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Letter of Intent

30 October 2018, A.S. LIII

Unto Juliana Laurel; Alys Pelican; Cormac Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms. Unless specifically stated, the client will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated.

1. Celeste Vallentine: DEVICE CORRECTION

Purpure mullety, a natural leopard rampant contourny guardant argent spotted sable.

The name was registered June 2018.

Azure mullety, a natural leopard rampant contourny guardant argent spotted sable., to be released.

The device submission appeared on the 25 March 2018 Atenveldt LoI as Purpure mullety argent, a natural leopard gardant rampant contourny argent spotted sable. However, the general consensus was that the field, in scanned copy and the OSCAR-corrected copy, looked azure, and the device was registered as Azure mullety, a natural leopard rampant contourny guardant argent spotted sable. (So much for trusting a brand-new Crayola marker...yes, a purple one.)

The client wants purpure. This is not so much an appeal as a correction of the original submission, and that the client will not be required to pay for this as a new submission.

2. Marceau de Valcourt: HOUSEHOLD NAME RESUBMISSION, from Laurel, January 2015: Rhythmic Mercenaries

The personal name was registered July 2001.

The previous submission, for the Mirthful Grand Alliance of Mead and Drum, was returned for a number of reasons. This is a complete redesign.

The reasoning for the name is based on the documentation provided for the household name of Handsome Boys, registered to Anastasia da Monte, in the January LoAR. (Extensive documentation is provided This is a constructed gang name: Mercenaries is intended as the designator and Rhythmic as the descriptive element.

Mercenary/ies, as one/s paid solely for monetary gain for services rendered, appears in the late 14th C, from the 13th C. Old French mercenaire, “mercenary, hireling” (

The preferred Rhythmic is dated to the 1560s (, from French rhythmique or directly from Latin rhythmicus, from Greek rhythmikos, from rhythmos "measured flow or movement, rhythm; proportion, symmetry" (see rhythm).

The client styles this group as one that entertains at events, like wars. While not necessarily a group that might move physically in rhythm or a pattern (as a military unit might), their entertainment, like jogelours, jesters or minstrels, might be considered to have decent vocal and musical talents and members who demonstrate acceptable ability in such matters of rhythm and flow. If this were a plausible adjective for the group's activities, it might be used to describe the unit, especially if the group members were ones who'd be appreciative of being paid for their entertainment in some fashion.

3. Orabilis Douw: BADGE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2018

Per saltire gules and sable, a dragon maintaining a sword and a Greek sphinx rampant maintaining an arrow inverted addorsed tails entwined argent, a bordure embattled ermine.

The name was registered July 2017.

The previous submission, Per saltire gules and sable, a dragon and a Greek sphinx rampant addorsed argent, a bordure embattled ermine., was returned administratively “as the emblazon in OSCAR does not match the emblazon on the actual form. In addition, it appears that the kingdom redrew this badge with no mention of submitter consultation or approval. This is also grounds for return.” The client has made a few changes to the original badge.

There is 1 Household Name Resubmission, 1 Device Change (correction), and 1 Badge Resubmission. These 3 items are not chargeable. There are a total of 3 items submitted on this letter.

I was assisted in the preparation of this Letter with Commentary by Alys Mackyntoich (Pelican).

Thank you to those who provide your wisdom and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy
c/o Linda Miku
2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

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