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(administered by the Brickbat Herald)

1 October 2001, A.S. XXXVI

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Their Royal Majesties Gallchobhar and Haley; Their Royal Highnesses Mathias and Elzbieta; Mistress Magdelen Venturosa, Aten Principal Herald; the Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald!

This is the September 2001 internal Atenveldt Letter of Intent. It precedes the external LoI that will contain the following submissions, asking questions of submitters and local heralds who have worked with them; if these questions are not addressed, the submission may be returned by the Atenveldt College of Heralds. You are encouraged to comment upon these submissions, whatever your experience level. Please have your comments to me on the submissions being considered for the 1 November LoI by 20 October.I accept online commentary:

Submissions Website: You can send electronic commentary on the most recent internal LoIs through the site, in addition to any questions you might have. Current submission forms (the ONLY forms that can be used!) can be found on the site. Please let your local populace know about the site, too:

Please consider the following submissions for the 1 November 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Dougal O'Sirideain (Granite Mountain): DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, July 2000

Sable, a plate charged with a Celtic cross gules between three Thor's hammers argent, those in chief heads to center.

The name was registered July 2000.

The original submission (Per saltire sable and gules, on a plate a Celtic cross conjoined to a Thor's hammer gules.) was returned for violation of RfS XI.4 and difficulty in identifying the conjoined charge.

Kathryn von Schlegel (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE

Murray, a branch of mulberry Or, a dexter sixth and in sinister chief, a butterfly bendwise argent.

The name appears in the 1 July 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

There are several problems with this design. Murray/murrey/murry is a post-period heraldic tincture. It is a hybrid of gules and purpure (the name means "mulberry," so think of it in terms of a ripe mulberry's color). Either a true purple or a true red can be used, but not something in between the two. A sixth is a diminutive of a tierce (also known as a "side"), an heraldic ordinary which is a vertical band that issues from the side of the shield; the name implies that it is usually drawn about one-third the width of the field. Although one can use complex lines of division on a tierce, it is close enough to be be mistaken for an impaled field that--while it has been considered SCA compatible (the tierce and any diminutives of it, such as the sixth are not found in period armory), it cannot be charged. (See the Pictorial Dictionary for a full account of the tierce). The butterfly gets "lost" among the foliage and makes this an almost landscapy depiction (this is Marta's personal opinion). While the field tincture needs to be changed to a period one, and the sixth needs to be expanded, this would look rather as Gules (or Purpure), a mulberry branch Or and a dexter tierce argent. (Neither of these appear to have a conflict.) If the lady would like to incorporate a butterfly into the armory, she might consider a field per pale (with some kind of complex line of division to avoid the look of marshalling) and put the butterfly on the other side (Such as Per pale wavy argent and purpure, three butterflies in pale purpure and a mulberry branch Or.)

The following submissions appear in the 1 October 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent:

Anita de Challis (Twin Moons) DEVICE RESUBMISSION from Laurel, 2/00 (Gules, a schnecke issuant from sinister chief argent, on a chief Or, three fleurs-de-lys azure.)

Antonio Biagi (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE (Or, a dog's head couped purpure, a bordure per saltire gules and purpure.)

The name is Italian. Antonio is the Italian form of Antony/Anthony (Withycombe, p. 28). Biagi is the submitter's legal surname (he includes a copy of his driver's license. "Italian Names from Florence, 1427" shows the patronymic and masculine given name Biagio ( This seems a reasonable variant of the name.

Originally submitted with a bordure gyronny gules and purpure, there was a problem with the bordure; like a field gyronny, alternating dark and light tinctures must be used to provide adequate contrast for the field division to be clearly seen. The gentleman chose a bordure per saltire gules and purpure , which is permitted (as would be a bordure quarterly of two dark tinctures).

Benedict Saint-Jean Eldridge (BoAtenveldt): NEW NAME CHANGE from Cyngen ap Gwenwynwyn

Bertrand de Lacy (Mons Tonitrus): NEW DEVICE (Per bend sinister Or and vert, a Lacy knot counterchanged.)

The name appears in the 1 July 2001 Atenveldt Letter of Intent.

Bethia at Someres (Sundragon): NEW NAME and DEVICE ( Purpure emined argent, on a pale engrailed argent a rapier sable entwined by a vine vert.)

Bethia is cited as a favorite Scottish woman's name among the Edmonstones, and a Bethia Ard of Edinburgh is dated to 1599 (Black, p. 71). at Someres is dated to 1372 (Reaney and Wilson, p. 338); Sommers is the submitter's legal surname.

Branwen of Werchesvorde (Sundragon): NEW CHANGE OF DEVICE (Per pale azure and gules, a raven, dexter talon raised, within an annulet argent.)

Catlin of Annandale (Twin Moons): NEW NAME AND DEVICE ( Argent, on a bend wavy between two goutes azure, a cat sejant gardant argent, its front paws resting upon an arrow Or.)

Conall O'Maccus (Twin Moons): NEW NAME AND DEVICE ( Vert, two arrows crossed in saltire and surmounted by a double-bladed axe, on a chief indented Or two shamrocks sable.)

Deille of Farnham (Sundragon): NEW BADGE (Or, on a saltire vert, a cat's pawprint Or.)

The name was registered July 1999.

The design plays upon elements of her registered device, Or, on a saltire vert a cat sejant guardant Or, overall an orle counterchanged.

Dietreich von Ravensburg (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE (Per fess indented sable and argent, on a chief argent two ravens displayed, heads to sinister, sable, a base vert.)

The name is German. Dietreich is an alternate spelling of Dietrich (Bahlow, p. 99). von Ravensburg, "of Ravens Mountain," is found on p. xxxvii, third source on page, of Hans Bahlow's Dictionary of German Names, Edda Gentry, translator, 1993.

The chief should be a little wider, for its own sake and to accommodate the tertiary charges-possibly nearer the width of the base.

Dietrich Nibelung (Sundragon): NEW DEVICE (Gules, two swords in saltire, on a chief argent three dragon's heads couped gules. )

The name was registered January 1996.

The chief is a bit excessive: if it can be narrowed a bit, so that it isn't mistaken for a per fess field division, that would be an Excellent Idea (perhaps he can donate a bit to Dietreich's chief :). Very nice armory.

Henry of Three Needles (Twin Moons): NEW DEVICE CHANGE ( Or, a standing seraph gules.)

Jack Graeme of Ardmoor (Twin Moons): NEW NAME

Katrín Thorfinnsdottir (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME and DEVICE (Vert, two stags courant widdershins, legs outward, argent. )

The name is Old Norse, both elements being found in "The Old Norse Name," by Geirr Bassi. Katrín is a feminine given name, p. 12, Thorfinnsdottir a standard patronymic construction of the given name Thorfinn, p. 16.

Keshvar bint Afsar al-Mah (Twin Moons): NEW NAME AND DEVICE (Per chevon inverted azure and purpure, a chevron inverted vert fimbriated and in chief a decrescent argent.)

The name is Persian and Arabic, "Keshvar, daughter of Afsar of the Moon (a reference to her home barony, Twin Moons)". Keshvar is a Persian feminine name, found in "Zoroastrian Names," in the Medieval Names Archives ( seems to be the Islamic equivalent of this name (Annemarie Schimmel, Islamic Names , p. 24), but it isn't unusual for Persians, even those following Islam, to continue using Zoroastrian names throughout period and to the modern day.

Afsar is found in A Dictionary of Muslim Names, Salahudding Ahmend (New York University Press, NY). I don't know if this is a proper name per se (the example cited is Afsar-ud-Din, "crown of/adoring the religion (Islam)," which seems closer to an attributive name or laqab, added on to one's personal name later in life. She chose it as an allusion to her father's legal middle name Le Rey. Mah, "moon," is found in Schimmel, p. 45, although it seems that this term for moon is used as part of a name or descriptive rather than standing alone.

Klaus von Saarbrücken (Twin Moons): NEW NAME AND DEVICE (Per chevron azure and argent, two escarbuncles argent and a stag's head erased gules.)

Marceau de Valmont (BoAteneldt): NEW BADGE (fieldless) A fleur-de-lys purpure surmounted by a pair of rapiers crossed in saltire Or.)

Margaret McNeal (Ered Sul): NEW NAME and DEVICE (Or, a lily slipped and leaved gules, on a chief dovetailed purpure, three fleurs-de-lys Or.)

Margaret was a popular saint name in period; St. Margaret was the patron of expectant mothers (pp. 206-7, Withycombe). McNeal is found in Black, p. 550.

Micaela Leslie (Atenveldt): NEW NAME and DEVICE ( Argent, a pillar sable overall a horse passant contourny, on a chief rayonny purpure a rose slipped and leaved argent.)

Michaela is an Italian feminine given name (p. 262, De Felice, under Michele). Leslie is an English surname; Robert de Leslie is cited in 1272 (Reaney and Wilson, p. 214).

Radigost the Lame (Stone Forest): NEW NAME and DEVICE ( Per fess sable and purpure, three escallops in fess and an escarbuncle of eight spears Or.)

Radigost is a Russian masculine given name, a variant of Radogost, itself dated to the 13th C., "A Dictionary of Period Russian Names" ( The byname is a descriptive epithet.

Raven Mayne: NEW DEVICE (Argent, in pale a gout de sang and a tick, on a chief sable, a decrescent argent.)

The name appears in the 1 September 2001 Atenveldt LoI.

We are sending this up, as vermin like cockroaches have been registered as recently as 12/98 and 8/99.

Thomas de Lacy (Mons Tonitrus): NEW NAME and DEVICE ( Per bend sinister Or and vert, a Lacy knot counterchanged and a label throughout sable.)

Thomas dates to the Domesday Book 1086 (Withycombe, pp. 279-280). A Holme Lacy is cited in the Domesday Book, Herefordshire Index ( Adding the preposition de is a common Norman practice.

The submitter is the legal and S.C.A. son of Bertrand de Lacy; Bertrand provides a letter of permission to conflict with his submitted armory, Per bend sinister Or and vert a Lacy knot counterchanged. The label should not be pushed up to the edge of the field; rather a little space should show between its upper edge and the upper edge of the field.

Thomas Towlewardie (Twin Moons): NEW BADGE ( (fieldless) A tree blasted and couped, the trunk surmounted by an arrow fesswise reversed Or.)

The should be clear of Alan MacRonan MacCalum: (Fieldless) A tree blasted couped Or, overall a cat's face sable. There is 1 CD for fieldlessness, and if the cat's face is considered a second primary, rather than a tertiary charge (since it is "overall" rather than "upon" or just "charging" the tree), a second CD for adding the second primary.

Ysabella Scarlet (Atenveldt): NEW DEVICE (Or, crescenty gules, a natural panther rampant regardant sable, a bordure gules, crescenty Or.)

The name was registered July 2001.

The following submissions were returned by the Atenveldt College of Heralds, 1 October 2001:

Aileann inghean Fhrancaigh (Barony of Atenveldt): NEW DEVICE

Argent, three trees couped and on a chief vert, three mullets inverted argent, overall a bordure sable.

Because the use of a chief and bordure combination was used only very rarely in period armory, this combination of charges was prohibited by the CoA in December 1991.

RETURNED for heraldic style problem.

Angus MacGregor (BoAtenveldt): NEW NAME and DEVICE ( Azure, on a bend sinister Or three bull's heads (skulls?) cabossed palewise azure.)

The name is in direct conflict with Angus MacGregor, registered in May 1992. The device is in conflict with Richard Andreivitch of Rus ( Azure, on a bend sinister Or an estoile sable.), Denis Flaxenhelm ( Azure, on a bend sinister Or, a goblet upright sable.), and Katerina Arondel (Azure, on a bend sinister cotissed Or three swallows volant fesswise, wings elevated and addorsed, azure.)

Name and Device RETURNED for conflict.

Conall O'Maccus: NEW BADGE

Vert, two arrows crossed in saltire surmounted by a double-bladed axe Or.

Conflict with Sean Ruabarua MacGillaphaidraic, Vert, an axe Or. There is only 1 CD for the addition of the second group of primary charges, the arrows. This also conflicts with Nikolai of Trakai, Vert, two arrows inverted in saltire surmount by a tower Or. There is 1 CD for changing one set of primary charges. This seems to be free of conflict were it to be a fieldless badge, making the charges either all Or or all vert.

Friðrekr berserkr (Sundragon): NEW DEVICE

Per pale argent and gules, a cross formy and a bordure counterchanged.

Conflict with Emeric Wendel, Per pale argent and gules, a Maltese cross counterchanged. There is 1 CD for the addition of the bordure, but with the splayed arms found in both crosses formy and Maltese, there is insufficient difference between crosses to gain the additional CD. Flipping the tinctures (Per pale gules and argent...) presents a similar conflict.

RETURNED for conflict.

Ianuk Raventhourne (Tir Ysgithr): NEW BADGE

Argent, a single-horned anvil reversed and a bordure argent.

Conflict with Richard of Black Iron (Argent, a single-horned anvil reversed sable, enflamed proper.) There is one CD for the addition of the bordure, but enflaming a charge with the period "tongues of flame" probably does not provide the necessary second CD. [A precedent made by Da'ud in December 1991: "There is not [a CD] for enflaming the blade of the sword [used as a primary charge]."]

RETURNED for conflict.

Jack Graeme of Ardmoor: NEW DEVICE

Azure, a jack and on a chief Or, three escallops azure.

RETURNED for no documentation showing a jack to be a period artifact.

Katerina d'Amboise (BoAtenveldt): NEW DEVICE

Purpure, a sheaf of three arrows Or and on a chief sable fimbriated five estoiles Or.

A peripheral charge like the bordure, the chief and flaunches cannot be fimbriated. Without the fimbriation, however, there is a tincture violation.

RETURNED for style problem. (The submitter's name was also returned by Laurel in July, 2001.)

Ragnar Skin-Illustrator (BoAtenveldt): NAME and DEVICE RESUBMISSION

Counter-ermine, a dragon segreant contourny azure, maintaining in sinister foreclaw a brush and in dexter foreclaw a human skull argent.

RETURNED for tincture violation; no submission packet provided for name or device submission. (Note: I have no current address or means of contacting the submitter as to the status of his submission.)

I remain,

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

Atenveldt Submissions Website:


Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland. The New York Public Library Press, NY.

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh and Fidelma Maguire. Irish Names . The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1990.

MacLysaght, E. The Surnames of Ireland. Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 1991.

Morgan, T. J. and Prys Morgan. Welsh Surnames. Cardiff, University of Wales Press, 1985.

Reaney, P.H. and R. M. Wilson. A Dictionary of English Surnames.

Withycombe, E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names , 3rd Edition. London, Oxford University Press, 1977.

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