Date/Kingdom Search Hints

Here are some hints for using the Date/Kingdom Search Form. The purpose of the form is to find all items registered during a particular period of time, through particular kingdoms of the SCA.

Search Criteria

  1. Select the inclusive starting and ending dates of the period of interest. With most browsers, months are selected from a menu, by dragging with the mouse. Years are selected by typing the common-era year (or the last two digits thereof) in the text-entry boxes.
  2. Select the kingdoms of interest. With most browsers, kingdoms are selected (or deselected) by clicking with the mouse on a box next to the Kingdom's name.

Maximum Number of Items to Display

You can control the size of your search result by typing a number of items (1-500) in this box. If you do not fill in the box, at most 25 items will be displayed. Note that there is a built-in limit of 500 items, which you cannot override.

Display Options

You can specify how you want your search results sorted. Currently there are two options: by name and by date. It is usually easiest to find items when they are sorted by name.

You can also specify whether you want dates shown in modern style (Common Era year/A.D.) or SCA style (Anno Societatis). The SCA calendar counts years from the SCA's "First Tournament" (1 May 1966) and traditionally uses Roman numerals.

You can also specify whether you want blazons to be displayed with links to the heraldic glossary. These links are helpful if you are unclear on the meanings of basic blazon terms.

Submitting the Search

The button at the bottom of the form marked "search for items matching the dates/kingdoms above" is used to launch the search. The server takes no action until you click on the button.

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