that vs. Elizabeth there are CDs for fieldlessness and for orientation. [AmC]

Ellen Redbootes: NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) Issuant from a boot gules a demi-ferret gules.

Elysant d'Antioch (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE: Argent a bend sinister between a tree blasted sable and a bale of madder gules corded sable.

Emm Swann (BoA): NEW DEVICE: Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a swan naiant sable, an increscent and a decrescent argent.

Gaius Romanus (Burning Sands): NEW CHANGE OF NAME from Gaius Romanus

Galen O'Flagherty (Twin Moons): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per chevron sable and purpure, a dexter hand and a bordure indented argent.

There are examples throughout Mari's Anglicized Irish names data of O- names both with and without the apostrophe. There's no need to drop the apostrophe here. [AM]

Garth MacPhail (Windale): NEW NAME

Grazia of Lorelei (Tir Ysgithr): NAME RESUBMISSION from Laurel, August 2007, and DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Kingdom, April 2007

Per bend sinister azure and vert, on a bend sinister between a fox couchant gardant and a rat passant argent, a peacock feather sable.

Gret Búrstlinin (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Great name! <Búrstlinin> is the form specifically appropriate for a woman. [AmC]

Gwenhevare Leopard (Ered Sul): NEW DEVICE: Argent, a gillyflower gules and a chief engrailed purpure.

I'm not finding a definitive precedent one way or the other, but to be honest, I'd be surprised if there were a CD between a gillyflower and a rose, given their visual similarity. Hence, this may conflict with Judith the Rose (reg. 10/1998 via Atenveldt), "Argent, a rose gules slipped and leaved proper," with just a CD for the chief. [AmC] We'll see what the CoA has to say (but yes, we weren't sure of the sufficient difference between the two, either). [MMM]

Helga Fuchs (Tir Ysgithr): NAME and DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, October 2008: Azure, goutty d'eau, on a pile throughout argent a double-headed eagle sable.

Ilandria Brinson (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Sable, three triquetras in pall points outward Or, a bordure compony azure and argent.

Jocelyn de la Mare (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Josselyn the Red (BoA): NEW NAME

Juliane de Grey (Twin Moons): NAME RESUBMISSION from Laurel, December 2009

The original submission, Seloue McDaid, was returned for lack of documentation of the byname McDaid. “The byname was submitted under the grandfather clause, citing the registered name of Seamus McDaid. However, no proof of relationship between Seloue and Seamus was provided, so the grandfather clause cannot be appealed to.” This is a complete redesign. Juliane is a female English name found in “Feminine Given Names in
A Dictionary of English Surnames: Juliana,” Talan Gwynek,, dated to 1211. While it is probably the inflected genitive of the slightly Latinized Juliana (with the terminal -e), it is likely that it is also the English form of the name in the nominative case. The name Henry de Gray is dated to 1196 in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 203 s.n. Gray, Grey, Le Grey. The citation shows a Philip le Grey 1296, so the -a- >-e- exchange is non-problematic. The client desires a female name and is most interested in the meaning sound and language/culture of the name (none specified). She will not accept Major changes to the name.

Kedivor Tal ap Cadugon (BoA): NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) A billet fesswise Or winged argent.

Kýlan inn froði (Brymstone): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, an open book between three keys, wards to base and sinister, argent.

That's <froði>, not <frođi>. Edh and Croatian slashed-d look awfully similar, but they are not interchangeable. [AmC] Well, dang! [MMM]

Lilian Amia Basilia Bennett (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a phoenix azure rising from flames proper, on a chief sable two arum lilies in saltire slipped and leaved argent.

Do we have evidence for three given names in English? [MiBmD]

I don't think so, but this can be interpreted as two given names + two bynames.[AmC] The entry for Basilia from R&W doesn't specifically demonstrate this form as a given name or a byname, but considering the primary interest in this book is surnames, we could go with this; the drawback is that double bynames are likely very rare in the time span in which these elements are found (1134-1259). [MMM]

Lucia Simonetti (Twin Moons): NEW DEVICE: Per saltire azure and vert, a Latin cross and a chief argent.

Consider: Katelin de Irlande, Per bend sinister azure and vert, a Celtic cross and a chief argent. 1 CD for change of division. ?CD for Latin Cross vs. Celtic Cross? [AO] There is at least a CD, if not X.2 difference, between a Latin cross and a Celtic cross. [AmC]

Marcus de Shirewude (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per fess vert and argent, three swordhilts inverted issuant from the line of division and a dragon dormant counterchanged.

I don't know if “inverted” needs to be included in the blazon. And yes, I know, the dragon is a bit on the portly side.

There is more than just "hilt"showing here -- half the blade is drawn as well. Suspect that these would be more accurately blazoned as "demi-swords." The dragon looks rather "mouse-like" to my eyes. At first glance, I thought it was a winged mouse. Had to look twice to see that this was a dragon. [HdA] It is a dragon. A fat one. Don't judge me!! :) [MMM]

Mariella de Mariano (Granite Mountain): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from West, January 2011: Per bend azure and sable, in bend sinister two compass stars elongated to base bendwise Or.

The registered name is <Mariella di Mariano>. [AmC] Thanks! [MMM]

I would call these comets, not compass stars. [Gs] They can't be comets as those are defined with a mullet and a fuzzy tail. [TW] I think the temptation to blazon these as comets comes from their orientation; still, I consider these compass stars. [MMM]

Matilda Cyppesdohter (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME

Meeting her authenticity request will be difficult. PASE has only one person with this name, a granddaughter of Otto I (912-973); Matilda was apparently born in 955 and lived until 999 (,_Abbess_of_Quedlinburg). Her name was recorded as <Mahtildis> in Æthelweard's Chronicle. This is probably as close to the 9th C as we can get; I would recommend changing the given name to <Mahtildis> to partially meet her authenticity request. [AmC]

Merewyn of Edington (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Sable, on a pile between two arrows in pile argent a turtle azure.

Mihrimah bint Arslan (Twin Moons): NEW CHANGE OF NAME from Melissente Lyonne

Mineko of Twin Moons (Twin Moons): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, June 2011: Per pale argent and sable all mullety of four points, two serpents erect respectant tails entwined counterchanged.

Lovely redraw! [HdA]

Nathaniel of Tode Haulle (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, two dragons in annulo biting each other's tails, the one in chief gules and the one in base sable, both bellied Or.

I may be missing something, but I don't really understand how the documentation supports the submitted name. If he were trying to register a household "Tode Haulle", that's supported by the documentation provided. If he were trying to register "Nathaniel Tode", that's supported too. I don't see how "Nathaniel of Tode Haulle" is supported. Do we have good documentation for "X of building Y" or "X of room Y" in period? ("X at inn Y", certainly, but that's a bit different, as far as I can see.) [DÞ]

Rowland Tode Haulle was registered to Rowland Tode in August 2009 as a household name (using hall/haulle as a variant of "house" and having demonstrated that there are cases in which the owner of a hall used his entire name, not just a surname, to identify the place). This client is not associated with Rowland but likes the byname. Melissa of Monster Hall was registered in July 2010. This demonstrates a byname that refers to a physical construction/building. [MMM]

Niam Finnabair (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Purpure, two lions combattant Or and a bordure Or semy of eleven mullets purpure.

There is a March 2005 precedent allowing the given name <Niamh>:

Niamh inghean Fhearghail. Name and device. Per bend purpure and azure, a bend wavy between an increscent and a dragonfly argent.
Submitted as Neamh inghean Fhearghaill, the feminine name Neamh or Nem appears to be a unique legendary name. O Corrain and Maguire, Irish Names s.n. Nem, say that "In saga, Ném is daughter of the Ulster hero, Celtchar mac Uithechair and wife of the great warrior, Conganchnes mac Dedaid." In addition, no documentation was submitted and none found for the spelling Fhearghaill. We have changed this name to Niamh inghean Fhearghal in order to register it and to match the submitted documentation. The given name Niamh appears in several tales and sagas. In registering the name Niamh ingen Maolán in July 2000, Laurel noted "While there is no evidence that Niamh was actually used in period, it appears in period sagas, in some cases as the name of a human being."
This name either uses an unmarked matronymic or a double given name, neither of which are registerable in Gaelic. My suggested fix is to create a patronymic using the documented masculine given names <Fionnbharr> or <Finnairr>. From the November 2009 LoAR:
Fionnbharr le Nedlere. Name and device. Gules, a spool of thread Or and overall a needle argent.
Submitted as Fionnabhair le Nedler', precedent has ruled that the given name Fionnabhair is not registerable: No documentation was provided, and none could be found, that the feminine given name Fionnabhair was used outside of legend. Lacking evidence that it was used by humans in period, it is not registerable. [Fionnabhair inghean Thighearnaigh, 06/2003 LoAR, R-Caid] No evidence was provided that would allow us to overturn this precedent, so the name remains unregisterable.
Elmet provided documentation for a similar sounding masculine name:
Annals of the Four Masters ( M1265.5 Tadg Mag Fionnbharr do marbhadh do Concobhar Mag Ragnaill & do mac Domhnaill Uí Fearghail.
Annals of the Four Masters ( M1415.1 Emann Mag Findbairr prióir Insi Móire Locha Gamhna do ég an 27. April.
Annals of the Four Masters ( M1328.27 Amhlaoibh Mag Findbairr do marbhadh la Cathal Ua Ruairc.
Ó Corráin & Maguire, Irish Names, s.n. Finnbarr also note that there are eight saints with this name.
I need to check whether pre-1200 or post-1200 spelling is most appropriate for this, but the possible forms are:
pre-1200: Niamh ingen Fhinbairr post-1200 Niamh inghean Fhindbairr
Alternatively, if the submitter hates the sound of "ingen" -- which some do -- there's the option of doing this as a given name + descriptive:
Niamh Fhinn or Niamh Fhind [AM]

Upon further consultation with the client, she will accept Niamh Fhinn. [MMM]

Based on posture of these lions-- proposed reblazon: "Purpure, two lions salient combattant and a bordure Or mullety purpure" Unless the submitter was specific of 11 mullets. [TW] The client was indeed specific as to the number of elements used. [MMM]
"Combattant" = "rampant resepectant"; "salient combattant" isn't possible. Also, the lions are just "Or", not "Or mullety purpure". (I do agree that the bordure should be reblazoned as simply mullety.) [AmC]

Blazon fu: Purpure, two lions salient respectant Or and a bordure Or semy of eleven mullets purpure. Or alternatively: Purpure, two lions salient respectant and on a bordure Or an orle of eleven mullets purpure. [AO]

Patrekr Járngrímsson (Burning Sands): NEW CHANGE OF NAME from Patrick of Mindrum and NEW CHANGE OF DEVICE

Per bend gules and sable, a wolf's head couped contourny and two swords crossed in saltire argent.

Rickard Hawthorne (BoA): NEW BADGE: (Fieldless) The crown of a tree eradiated vert charged with an increscent and a decrescent conjoined in fess argent.

The blazon makes it sound like the primary is just the crown of the tree. I would go with "A tree eradicated vert, its crown charged with an increscent and a decrescent conjoined in fess argent". [AmC]

Rickard Hawthorne (BoA): NEW HOUSEHOLD NAME, House Silvermoon and BADGE: Per bend sable and azure, on a bend vert fimbriated three increscents palewise argent.

There remains no evidence of the pattern "House" + [name] in period. Will the submitter consent to the documented pattern [name] + "House"? [AM]

Robert Redbowe (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE: Argent, a tree blasted sable and a base rayonny gules.

Closest I found is Fiammetta la Ghianda (reg. 10/1992 via Atenveldt), "Argent, a tree couped sable, on a base gules an acorn Or," with a CD for the type of base and another for removing the tertiary. [AmC]

Robyn Grayham (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a pall inverted sable between two frogs sejant respectant and a frog sejant affronty vert.

Why am I stricken with the "Known World Handbook" example of medieval versus modern symmetry here.... [TW] The client very politely and cheerfully listened to an explanation about medieval vs. modern symmetry. And he still likes his original design. [MMM]

Róis inghean mhic Oisdealbhaigh (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME

Róis inghean mhic Oisdealbhaigh (Tir Ysgithr): NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Rose Mac Casdallowe

Roseline d'Avignon (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per chevron purpure and vert, three harps in fess and a horse's head couped argent.

The field behind the harps should be colored in. [AmC] Yes, we missed it. [MMM]

Seraphina Jameson (Windale): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, September 2011: Vert, an open book Or charged with a domestic cat dormant sable, an orle Or.

Þyri ingen Aedain ui Rigain (Tir Ysgithr): NEW DEVICE CHANGE: Sable, on a bend sinister between two ram's heads couped Or three Maltese crosses gules.

One ram's head is palewise and the other bendwise. (You can see the orientation from the couping lineand from the angles of the noses.) Reblazon: Sable, on a bend sinister between a ram's head couped Or and a ram's head couped bendwise three Maltese crosses gules. Now, if the submitter really wants the ram's heads BOTH palewise or BOTH bendwise, then this needs a redraw. [HdA]

In addition to the couped line of the neck, the bottom ram being as close to the bend as it is, it blurs the identifiability of the bottom charge. This probably does need to be redrawn. I didn't find any conflicts--found a couple that were close, but no conflicts. [TW]
Gee whiz, folks, we were doing this at a War Consultation Table! (I can't recall Juliana's stock reply, but I think it was something to the effect, "It was hot! I was war!") :) [MMM]

Ulbrecht vom Walde (Twin Moons): NEW DEVICE CHANGE: Per pale gules and vert, a tree proper eradicated, leaved and on a chief Or, three smith's hammers sable.

Ulrich von Wolfsfeldt (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Azure, in pale a mullet and two wolf's heads erased respectant argent.

Valdís skarpa (BoA): NEW NAME

Bassi, p.19 in his discussion of adjectival epithets says "The weak endings may be used without the article but the strong adjectives always appear without it." So, "skarpa" without an article should be OK. [DÞ]

Viktoria of York (Twin Moons): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per saltire purpure and argent, a dragonfly argent and a rose argent, barbed vert and seeded gules.

The LoAR of October 2011, s.n. Victoria of Vig says "Metron Ariston found that «According to Farmer (Oxford Dictionary of Saints, pp. 390- 391) Victoria was a Roman virgin martyr and she was known in England since Aldhelm used her in his treatises on virginity." Additionally, Victoria is dated to 1520 in England on p. 38 of William Jerdan, ed., "The Field of the Cloth of Gold", Rutland Papers (New York, NY: AMS Press, 1968).» So

Victoria is fine. "Viktoria" is more problematic. Given the Latin origin of the name, 'k's are IMO less likely.
Hmmm... Checking Google books for "Viktoria" I find tBw&ved=0CEUQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=viktoria&f=false Achim von Anims Werke: Volume 3 - Page 320 (Ludwig Achim Arnim (Freiherr von), Reinhold Steig - 1629, in German) (There are also LOTS of hits for Viktoria which are mangled OCR readings of "Victoria" (with the ct digraph), Historia (!), etc.)
I'm guessing English + German is a SFPP? But allowable? [DÞ]

Yes, English/German is currently a SFPP. The earliest extracted record for <Viktoria> in England in the IGI database is a christening from 01 NOV 1663 Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England, <VIKTORIA WITTALL>, so too late. [AmC]

This is clear of Melanie of Caer Anterth-Mor, "Per saltire purpure and argent, a saltire between four cinquefoils counterchanged," by X.1. [AmC]

Ysabel de Vega (Windale): NEW DEVICE: Argent, a tree stump eradicated and sprouting on both sides proper between flaunches vert.

Izza al-Zarqa' (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Purpure, two horses combattant and a chief Or.

The given names should be different enough for this to be clear of <Aziza al-Zarqa'> (reg. 02/2006 via Atenveldt). [AmC]

(Reaches through the aether to put the horses' feet flat on the ground. Poor horses.) [HdA]

Are we looking at horses salient or rampant? at first blush with the hooves being at very different planes I assumed rampant, then noted that the limbs appear to be of the same angle and makes me wonder if they are salient, and just drawn at an angle. [TW]

Clear of Anne Mercier Bromere (reg. 01/1992 via Calontir), "Purpure, a horse rampant to sinister reguardant, in dexter chief a mullet of eight points elongated to base Or," with a CD for the number of horses and one for the type of secondary. Clear of Gunnarr of Endless Hills (reg. 05/2007 via Æthelmearc), "Purpure, two horses combatant Or and on a chief argent four roses gules," with a CD for the tincture of the chief and one for removing the roses. [AmC]

The following submissions are returned by the Atenveldt CoH for further work, April 2012:

Gret Búrstlinin: NEW DEVICE

Sable, semy of church bells Or, a pansy purpure.

The pansy is a primary charge instead of an overall charge and so this violates the Rule of Tincture by placing purpure on sable. On resubmit, suggest fewer and smaller church bells. If the pansy and field tincture were swapped (sable bells on Or) this would be registerable. [HdA]

Aside from the issues already noted, this looks to have been colored with crayon or waxy colored pencils, either of which is grounds for return. [Gs] No, these are basic colored pencils. [MMM]

The following submissions have been registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms, March 2012:

Please note: The College of Arms have reblazoned a number of registered armories containing octopus, squid and the monstrous equivalents of those beasts to use period terminology. Octopus (tentacles to base) are now blazoned as polypus, while kraken (tentacles up) are now blazoned as calamarie. This does not affect the registered status of the owners' armories in any other way.

Adela O Hearne. Name and device. Azure chape ployé, a phoenix and in chief a heart argent.

Anna Sophie von Creutznach. Name.

Submitted as Anna Sophie von Kreuznach, the byname was not dated to period. The only period spelling commenters were able to find was Creutznach. We have changed it to that spelling in order to register the name.

Ariya Arkadova. Reblazon of device. Vairy Or and sable, a calamarie gules.

Blazoned when registered in August 1992 as Vairy Or and sable, a kraken gules., we are reblazoning the kraken as a calamarie in order to use a period term for the creature.

Iona Putnika. Reblazon of device. Or, a polypus and a gore vert.

Blazoned when registered in April 2004 as Or, an octopus and a gore vert., we are reblazoning the octopus as a polypus in order to use a period term for the creature.

Johnny Rooke. Reblazon of device. Per fess gules and sable, a polypus and two demi-skeletons respectant arms extended and crossed in saltire argent.

Blazoned when registered in March 2006 as Per fess gules and sable, an octopus and two demi-skeletons respectant arms extended and crossed in saltire argent., we are reblazoning the octopus as a polypus in order to use a period term for the creature.

Orin the Late. Reblazon of badge. (Fieldless) On a calamarie gules a goutte d'eau.

Blazoned when registered in September 1991 as (Fieldless) A kraken gules charged with a goutte d'eau., we are reblazoning the kraken as a calamarie in order to use a period term for the creature.

Robert Redbowe. Name.

Romanus Rodrigo. Reblazon of badge. (Fieldless) A polypus azure charged with a caltrap argent.

Blazoned when registered in August 2007 as (Fieldless) An octopus azure charged with a caltrap argent., we are reblazoning the octopus as a polypus in order to use a period term for the creature.

Rylan MacLean. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Rylan is the submitter's legal middle name; it is both a surname and given name in type, and could be registered as either. While MacClean or MacClane are more common period spellings of this byname, multiple citations, including Maclein 1586 and Maclane 1545 (both from Black s.n. MacLean), make it clear that MacLean is a plausible late period spelling of the byname. The submitter requested authenticity for Scottish language and culture; as the given name is the submitter's legal name, we cannot meet that authenticity request.

Sæunn kerling. Reblazon of device. Argent, a calamarie purpure and a chief rayonny azure.

Blazoned when registered in March 2005 as Argent, a kraken purpure and a chief rayonny azure., we are reblazoning the kraken as a calamarie in order to use a period term for the creature.

Thomas of Atenveldt. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale sable and argent all semy of anvils, on a bend sinister four reremice palewise counterchanged.

Please advise the submitter that the anvils should be shifted slightly on the field so that they are less obscured by the other charges and more readily identifiable. Submitted under the name Seelos Massmann.

Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge. Azure, on a pall inverted bretessed between in chief two increscents argent a spiked mace azure.

Yashka the Nomad. Reblazon of device. Argent, a calamarie inverted winged gules.

Blazoned when registered in July 2009 as Argent, a kraken inverted winged gules., we are reblazoning the kraken as a calamarie in order to use a period term for the creature.

The following submissions were returned by the College of Arms for further work, March 2012:

Énán Mac Cormaicc. Device. Per pale argent and vert, the uppercase Greek letter phi sable between in chief a triskele and a tankard counterchanged.

We can do no better than to quote the previous return of this exact device in June 2011: We require letters, when used as charges, to be drawn in a medieval hand: This badge must be returned for the use of non-period charges: the capital letters H and S are modern sans-serif letters, with lines of equal width. Medieval letters, both in calligraphy and in carving, had different widths for the different strokes; and while there are some examples of sans-serif letters from ancient times, the majority of medieval letters were serifed. The letters used here are obtrusively modern in style. [Garrick of Shadowdale, R-02-2008]

Similarly, Greek letters should be drawn in a style that matches period hands.

While the depiction of the uppercase Greek letter phi is greatly improved over the previous version, no documentation was provided to prove it matches a period hand; instead it looks like a modern typeface. Please suggest the submitter take a look at the sample page from Lectionary 1, a Greek manuscript of the New Testament dating to the 10th Century, found at, for a similar-shaped depiction that he may prefer.

Rylan MacLean. Device. Quarterly gules and argent, on a sun eclipsed counterchanged a fleur-de-lys Or.

This device is returned for violating section VIII.1.c.ii of the Rules for Submissions, which requires that "All charges should be placed either directly on the field or entirely on other charges that lie on the field." Per precedent, "Eclipsing the sun has long been considered the equivalent of adding a tertiary charge" [Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Ala'iyiyya,­ R-Artemisia, Nov 2004 LoAR], which makes the fleur-de-lys a fourth layer, and thus unregisterable.

[Barring conflict, Rylan might consider a “simple” counterchange of the sun, rather than counterchanging the rays and then the disk. This still maintains the tincture neutrality of the charge, so the fleur-de-lys can be placed upon it without adding the extra layer of the original counterchanged disk: Quarterly gules and argent, on a sun counterchanged a fleur-de-lys Or.]

Seelos Massmann. Name.

As submitted, this name consists of two bynames and no given name; we require all submissions to include a given name and at least one byname. The submitter may want to consider adding a given name like Johannes, making the name Johannes Seelos Massman.

His device was registered under the holding name Thomas of Atenveldt.

[The client might consider using a German form of his legal name Thomas (as we'd hoped Massman might've been). In the MNA, I've found Thomas, Thoma, Thoman, Thömel, Temyl and Thomke.]

Thank you all for your continuing hard work for the Atenveldt College of Heralds and the people it serves!

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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