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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

Letter of Intent Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Gabriel Laurel; Lillia Pelican; Emma Wreath; and the commenting Members of the College of Arms,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The Atenveldt College of Heralds requests the consideration and registration of the following names and armory with the College of Arms.

Unless specifically stated, the submitter will accept any spelling and grammar corrections; all assistance is appreciated. This is the Part 2 of the submissions accepted at Estrella War XXX; thanks to those who worked at the War's Consultation Table will be printed in the April Letter of Intent.

1. Áine inghean Uí Cheallaigh: New Name and Device

Per chevron azure and argent, two owls argent and a tree eradicated azure trunked sable.

Áine is an Early Modern Irish; Mari docs it with Annals dates of 1316-1468, as well as earlier, “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Áine,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan,

Chellaigh is the genitive form of the Early Modern Irish male given name Cellach,

inghean Uí is the standard Irish clan affiliation particle for women, “Quick and Easy Gaelic Names,” Sharon Krossa,

Originally submitted as Áine inghean Uí Cellaigh, this creates a consistent Early Modern Irish name that was permitted by the client.

The client desires a female name.

This is clear Vs. Renee Claymore (reg. 11/2002 via Atenveldt), "Per chevron azure and argent, two martlets and a claymore inverted counterchanged", since owls are an SC from martlets, and likewise considering Meredith Welles of Goosewood (reg. 11/1994 via Calontir), “Per chevron throughout azure and argent, two geese respectant reguardant and an arrow inverted counterchanged."; Vs. Deirdre ingen Cholmáin (reg. 09/2010 via Calontir), "Per chevron dovetailed azure and argent, two doves rising respectant argent and a tree eradicated proper," there's a DC for the field division and one for changing the tincture of the tree.; Vs. Mikhail Tomasov syn Ambros'ev (reg. 01/2006 via Atlantia), "Per chevron azure and argent, two horses rampant addorsed and a tree blasted and eradicated counterchanged," there's a DC for changing the type of 2/3 of the charges, and another for changing the posture/orientation of the same.

2. Broccán ua Staimna: New Name and Device

Or, on a pale sable three eagles wings inverted Or.

Broccán is an Old Irish Gaelic name name, dated 720-877.

Stiamna is a Middle Irish Gaelic male name, dated 1169-1182 (no genitive form is provided, but an individual who arrived in Ireland during the 1169 Anglo-Norman invasion is documented with several spellings of the byname, one being Stiamhna, which is the early Modern Irish form). Both elements are found in “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Masculine Given Names,” Mari Elspeth nic Bryan,

The period of the name elements requires that the Middle Irish form of the particle to be used in order for the byname to be linguistically compatible, hence ua.

The client desires a male name and is most interested in the language/culture of the name (Irish).

The device conflicts with the device of Saito Takauji, Or, on a pale sable three cherry blossoms Or. (registered December 2013!!!), but that most gracious gentleman has provided permission for Broccán to conflict.

3. Catharin Sylvestrova: New Name

The only forms of Russian Catherine names appear to be spelled with a K- (Katerina, Katerinka, Kata), themselves being diminutives or variants of Ekaterina (“A Dictionary of Period Russian Names,” However, ffride wlffsdotter tracked down Catharin as a Slovakian form of the given name with

<Catharin Sindler> baptised 09 Apr 1612, Slovakia. No batch number, but there is a scan of the document.
<Catharin Schmidt> baptised 05 Mar 1611, Slovakia. No batch number, but there is a scan of the document.

The client finds the Catharin spelling acceptable.

Silvestr is a Russian male given name; Sil'vestr is dated to 1574 (ibid.). While documentation provided for the byname comes from Russian Surnames, B.O. Unbegaun, it seems that the patronymic should end in an -a to agree with the feminine gender of the given name, hence Sylvestrova (“Paul Goldschmidt's Dictionary of Russian Names – Grammar, I don't know if the I/Y exchange is possible in Russian.

Russian/Slovakian name combinations seems to be acceptable in SENA's Appendix C: Regional Naming Groups and Their Mixes.

The client desires a female name and will not accept Major changes to the name.

4. Columba de Palomares: New Badge

(Fieldless) A dove volant bendwise argent sustaining and harnessed to its back a grenade bendwise inverted sable enflamed proper.

The name was registered December 2004.

The use of animals as missile bearers (specifically birds and cats) is noted in a 500-year-old German manuscript on battle tactics/siege warfare uncovered by University of Pennsylvania researcher Mitch Fraas, While this weaponry was said never to have been implemented, the use of animals as pyrotechnic technicians is noted in the Old Testament, with Samson capturing foxes and attaching torches to their tails, then allowing them to run through the Philistines' fields (Judges 15: 1-3), and in the 20th C., making bats into incendiary devices that would burn the wood and paper structures found in Japan of that era (

5. Jacqueline du Bosc: New Name and Device

Gules, a cross checky sable and argent between four hearts argent.

Jacqueline is the client's legal given name. It is also dated to 1573 as an English given name, and as the christening date for Jacqueline de Coumont, C04947-1,

The surname <DuBosc> recorded around 1500 in Bordeaux, citing Friedemann and Scott's "Names Found in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520" where the name of Vincent Dubosc appears ( The surname in the spelling Dubosc also appears in a Norman context in Elliot's "Sixteenth Century Norman Names" at The submitter wishes to use the two word spelling used in the registered name of her mother Ann du Bosc, and her sister Lie du Bosc.

She desires a female name and is most concerned with the language/culture of the name. She will not accept Major changes to the name, and she will not accept the creation of a holding name.

The proposed device is clear of but similar in design to that of her mother Ann, Vert, a cross checky sable and argent between four cauldrons Or., and her sister Lie, Azure, a cross countercompony argent and sable between four trees couped argent.

6. Ophelia le Fayre: New Name

The name is English.

Ophelia is an female given name dated to 1620 as a christening name for Ophelia Young,, Batch I07101-5. It was noted that I Batches are usable on a case-by-case basis, since some are based on post-period records, which are not usable. There is a similar female given name:Ophila Tylman; Marriage; 24 Aug 1629; Colyton, Devon, England; Batch: M00185-1. The client was consulted and has agreed that, if Ophelia cannot be registered, she will accept Ophila. Ophelia itself has been registered several times by the CoA, as recently as November 2004.

le Fayre is dated to 1332, Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, s.n. Fair et al.

7. Yehoshua ben Abraam: New Device

Or, two pea-vines fructed and entwined about a stake, on a chief vert three stars of David two and one Or.

The name was registered July 2009.

The client prefers the stars of David arranged in this manner., rather than in a straight horizontal line.

Pea-plants are seen in the 1781 arms of Gorokhovets (Vladimir oblast), Russia, in Civic Heraldry, [The city itself is first mentioned in a 1239 chronicle, when it had been sacked by the Mongols. The name of the city arises from the Russian word for peas, gorokh.] The client is a geneticist. (Heh.)

I was assisted in the preparation of this Letter of Intent with the commentary of Alys Mackyntoich, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Etienne Le Mons and Magnus von Lübeck.

There are 5 new names, 4 new devices and 1 new badge. There are 10 items on this Letter of Intent, all of them new.

Thank you to those who have loaned your great indulgence and patience, your expertise and your willingness to share it thus far, and to those who will do the same as this is presented to the College entire.

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy
c/o Linda Miku
2527 East 3rd Street; Tucson AZ 85716

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