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Unto Their Royal Majesties Morgan and Elizabeth; Baron Seamus MacDade, Aten Principal Herald; Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the Estrella XXXV (2019) Atenveldt Letter of Presentation. It contains only submissions from Estrella XXXV. The College of Arms asks that a Letter of Presentation/Intent have no more than 55 items; unfortunately, with the weather-shortened Consultation Table at the War, that isn't an issue this year (sigh). Please have commentary to me by 20 March 2019.

The following submissions appear in the March 2019 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Commentary for this letter was provided by Dietrich von Sachsen (Green Mantle Herald), ffride wlffsdotter, Iago ab Adam, Michael Gerard Curtememoire.

Ambré Renée de Passais (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE: Argent, a sun gules eclipsed Or, on a chief azure three mullets of seven points argent.
Considering the eclipsed sun as a sun + roundel still brings the complexity count or tinctures + charges to eight, which is acceptable.

Dawn Greenwall (Granite Mountain): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, November 2018: Per fess Or and vert masoned Or, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division gules, a chief purpure.

It was suggested by Iago ab Adam: On a field with a chief, the fess line should be half way up the remaining space. This line of division is too high.” The emblazon was redrawn.

Eoin Ó Seachnasaigh: NEW DEVICE CHANGE: Sable, a bend sinister vert fimbriated and in dexter chief a stag salient argent.

The name was registered December 2010.
If registered, the client asks that his currently-registered device, Sable, a bend sinister vert fimbriated and in dexter chief a Celtic cross argent., registered in December 2010, be maintained as a badge.

Eoin the Steward: NEW DEVICE CHANGE, from , registered June 2015.

Argent, on a hurt a cross couped argent, a bordure embattled sable.

Hrafn Vargr (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE Per bend sinister vert and argent, a wolf rampant contourny argent and a raven contourny sable.

Hrafn is an Old Norse male given name (“Viking Names found in Landnámabók,” Aryanhwy merch Catmael, The byname Vargr, “wolf,” (also a “thief, robber, miscreant”) is found in A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic, Geir T. Zoëga, Oxford, 1910, This is a more search-friendly site: The client desires a male name and if most interested in the land/culture of the name (11th-12th C. Norway); he would like it to be authentic for Norwegian (language and/or culture).

Jon Blackfish (BoA): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Per bend sinister Or and sable, a lucy haurient embowed contourny and a Maltese cross counterchanged.

Kára Refsdóttir (Tir Ysgithr): NEW NAME and DEVICE: Argent, a fox passant proper within a wreath of holly leaves vert fructed gules.

Kim Dae Hae (BoA): NAME RESUBMISSION from William of Atenveldt/Kim Samguk
Submitted as Kim Senggum in the December 2018 Atenveldt LoI (itself a resubmission of the holding name William of Atenveldt, registered as a holding name in August 2018), the client wishes to withdraw Kim Senggum and submit this instead.

Moire Fhionn inghean Uí Raghallaigh (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW DEVICE: Sable, three crescents conjoined in pall horns outward, a bordure Or.

Orrin Darius (BoA): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, November 2018: Sable, two serpents nowed in a Bourchier knot, that to dexter Or and that to sinister inverted argent, in base a triquetra inverted argent.

The previous submission, Sable, two serpents nowed in a Bourchier knot, that to dexter Or and that to sinister inverted argent., was returned for “conflict with the badge of Bourchier (important non-SCA armory), (Tinctureless) A Bourchier knot. There is one DC for the field, but no difference granted for the presence of the serpents' heads.”

Thora Gyldir (BoA): NEW NAME
The name is Old Norse. Thora (as Þóra) is a female given name in “Viking Names found in Landnámabók,” Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Gyldir is a byname, “howler, wolf”, in “Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók,” Arryanhwy merch Catmael, It is correct as gylðir. The client will be informed of this (the client was contacted, but there was no reply).

Many thanks in advance for your time and consideration of these submissions; thanks also to the heralds who worked patiently (and cheerfully!), for as long as it lasted at the Consultation Table!

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Parhelium Herald

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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