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Unto Their Royal Majesties Morgan and Elizabeth; Baroness Genevieve de Lironcourt, Aten Principal Herald; Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings of the New Year from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the April 2017 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation; it is the second LoP issued in March, and the submissions will hopefully be included in the April 2017 Letter of Intent; it precedes the Letter of Intent with commentary made internally via OSCAR. Please have your comments made by 25 April.

Heraldry Hut: will be held on Friday, 31 March, at the home of Symond and Marta, 7:30 PM. Please email one of us if you have questions or need directions.

    Please consider the following submissions for the April 2017 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Muiredach mac Robartaig (Granholme): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Chevronelly inverted azure and Or, on a chief-pale between two doves respectant gules, a double-headed axe Or.

The name is Gaelic. Muiredach is an Old and Middle Irish Gaelic masculine name dated 760-1257 (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Muiredach / Muireadhach,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Robartaig is the genitive form of Robartach. Dated 757-1136 (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Robartach,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, The construction using mac is for a simple patronymic byname (“Quick and Easy Gaelic Names," 3rd Edition, Sharon L. Krossa, The client is most interested in a Gaelic/Scots name.

Olive Long Anne Prosper (Granholme): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Quarterly purpure and sable, on a cross rayonny Or between in chief two owls respectant argent, an increscent moon azure.

The name is English. Olive is a female given name; Olive Stillington has a christening date of 24 February 1595 in St. Martin Coney Street, York, York, English, Batch P01094-1 ( Anne is a female given name and Long is a surname; Anne Long has a christening date of 21 December 1561 in Saint John the Baptist, Croyden, Surrey, England, Batch C09865-2 ( A Long Herodias is dated 16245-1722, born in England and died in Rhode Island, with no Batch number given ( Prosper is a surname; Elizabeth Prosper's christening date is 7 July 1601, St. Paul, Lincoln, Lincoln, England, Batch C02631-1 ( The client desires a female name and is most interested in the sound of the name.

There are five tinctures and three charge types in the device. According to the Pictorial Dictionary, an increscent with a human face is blazoned as an increscent moon.

Orabilis Douw (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW NAME, DEVICE and BADGE

(device) Per pale dovetailed argent and purpure, a wolf sable and a winged unicorn argent combatant, on a chief rayonny vert three thistles argent, flowered purpure.

(badge) Argent, a wolf's head erased sable and a unicorn's head erased purpure armed gules respectant and a point pointed counter-ermine.

Orabilis is a female given name dated to 1221 in “Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surname: Orabel,” Talan Gwynek (; it is also the name of two women in Black's The Surnames of Scotland, p. 639, The daughter and heiress of Nesius, William's son, who married before 1200, and the woman who married Adam, son or Duncan, earl of Mar, son of Gilchrist, Earl of Mar. Douw is a surname in Black, p. 218, s.n. Dove, Dow, Dowe; Ede Dow held a land in “vico boreali,” Edinburgh, 1366. The client desires a female name and is most interested in the sound and the language/culture of the name (Scottish clan).

Sibyl Breathnach (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Gules, a corgi dog rampant to sinister Or maintaining a dagger inverted sable, a bordure embattled Or.

Sibyl is a a female given name dated to 1201 in “Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surname: Sibyl,” Talan Gwynek, Breathnach is a Gaelic descriptive byname, meaning “Welsh” (“Index of Names in Irish Annals: Masculine Descriptive Bynames,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan,, I have no idea if this byname can be applied to a woman, or how it might be feminized.

I think this is a corgi (I didn't consult on this submission, but only heard about “corgis” around the edges; there is no documentation that demonstrates this as a period breed. I believe that the dagger, albeit a maintained charge, needs to have sufficient contrast with the field.

Yagi Tenji Yoshitatsu Kakujo (Sundragon): NEW NAME CHANGE and NEW DEVICE CHANGE

Azure, on a hexagon within a hexagon voided argent a hemp leaf vert.

The name is Japanese. He wishes to drop the azana Jaku'an in favor of the following name construction. The name elements are found in Name Construction in Medieval Japan, revised edition, Solveig Throndardottir. Yagi is a surname dated to 1332, p. 329. The yobina Tenji, “sky, heaven,” is dated to 1124, p. 191. The nanori Yoshitatsu, “dragon,” is dated to 1600, p. 297. Kakujo has been previously registered; it is an imina/personal name dated to 1336. The client desires a male name and will not accept Major or Minor changes to the name.

SENA A4 states that “Any armorial design that does not fit within our core style rules may still be registered if it can be documented as following a pattern of period practice within the armorial style of a single time and place within the temporal scope of the Society. This time and place may be in Europe or may be from a non-European period armorial tradition, such as Islamic or Japanese heraldry. We call such a design an Individually Attested Pattern. All elements in an Individually Attested Pattern must be found in that single time and place, including charges, arrangement of charge groups, and lines of division. Documentation under the Individually Attested Pattern rules does not exempt a design from conflict, presumption, or offense rules.” The client hopes that the armory can be registered, given evidence for the hexagon shape kikko (tortoise shell) that is a recognized motif in Japanese armory. Examples of this design are found in The Daibukan (The Great Book of Heraldry) edited by Hasimoto Hiroshi circa 1591 and the Kenmon Shokamon, Hanawa Hokiichi, dated 1470.

The hemp leaf was determined to be a permitted charge in SCA heraldry in the badge registered to the client, Sable, a hemp leaf within an annulet argent., April 2015. If registered, the client's current device, Per pale sable and vert, within a torii a lion dormant argent., should be released.

The following submissions appear in the March 2017 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Comment for this Letter was provided by Coblaith Muimnech, ffride wlffsdotter, Fiora Vespucci, Maridonna Benvenuti, Michael Gerard Curtememoire and Selene of the Sky.

Adelaide Duval (S. Vladimir/Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend sinister argent and vert, three roses purpure and a dagger bendwise sinister inverted argent.

At the suggestion of several commenters, the dagger was enlarged.

Aed Mac Eochagaín (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME

Apollonia Kautz (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Gules, a polypus argent, on a point pointed Or three apples one and two gules.

Aurora Rothais (S. Vladimir/Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Azure, a rose argent and a demi-sun issuant from base, on a chief Or, seven mullets sable.

Aurora is the client's legal given name; documentation will be forwarded to Laurel. Rothais is an English byname dated to 1086 in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, p. 383 s.n. Rose.

We don't do "semy of [a number]". However, Azure, a rose argent and a demi-sun issuant from base, on a chief Or seven mullets three and four sable. should be good blazon. I am encouraged by the registration of Elana Blakefenn's badge, Nov 2009, as Argent, a mullet voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet vert, in chief seven paw prints three and four sable. [MGC]

Beth Drache (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME CHANGE from Beth of Granite Mountain

The woman Beth Green has a chirstening date of October 1544 in Hartford, Huntington, England, Batch C16869-1 (

Brando Coradini (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale azure and argent, two wolves combattant counterchanged, on a chief triangular sable a sheaf of rapiers inverted proper.

There were a couple of comments on the size of the rapiers on the chief, but given the size of the chief, the client has done the best possible with the charges as he can.

Canaan Falconer (Granite Mountain): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Or, a stag's head cabossed proper within a torc sable.

Cora Boyle (Windale): NEW NAME and NEW DEVICE: Per pale ployé throughout azure and Or, two Celtic crosses and a sheaf of arrows counterchanged.

Darius al-Gafūr (SD): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, a wolf's head erased contourny argent and a point pointed Or.

Dominic de Grae (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, an owl stooping argent, on a chief wavy Or a moon in her plenitude azure between two mullets vert.

Donwenna Dwn (BoA): NEW DEVICE CHANGE: Per chevron gules and sable, three walnuts and a Catherine wheel Or.

The name was registered October 2006.

It was suggested by some commenters that the blazon be modified to Per chevron gules and sable, in chief three walnuts in fess and in base a Catherine wheel Or.

Eoghan MacIver (TY): NEW NAME CHANGE, from William MacIver

Eirikr Stjarna (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, three empty embroiderers spools/quills in pall inverted gules and sable.

Charges can't be blazoned just [tincture] and [tincture]; we have to say what goes where. I believe here we can have: Argent, in pall inverted three empty embroiderer's quills gules lipped sable. [MGC]

Evelyn of Windale (Windale): NEW NAME

Evelyn Grace, a woman has a christening date of May 1598 in Saint Margaret, Westminster, London, England Batch P00160-1 (

Ezekiel Crow (SD): NEW DEVICE: Gules, on a triangle within and conjoined to an annulet argent a raven regardant sable.

Fíne Ingen Ui Cheallaigh (SD): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, two swords crossed in saltire and on a chief argent, three wooden harps proper.

The final letter in OSCAR's find of <Fíne ingen uí Scolaighe> should provide an additional syllable, making the names clear of conflict for sound under, and <Sco> is clear of <Chea> for both spelling and sound under the same rule. [MGC]

Finna Ívarsdóttir (TY): NEW NAME

Friedrich Swartzen Hut (ES): DEVICE RESUBMISSION, from Laurel June 2015: Lozengy argent and azure, a Capotain hat sable.

Michael Gerard Curtememoire comes to the rescue with several period paintings, with a portrait of James I in 1590, now in the National Gallery,, and “"1596 Mrs Jennyngs (b.1550-1551) in a capotain hat, Aged 45 British School,” . The website “It's About Time,”, demonstrates several capotains, and their inclusion in 1596 portraits (evidently 1596 was a banner year for the stylish capoain). Many thanks to Gerard for digging into the history of habedashery!

Galen Peter Gilmore (TY): NEW NAME

Geraint de Grey (BoA): NEW DEVICE: Azure, a chevron Or between two mullets of eight point argent and a demi-sun issuant from base Or.

Ginevra of Sofia (TY): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale gules and azure emined argent, a lion Or and an orle argent.

A map in Gerard Mercator's 1595 map of Servia, Bulgaria, Romania shows the spelling as Soyfia.
The bordure Or had to be changed to an orle argent to avoid several conflicts.

Grimald the Faithful (TY): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per pale Or and sable, two badgers rampant addorsed counterchanged marked argent.

Fíne Ingen Ui Cheallaigh (SD): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, two swords crossed in saltire and on a chief argent, three wooden harps proper.

Hallbiǫrn Freysgoði: NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, three drinking horns fretted in triangle mouths inward and on a chief Or, four Futhark runes Algiz vert.

The blazon of the drinking horns is borrowed from charges seen in the badge of Grímólfr Skúlason, Gules, three drinking horns fretted in triangle mouths inward and on a chief argent a valknut between two ravens respectant sable., in September 2014. The motif as blazoned simply as three drinking horns fretted in triangle: for Siiri Toivotytär, in April 2012, and for Wulfgar Wartooth, in June 2015.

Hannah Millican (BoA): NEW NAME

Hildegard Reinharet (SD): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per fess vert and argent, a crescent argent and a domestic cat's face sable.

Hürrem bint Osman al-Urduni (TY): NEW NAME CHANGE and NEW DEVICE CHANGE from Layla bint Suleiman al-Urduni

Purpure, a pall inverted raguly between two lotus flowers in profile and a squirrel argent.

Iðunn of the Citadel of the Southern Pass (ES): NAME and DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, June 2016: Vert, two bones in saltire within a wingless wyvern in annulo argent.

ffride comments in the most recent LoP: “For completeness, here's what I'd written previously: Lind col. 620 sn. Iðunn includes a mention from the 14th c. Flateyjarbók, of <Idunn kona Þoralfs bonda>. Looking in the Guðbrandur and Unger edition, volume 1 p. 134 ( we have <Þoralfr het bonda... ok het Jdunn kona hans>. Assuming that this isn't a normalised spelling, she could have <Jdunn> or <Idunn>, but it wouldn't be a normalised Old Norse/"Viking Age" spelling, nor would it have her desired sound of "Id-toon".”

Isabella Cara (TY): NEW NAME CHANGE from Ceara inghean Chárthaigh

James Shinner (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, a compass rose Or, on a chief argent three oak leaves vert.

Another documentation for the suname is James Shinner, male, married 1589 in Marytavy, Devon, England, Batch no. M05139-1 ( [fw]

Joseph Grünewald of York (BoA): NEW ALTERNATE NAME, Iosif Syl'vestrov

Julian Faith McCabe: NEW DEVICE CHANGE: Per saltire sable and argent, two unicorn's heads erased respectant sable.

Kathryn De Feuer (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Vert, in pale within a stag's antler conjoined to itself in annulo a rose and a goblet argent.

Michael Gerard Curtmoire suggested what seems to be a clearer blazon: Vert, in pale a stag's antler conjoined to itself and a goblet, within the antler a rose, all argent.

Kidala Boskov (TY/St. Felix): NEW NAME

No one was able to document Kidala as a given name; I am sending it on for, hopefully, some information on this type of Russian name practice.

Marcus de Grae (BoA): NEW NAME

Mariette Dominique du Beau (MT): NEW DEVICE: Azure, a bat-winged mermaid erect to sinister between flaunches argent.

Occadai Dogshin (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend sinister azure and purpure, two dogs sejant erect addorsed Or.

Owain Sayer (Windale): NEW NAME and DEVICE:Per fess dovetailed vert and argent, a mortar and pestle argent and three flames azure.

Rebekah bat Mikael: NEW NAME

Runa Gigja (S. Felix/TY): NEW DEVICE: Per chevron azure and sable, two unicorn's combattant argent and a lit Arabian lamp Or.

Ryan Thorne (TY) NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend wavy Or semy of reremice sable, and gules, in dexter base a compass star Or.

Swetiue de Torleton' (MT): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Or, two elephants statant respectant sable maintaining in their raised trunks a heart gules.

ffride comments:According to the abbreviations page, (g.) indicates it is a "form attested following Lat. filius or filia." Apparently Swetiue is from The Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Middle English Personal Names: East Anglia 1100-1399 and with a bit of digging I think their source was the Pipe Rolls, with: "Leciam filiam Swetiue petentem." ( hUKEwi-pNPA17nSAhXijVQKHUjcDB8Q6AEIIzAC). I'd strongly suspect it's declined in Latin, so the nominative would be Swetiua?”
Michael Gerard Curtememoire comments:Consider also the image below proposed at as a badge for the Barony of the Skraeling Althing, blazoned (Fieldless) Two hares salient respectant argent sustaining in chief a heart per chevron argent and gules at when it was returned with the comment: 'This badge is returned for the appearance of being a device with supporters: since a heart is a medium for heraldic display, the hares appear to be supporters. The College of Arms neither protects nor regulates the use of crests or supporters, and therefore will not register any submission that appears to be one.' Whether the rather smaller size of this heart, its being a single tincture, and/or the charges being on a field saves it from the same problem I do not know.” I hope that this is the case, and the maintained heart does not appear to be a badge supported by the elephants.

Uilliam ua Briain (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Quarterly argent and sable, a cross gules between four snakes nowed counterchanged.

It will be suggested to the client that the snakes should be centered in their own little quarters.

Yvonnet le Bouer (ES): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Azure, a lighted candle and a quill pen cross in saltire, on a chief triangular Or a cauldron sable.

“This is not a cauldron, which hangs by a bail without feet, per, which bail must be visible ( and would badly crowd this chief. Rather, it is a three-footed pot. For the official statement, see, "From Wreath: Blazoning Fun -- Kitchen Pots and Pans". “[MGC] The blazon will be modified.

The following are returned for further work, March 2017:

Finna Ívarsdóttir: NEW DEVICE

Argent, two ovoid annulets conjoined in fess at their smaller ends gules.

As drawn, this is the lem[ni]scate, or infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is post-period, having first been used in 1655. If the submitter can document this symbol earlier, we need copies of the documentation to register it. This submission more accurately blazons the lemniscate, but does not make it more registerable. Moreover, a single abstract symbol, or an arrangement of charges amounting to one, cannot be registered as the sole charge or charges in a device. [MGC]
Interlaced annulets do appear in late 16th C German armory, but they might be considered an abstract symbol as well, and may need an additional charge. [CM]

The following submissions were registered by the SCA College of Arms, December 2016:

Anton Højen. Reblazon of device. Gyronny from canton Or and sable, in sinister a dolphin haurient argent. Registered in November of 1980 as Gyronny from canton Or and sable, to sinister a dolphin haurient argent, current blazoning grammar has the dolphin in sinister.
Beaune de la Sorse. Badge. Per fess paly argent and gules and sable, a cubit arm issuant from base argent. Please advise the submitter to draw an equal number of argent and gules sections.
Eric the Bald. Device change. Per pale azure and sable, two bear's pawprints argent.
The submitter's old device, Sable, a sledge hammer argent within a bordure rayonny Or, is retained as a badge. There is a step from period practice for the use of pawprints.
Franceska Lucrezia la Sarta. Device. Per bend sinister indented gules and purpure, a threaded needle and a natural leopard's head cabossed Or.
Mercurio da Spin. Device. Gyronny arrondi azure and ermine, in saltire a rapier and a comet Or.
Natasiia Novgorodova. Name change from Mariyah al-Madiniyah and device change. Per bend argent and gules, a swan sable and a sword inverted Or.
The submitter's prior name, Mariyah al-Madiniyah, is retained as an alternate name.
The submitter's old device, Per pale azure and Or, a crescent and between its horns a mullet of four points all counterchanged, is retained as a badge.
Rachel Phythian Sons of Scotia. Name and device. Purpure, in chief a cross formy between flaunches argent. Submitted as Rachel Phythien of Sons of Scotia, the name in this form did not match any documented naming pattern. With the submitter's permission, we have changed the name for registration to Rachel Phythian Sons of Scotia, a construction that uses an English double surname plus a locative. Phythian is a variant spelling of Fythian, found as an early 17th century English surname in the FamilySearch Historical Records. Sons was also documented as an early 17th century English surname in FamilySearch.

The following were returned by the College of Arms for further work, November 2016:

Millicent Couture. Name.
This name was withdrawn by the submitter after the close of commentary.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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