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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

1 June 2001, A.S. XXXVI

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Their Royal Majesties Gallochbhar and Haley; Mistress Magdelen Venturosa, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald!

This is the June 2001 internal Atenveldt Letter of Intent. It precedes the external LoI that will contain the following submissions, asking questions of submitters and local heralds who have worked with them; if these questions are not addressed, the submission may be returned by the Atenveldt College of Heralds. You are encouraged to comment upon these submissions, whatever your experience level. Please have your comments to me on the submissions being considered for the 1 July LoI by 25 June. I accept online commentary:

Submissions Website: You can send electronic commentary on the most recent internal LoIs through the site, in addition to any questions you might have. Current submission forms (the ONLY forms that can be used!) can be found on the site. Please let your local populace know about the site, too:

Crown Lists: The September Crown Tournament will be held in the Barony of Sundragon; you might want to remind prospective entrants and their consorts that names and devices must at least be in submission, as per Kingdom Law, as one requirement to participate in the Lists. Just thinking ahead! :)

Consultation Table: I plan to run a Consultation Table (with submissions being accepted) at the Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Competition on 4 August. If you know potential submitters with "special needs" (name sources in uncommon languages, regional armory) who might be attending the event and wanting to consult, please let me know so I can plan to bring appropriate references. You might also encourage folks who have had submissions returned to consult, so resubmissions (which are free!) can be undertaken. Of course, you are always invited to participate at the Table-even if you think you aren't skilled, you will be surprised how you can help and what you might be able to learn (and this Table will probably be a little less frenetic than the one held at Estrella War!).

Please consider the following submissions for inclusion in the 1 July 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Noble Fields, Incipient Shire of (Chino and Prescott Valleys (?)): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Azure, two antelopes combattant between in chief a laurel wreath Or, and a base barry wavy Or and azure.

This is a proto-submission (I don't have the paperwork in hand, but I've been discussing it via email, and there isn't much else for consideration this month).

The name is English. I am concerned about the name. Period names are pragmatic--a human's attributes might be noted (Fair, Black, Noble, Greedy) in his byname, but landscapes are described in a fairly cut-and-dry manner: Greenfields, Black Mountain, Oxford, etc.). A "Noble" Field seems somewhat incongruous, as how does one determine if a piece of land is "noble"? (An exception to this might be Richfield, one that is successful at producing good, bountiful crops.) We might be able to argue the name as a locative, Noble's Fields/Noblesfields/Noble Fields/Noblefields -- land owned by a man or the family Noble/Nobles. This is a 12th C. English surname, and the construction is similar to that seen with inns and hostelries.

I don't know whether the populace wants to use the heraldic antelope, with the serrated horns and hook on its nose, or the pronghorn, which is found in the area. Either seems a reasonable charge.

This is a proto-submission (I don't have the paperwork in hand, but I've been discussing it via email, and there isn't much else for consideration this month).

The following appear in the 1 June 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Atenveldt, Kingdom of: NEW BADGE ((fieldless) An alembic flask azure charged with a sun Or.)

The charge could be alternately blazoned as a retort. If registered, it will be associated with the Kingdom's herbalist guild.

Katlin von Kappel (Tir Ysgithr): NEW BADGE (Per saltire sable and gules, four fleurs-de-lys, bases to center, Or.)

Kayleigh von Brückenheim: DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, February 2001 (Or, two artist's brushes crossed in saltire sable between flaunches azure each charged with a tower Or.)

The previous submission (Or, an artist's brush and a reed pen inverted in saltire sable between flaunches azure each charged with a tower Or.) was returned for the use of two similar but non-identical charges on the device (the pen and the brush), a practice which has been prohibited for some time. Changing the pair to identical charges solves this problem.

Saint Vladimir, Incipient College of (Northern Arizona University): NEW NAME and DEVICE (Argent, an angel argent, winged and garbed gules, crined, cuirassed and shod sable, maintaining in its dexter hand a spear bendwise and in its sinister an open book argent, in chief a laurel wreath gules.)

The following submissions are returned by the Atenveldt College of Heralds for further work, 1 June 2001 (note that most of these can be easily be returned to the submission process by supplying paperwork):

Elizabeth (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME

The name is returned for violation of Rules for Submission III.2.a Personal Names - "A personal name must contain a given name and at least one byname; each of these components will be called a name phrase. A byname is any name added to the given name to identify its bearer more precisely."

RETURNED for lack of byname.

Hawk's Keep, Incipient Shire of (Meadview AZ): NEW NAME and DEVICE

Or, on a tower sable a hawk's head erased Or, environed in base by a laurel wreath vert.

As commented upon in the May 2001 IloI, I was very concerned by the potential conflict of this group name with the registered name of Hawk's Keye, a march in the Midrealm. It is Laurel Queen's opinion that this would probably be returned for conflict, if considered by the College of Arms, and as such would require all submissions, the name and the arms alike being returned. I ask that the populace consider an alternate name.

There are several close calls with the armory but no apparent conflicts.

Even if everything were just fine, I am still lacking a populace consent form for the submissions. RETURNED for name conflict and lack of populace consent form.

Saint Felix, College of (University of Arizona): NEW CHANGE OF DEVICE and NEW CHANGE OF BADGE

Per pale gules and azure, a scroll bendwise argent, ribboned sable, within a laurel wreath Or.

(badge) Per pale, a scroll bendwise argent, ribboned sable.

There is nothing wrong with the armorial submissions, but no populace consent form was provided for them or to release the existing armory. RETURNED for lack of populace consent form.

The following Atenveldt submissions were registered by the S.C.A. College of Arms at its April 2001 meeting:

Beartlaoi mac Mathghamhna. Device. Or, a grenade sable enflamed gules between three Celtic crosses sable, a bordure dovetailed gules.

Killian M'Cahall. Badge. Gules, in fess two quavers Or.

Kveldúlfr av Úlfsgarð. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Kveldulf av U lfsgaard, we have changed the given name to match the submitted documentation and corrected the spelling of the locative.

Richard Oakshield. Name change from holding name Richard of Atenveldt.

Timothy Matthias de Coupeland. Name and device. Argent, a cross vert interlaced with a star of David gules.

Teresa of Sundragon. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, a natural panther's head erased purpure bezanty.

Submitted under the name Teresa Callan.

The following submissions were returned by the S.C.A. College of Arms at its April 2001 meeting for further work:

Kveldúlfr av Úlfsgarð. Device. Argent, a wolf-headed eagle displayed facing sinister sable gorged of a county coronet Or sustaining a pair of axes crossed in saltire sable.

Conflict with Prussia (important non-SCA arms), Argent, an eagle displayed sable crowned Or and Manfred, King of Sicily (important non-SCA arms), Argent, an eagle displayed sable. While the axes are large enough to count for difference, neither the wolf head nor the gorging are worth difference, so the addition of the axes is the only CD.

Teresa Callan. Name.

Unfortunately for the submitter, mixed Irish / Spanish names are not allowed (Jaelle of Armida, LoAR of July 1997). As Teresa was not used in the British Isles until after our period we have to return this. Her device has been registered under the holding name Teresa of Sundragon.

I hope the upcoming summer season finds you all well and cool...remember the opportunity to work a hour or two (or more!) at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Consultation Table! I would enjoy working with you and your populace.

I remain,

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716


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