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Unto Their Royal Majesties Morgan and Elizabeth; Baroness Genevieve de Lironcourt, Aten Principal Herald; Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings of the New Year from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the June 2017 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation. There will be a Consultation Table at Kingdom A&S Collegium in Mons Tonitrus on Saturday, 3 June 2017. If you are a herald and would like to help out, drop on by!

Aten University will be held on Saturday, 17 June, in the Barony of Twin Moons; the populace is invited to attend, but all warranted officers are required to be there.

Heraldry Hut: There was no Heraldry Hut in April or May. The June Heraldry Hut is tentatively scheduled for Friday, 16 June, 7:30 PM.

The following submissions appear in the May 2017 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Damon Constantine (Tir Ysgithr): NEW DEVICE CHANGE

Quarterly sable and azure, in bend two talbot's heads couped contourny Or.

The name was registered March 1999.

If registered, his current device, Sable, two serpents erect and entwined that to dexter argent and that to sinister Or, a ford proper., should be released.

Eoda Blauschild (Sundragon): TRANSFER OF NAME to Jodie W. Vaughn, Jr.

The name Eoda Blauschild was registered October 2016, and the client's previously-registered name, Angelica Blauschild, was maintained as an alternate name. She wishes that Eoda Blauschild be transferred to Jodie W. Vaughn, Jr., and that her primary name once again be Angelica Blauschild. Necessary signed paperwork is forwarded to Laurel.

Jodie W. Vaughn, Jr. (Sundragon): ACCEPTANCE OF NAME TRANSFER Eoda Blauschild from Angelica Blauschild.

The client accepts the name transfer from Angelica. It should be noted that the client's originally-registered SCA name of Joseph Walter McFadden was released at his request by the College of Arms October 2014. Necessary signed paperwork is forwarded to Laurel.

Tir Ysgithr, Barony of: NEW BADGE

(Fieldless) A maunch Or charged with a boar's head couped contourny sable.

The branch-name was registered around January 1973.

The following submissions were register by the SCA College of Arms, March 2017:
(these were submissions on the November 2016 and December 2016 LoIs)

Areus of Sparta. Device change. Sable, a trident head Or and a bordure parted bordurewise wavy argent and gules.
The submitter's old device, Azure, a horseshoe inverted within a bordure Or, is retained as a badge.
Cullen Ellis. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a dragon contourny argent and three Celtic crosses Or.
Fenrich Stürmer Hahn. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Fenrich der Stürmer Hahn, the byname was intended to mean "the fighting rooster." However, we have no evidence to support the use of the definite article der in a compound byname composed of two separate descriptives. However, both Stürmer and Hahn were documented as late period German bynames. Appendix A permits double bynames (without the article der) in German. Therefore, we have changed the name to Fenrich Stürmer Hahn for registration.
Gallant O'Driscole. Badge. (Fieldless) Between and conjoined to two serpents erect addorsed each nowed argent a roundel vert.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Badge (see RETURNS for order name). Per fess indented vert and sable, in chief a bezant charged with a heart vert, a bordure erminois.
Please advise the submitters to draw the line of division with at least three indentations as in the badges previously registered to the barony.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Order name Order of Grace of Granite Mountain.
Submitted as Order of the Grace of Granite Mountain, the phrasing the Grace does not follow the pattern of order names based on virtues or positive qualities. We have dropped the article and changed the name to Order of Grace of Granite Mountain for registration.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Badge for Populace. Per fess indented vert and sable, in base an ermine spot Or, a bordure erminois.
Please advise the submitters to draw the line of division with at least three indentations as in the badges previously registered to the barony.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Badge. Per fess indented vert and sable, an ermine statant contourny regardant ermine and an ermine spot Or, a bordure erminois.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Badge for Order of Peregrine of Granite Mountain. Per fess indented vert and sable, in saltire an arrow inverted and a bow Or, a bordure erminois.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Badge. Sable, an ermine spot Or, a bordure erminois.
Gunnvarðr Egilsson. Device. Or, a phoenix face to sinister gules, a bordure engrailed azure.
Honour Grenehart. Badge. Argent goutty de vin, a labyrinth azure.
Ignacio Diaz de Castile. Device. Pean, on a tyger rampant Or a crescent gules, a bordure embattled Or crusilly Santiago gules.
The submitter has permission to conflict with the device of Adam Carlos Diaz de Castile: Pean, a tyger rampant within a bordure embattled Or charged with six crosses of Santiago gules.
Liam Warr. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Maria de Venetia. Name change from Mariyah al-Madiniyah.
The submitter's old name, Mariyah al-Madiniyah, is retained as an alternate name.
Mathias Steinson. Name and device. Quarterly sable and azure, a butterfly bendwise sinister argent.
The given name Mathias is found in the Diplomatarium Norvegicum dated to 1421 and the byname Steinson is found in the same source dated to 1422, making this an excellent 15th century Norwegian name!
Músa-Sunnifa. Name and device. Azure, in bend three estoiles argent between two bendlets Or, all between two open books argent.
Nefratiri Ani. Badge. (Fieldless) A triskelion of human legs azure.
Nice badge!
Nikolaus Martin. Name and device. Per pale sable and gules, a chi-rho argent and a double-headed eagle Or, on a chief argent a cross of Jerusalem sable.
Tobias Wade. Household name House of Roan Brook and badge. Per chevron inverted grady azure and argent, a sunburst Or clouded argent and two towers gules.
Submitted as Household of Roan Brook, this pattern was not documented. By precedent, the designator Household cannot be used with a substantive element based on a place name. [Robert Longshanks of Canterbury. Household name Manor of Long Whitney, 4/2007 LoAr, A-Drachenwald]. In this instance, the substantive element Roan Brook is an English place name, constructed from the family name Roan and the generic toponym Brook, according to the patterns set forth in "Compound Placenames in English" by Juliana de Luna ( We have changed the designator to House for registration, as this is the smallest change from the submitted form.
Valdis Skarpa. Device. Gules, a dragon couchant and on a chief argent three open books sable.
Viviana Dalessana. Name and device. Argent, a fleur-de-lys and a bordure per pale azure and sable. Submitted as Vivianna Dalessana, the Letter of Intent argued that the spelling Vivianna should be plausible given evidence of both Viviana and Anna in the same source. However, the Byzantine Greek Viviana is not etymologically related to Anna. Viviana and its masculine form Vivianus use the Roman -anus/-ana ending, in which the n is not doubled. There is no evidence, therefore, to support the submitter's requested spelling. We have changed the given name to Viviana to match the documentation.
The following submissions were returned by the College of Arms for further work, March 2017:
Fenrich Stürmer Hahn. Device. Or, a dunghill cock rising contourny vert maintaining a spear bendwise sinister argent hafted sable, a bordure raguly sable.

This device is returned for contrast issues. According to the precedent set in August 2015 which allows maintained charges to count towards difference, they need to be identifiable and are no longer exempt from the usual requirements for good contrast. As the identifying portion of the spear is argent on an Or field, there is not sufficient contrast for the identifiability to be maintained.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Order name Order of the Emerald Heart of Granite Mountain.
This name must be returned due to the lack of documentation for the pattern of the order name. On the April 2012 Cover Letter, Pelican ruled that "no convincing evidence has been presented for the use of non-heraldic color names, including the names for particular shades of a color, like scarlet or crimson." No new evidence has been presented since April 2012 for the use of non-heraldic color terms. Accordingly, while ordinary color names (such as green) or heraldic tinctures (such as vert) can be registered in order names, the use of a color term outside of these two categories, such as emerald, continues to be prohibited by precedent.
On resubmission, we recommend that the Barony consider the following alternatives: Order of the Green Heart of Granite Mountain, Order of the Vert Heart of Granite Mountain or Order of the Heart Vert of Granite Mountain.
Granite Mountain, Barony of. Heraldic title Erminois Pursuivant.
This name is being returned due to the lack of the documentation for the pattern of creating a heraldic title from a tincture. The sole example given in the Letter of Intent was the title of Ermine King of Arms. However, this title was based on the animal called the ermine, not the heraldic tincture. Lacking any evidence for naming a heraldic title after a heraldic tincture, we cannot register this name.
Kára Hanadóttir. Badge. (Fieldless) A harp sable within and conjoined to three calla lilies in triangle argent, slipped and leaved vert. This device is returned for not being reliably blazonable, which is a violation of SENA A1C which requires an emblazon to be describable in heraldic terms. Blazoned on the Letter of Intent as "in triangle" that triangular arrangement is neither palewise nor bendwise.
Liam Warr. Device. Argent, three pallets gules, overall a mullet of seven points sable.
As this is equivalent to Paly argent and gules, a mullet of seven points sable there are multiple conflicts. Per the April 2012 Cover Letter on suns vs. mullets vs. estoiles (, there is no difference between mullets of any number of points and there is a difference between mullets of seven points and suns. Thus we have the following conflicts:
It conflicts with the badge of Craig of the Glyn: Gyronny gules and Or, a compass star sable. A compass star is a mullet, thus there is no difference for the number of points. That leaves a single DC for changes to the field.
It conflicts with the badge of Kedivor Tal ap Cadugon, Barry vert and Or, a mullet sable, with a single DC for changes to the field.
It conflicts with the device of Melissande Aefensteorra (device, June 1986, West): Chevronelly vert and argent, a mullet of eight points, alternately straight and wavy, sable. There is only one DC for changes to the field.
It also conflicts with the badge of Eleanor Leonard (badge, July 1982, Atlantia), (Tinctureless) A mullet of four points distilling a goutte. There is only one DC for the difference between fielded and fieldless design. However, as the field is not a solid tincture Eleanor's blanket Permission to Conflict applies and the conflict is not a bar to registration.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

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