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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

1 May 2002, A.S. XXXVII

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Francois la Flamme, Laurel King of Arms; Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Pelican Queen of Arms; Zenobia Naphtali, Wreath Queen of Arms; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings of the New Year from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms. Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept spelling and grammar corrections; assistance in these areas is appreciated.

1. Alex the Scribe: NEW DEVICE

Per chevron gules and sable, in base a dragon passant Or.


The name appears in the 1 April 2002 Atenveldt LoI.


Against Percival de Toulouse’s device, Per fess indented azure and gules, a wyvern1passant Or, there is 1 CD for differences in the field and 1 CD for placement of the primary charge on the field, in accordance with RfS X.4.g. Arrangement Changes - Changing the relative positions of charges in any group placed directly on the field or overall is one clear difference, provided that change is not caused by other changes to the design.

2. Aleyd von Brandenburg: NEW NAME

The name is German. Aleyd dates to 1384 in “Medieval German Given Names from Silesia Women's Names,” Talan Gwynek (

Brandenburg is a port city in eastern Germany; it was founded as a Slavic settle-ment called Brennabor/Brennaburg and conquered (12th C.) by Albert the Bear (

3. Aleyd von Brandenburg: NEW DEVICE

Argent, a tree eradicated proper, on a bordure engrailed sable, five arrowheads inverted argent.


4. Antonio Francesco Bernini: NEW NAME CHANGE from Ian Gilchrist, registered 12/97

The name is Italian. Antonio (Anthony) and Francesco (Francis) are both saint’s names and are found in “Italian Names from Florance, 1427," Ferrante LaVolpe (

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) was an Italian artist (p. 144, Webster’s Biographical Dictionary); his father was Pietro Bernini (1562-1629), a noted Florentine sculptor.

If this name change is registered, Ian Gilchrist should be released into the public domain.

5. Iain mac Caradoc: NEW NAME

Iain is the Gaelic form of John (Withycombe, p. 178-9, under John).

Caradoc appears to be an Anglicized form of the Welsh name Caradawg (Withycombe, p. 58); the British name was Caratācos, of which Caractacus was a Latinized form. Caractacus is found in “The First Thousand Years of British Names, Appendices I and II,” Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn ( While the submitter wishes the name to be authentic for a 15th C. Scot, and the Scots and Welsh did interact in period, we’re unsure what the form of a Welsh given name, made into a Scots patronymic, would be. The Iain and Caradoc elements are most important to him; how they are “connected” is less of an issue, should there need to be changes to the construction.

6. Iain mac Caradoc: NEW DEVICE

Per fess azure and sable, in chief three decrecents in fess Or and in base a tollgate argent.


The submitter provides photographs of several period tollgates (the Micklebar Toolgate in York dated earliest, to the 12th C.); all tollgates look pretty much like castles (the drop bar is really no more than a maintained charge, much like the presence or absence of a portcullis), but this seems to clear the many argent towers and castles already in the Ordinary. As the submitter is best known locally for his tollgate work, we ask that the charge be blazoned as a tollgate.

7. Michael Geoffrey fitz William: NEW NAME

The name is English. The elements are found in “A Statistical Survey of Given Names in Essex Co., England, 1182-1272,” by Nicolaa de Bracton ( Geoffrey was a popular name, William moreso, with Michael coming in a distant third; the Essex records show patronymics formed as Fitz-father’s name used in the area.


8. Michael Geoffrey fitz William: NEW DEVICE

Per chevron gules and lozengy sable and argent, in chief three urchins statant and in base a bear rampant Or.


9. Raghnall mac Amlaíb mhic Tuathail: NEW NAME

The name is Irish; Raghnall and Amlaíb are both found in Ó Corráin and Maguire, p. 154 and p. 22 (it seems that the earlier form of Raghnall, Ragnall, might be a little more chronologically consistent).

Tuathail is found in the Academy of St. Gabriel report 1613 (, with Tuathail meaning “son of Tuathal”.

The construction follows the example in “Quick and Easy Gaelic Names,” 3rd Edition, Sharon L. Krossa (, “Raghnall son of Amlaíb son of Tuathal.”


10. Raghnall mac Amlaíb mhic Tuathail: NEW DEVICE

Per pale gules and azure, a winged wolf passant, wings displayed, argent between three Latin crosses Or.


11. Robert Watson: NEW NAME

Robert is a favorite English name since the Conquest, the French form of the OE Hreodbeorht (Withycombe, pp. 254-5).

 Watson is a Scottish surname, “son of Walter”; Walter Watson is dated to 1494 (Black, p. 803).


12. Robert Watson: NEW DEVICE

Sable, a rapier inverted argent, on a chief embattled argent, three acorns slipped and leaved vert.

This letter contains 5 new names, 1 new name change and 6 new devices. This is a total of 12 items. A check to cover fees will be sent separately.


 I remain,

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

Commonly-Cited References

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Ó Corráin, Donnchadh and Fidelma Maguire. Irish Names.

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